GTA IV is here! And guess what? I have it in the disc tray of my 360 RIGHT NOW! Just waiting for me to press that eject button so I can start playing!
So… if you happen to see me gone for a long time, then I’m enjoying myself playing GTA IV. If you DO happen to see me here, it’s more than likely I have either got some spare time, or I’ve completed it, or in the EXTREMELY unlikely event of me not liking it. Tongue out
Don’t worry though! I’ll try and get a bit of Dragon Tail done on a night if I can! But until then…
/presses A button!

2 thoughts on “It’s HEEEEERRRREEE!

  1. Heya, how are you?
    You probably won’t read this comment because you’re too busy with GTA IV, but that’s all right!
    And…HAVE FUN!! 😀
    See you soon
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

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