Um.. anyone with Vista here?

Okay… I seem to have a very disturbing problem with the weather gadget on my sidebar. It’s suddenly said that the temperature in Bromsgrove…
…is 63 degrees Celsius. No, that’s not a lie! It’s still like that!
So… IS it 63 degrees? It’s still the same even if I refresh it!
Ah, okay, it’s okay. I fixed it. It says 17 now… which still isn’t that realistic. Confused
Ah well. Just thought I’d post that for yaz. Open-mouthed Bye now!

1 thought on “Um.. anyone with Vista here?

  1. Heya, how are you?
    WOW that is SO WEIRD??? Maybe Bromsgrove temporarily got moved to a place where it is 63 degrees?? Maybe it was all part of a big government conspiracy and they took you to a reallly really warm place and no one was meant to find out, BUT YOU DID!!! So now you have SECRET government information!! Sssshhhh…keep it secret!! We can’t have EVIL FRENCHIE finding out!! Lol! They might use it as a weapon to help them take over the world!
    Lol yes I’m incredibly HYPER I’ve been drinking too much Coca-cola! 🙂 YUM SUGAR!!!!!!!!! 😀 ME LOVE SUGAR!!!! 😀
    Ok I have to go now but I’ll see you soon
    Love Em xxxx -hugs-

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