Dragon Tail – Chapter 34! (Part 2)

(ZOMG IT DISAPPEAREDED! Yes, as Dragon Tail is now finished, I need this off my Space. Sowwy.)

Ooooh… Dimari’s pissed. I wonder what will happen next? Well, in fact, I don’t wonder. I know. Tongue out
Anyway, what did you think? Anything need improving? Anything that I shouldn’t improve? Tellz me!! Open-mouthed
Right, I’m off. I’ll seez youz laterz!

2 thoughts on “Dragon Tail – Chapter 34! (Part 2)

  1. Heya how are you??
    WOWNESS, I LOVED THIS CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God Ifri’s stoiry was so emotional, but that’s good becaus I LOVE EMOTIONAL STUFF in stories. Also, I LOVED the character development of Ifri!!! That was just WOW!!! And the story really deepened because of the character development of Ifri!! Which is fantastic!!! Also I loved the scene with the Nightmares because again that was CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, which was absolutely FANTABULOUS and also it deepend the story again and it deepened the whole world of Eache Grak (hope that the right spelling.) And I really feel sorry for Dimari as well, I mean the way that everyone else views him is horrible and I can  understand why he gets so annoyed about it, because it really is not fair!!!!! But anyway, that really was an AWESOME chapter and Ioved the description of Ssaramak! That was really amazing because I could really imagine what he looked like and that was really good because I loved being able to imagine the characters! 😀 So AWESOME FANTASTIC chapter Carl and I can’t wait for the next one! Well done on being so close to your word target as well!!! That’s really BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!
    OK, I’m gonna go now but I’ll see you soon
    Love Em xxxx -hugs-

  2. Speck!
    Great! I’m glad you liked this one! I was concentrating on character development here, because there’s not much more of the story left. 😦 Besides, I’d never concentrated on Ifri’s past much in the story, and now seemed like the time to tell it.
    And I’m glad you can imagine Ssaramak! Well… sort of. He IS quite hideous. 😀
    Oh, and by the way, you spelt Eache Grak right, but the Dragon World is just called the Dragon World. Eache Grak is the capital of the Dragon World. It means "World’s Summit". 😀
    I USED to call the Dragon World the Dragon WORLDS, but, ah, that doesn’t make any sense. There’s only ONE Dragon World, so… you know.
    Maybe I should try and find another, more interesting name. 😀 Any suggestions? I can probably translate it to Draconic if it’s in English. 😀
    Anyhoo, thankz0rz for reading! I see ya laters. Bye! 🙂

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