Oh my God, I have just realised the time since my last update.

And I’ll say… FUCK. Sorry about the INSANE delay between that last entry and this one.
Yeah, I’ve been playing AudioSurf a LOT, I’ve been playing TrackMania United Forever… A LOT… and I’ve been trying to get Dragon Tail updated for ya. I HAVE to before Tuesday. If I don’t, you’re most likely not gonna get it for a LOOOONG time.
Why? Cuz that’s the release date of GTA IV!! You know, probably the most anticipated game this year? Maybe this DECADE? I’m actually looking forward to it MORE than I was looking forward to Halo 3! I’m telling you, I won’t be off GTA until I’ve completed it and played Multiplayer a LOT. That’s unless it’s crap. Which seems EXTREMELY unlikely, as Xbox Magazine gave it a 10, so I’m sure other reviewers feel the same. Open-mouthed
Anyway, about AudioSurf. I can safely say that I am UTTER OWNAGE at it. The amount of #1’s I’ve had is just unbelievable! I have another one on YouTube right now! Look!
Won’t get many views, but I don’t care. Tongue out And that IS me on the top of the global high scores at the end, it was just a bit blurry. I was on Anak, by Titofelix. A very popular song, as it used to be on AudioSurf Radio, but people just went to Titofelix’s website and downloaded the album after it disappeared from the radio. Like me. Open-mouthed
And I still hold the highest score on Mammal Sauce! It’s quite funny, really! These high scores are all nice and neat, and then I get the game and knock nearly everyone off the top spots. Open-mouthed I’m such a bastard. Open-mouthed
Neb got it, too, and he can only play Mono characters to an average level. Any other character just goes all wrong for him. And when I gave him Mammal Sauce over Skype and played it at the same time on Ninja Mono, and near the end I asked him "So, how many points you got?" and he replies "About… 20,000, I’m doing pretty crap, I’ve overfilled three times." And I laughed. He asked me how many points I had, and I said "About 110,000." Neb replies with a "HOW THE HELL?!" and I laugh my ass off. Same difficulty level, same character, same song, I assume we had the same arrangement…
Hopefully I’m not overgloating here. I’m just good at puzzles, and my reactions in speed games are inhuman, I tellz ya!
Anyhoo, I’d better be off, but I PROMISE ON MY LIFE that I will have Dragon Tail here before Friday. At the very latest, Monday, but I aim to have it here for Friday. I’ll be fine if I stay focused.
See ya. Open-mouthed

1 thought on “Oh my God, I have just realised the time since my last update.

  1. HEY!!!!!!!! 😀 how are you??
    YES I know it’s been ages since I commented last, the usual excuse lol! (FRENCHIE IS EVIL!!!)
    OH MY GOD that video is seriously COOL and the song is AWESOME!!!! 😀 LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OK, I’m going to comment on your other blogs, including the chapter of Dragon Tail WOOOO!! 😀
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

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