Yes, yes YES YES! I KNOW!

Yes, I have been away a bit long for me. That’s because of SEVERAL things happening!
Number one: I had to reset my laptop, because it was going as slow as… no, wait. SLOWER than an iceberg. So I’ve been backing up my data and reinstalling Windows, then I find that EVERYTHING doesn’t work, except for the keyboard, monitor and touchpad, so I have to go and get the specific drivers for the laptop, and I STILL haven’t finished with it… I have to reinstall Word, get some of my files on there, load it up with whatever AntiVirus I can get my claws on (Kapersky didn’t work, I was trying to be a smartass. Smile) and do some other stuff to it that will make it USABLE.
Secondly, we’ve started Torque at college, which is… BORING AS HELL. It’s not as fun as ActionScript, because Torque is SHITE, and Flash is great. Flash is also easier to understand. What makes it EXTRA boring is that most of the code they give us DOESN’T WORK. And the aim isn’t to fix it, either, it’s to COPY from a huge worksheet. It’s SO boring and the games we make are so simple that I gave myself a challenge of installing Multimedia Fusion 2, and making the exact same game within 20 minutes. And I did it! With two minutes to spare! While it had taken us nearly a full DAY to get the same game done on Torque. Torque is probably good for some things, like… making EXTREMELY GOOD games with bucketloads of effects, but for anything else, just for God’s sake, use Multimedia Fusion 2.
Thirdly, I’ve gotten meself Call Of Duty 4, and it PWNZ. So I’ve been playing that, too.
And lastly, I started to create MULTIPLAYER for ULSG! It is mindblowingly complicated, and I haven’t planned it at all, but then again, I never plan anything. Open-mouthed So far, I have gotten the player to log onto a public server, and then if someone else joins (or is already there) their GameCard slides out from the left, showing their Level and cumulative points scored. And whether they have the best trophy ever invented or not. Open-mouthed It’s relatively lagless, with only about 30-40ms of lag, but then again, nothing much is going on, just a data transfer and colour changing GameCards when you PRESS A BOTTON. Open-mouthed I’ve been making an Experience system, too. Kick ass, get XP, get levels, and maybe some new game modes will unlock. Plus, it lets you show off your bigass level to others online.
So that’s what I’ve been doing. That’s why I haven’t got Dragon Tail done. And I know, I suck! Don’t worry, though, it’ll be here as soon as I get around to it and finish it! And that MAMMAL SAUCE video of where I set the highest score in the world? I’ll have that too, soon, don’t cry!
Right, it’s off to Multimedia Fusion 2 I go again. Bye now! Open-mouthed

1 thought on “Yes, yes YES YES! I KNOW!

  1. Heya Carl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you????????
    I’m good even though school is rubbish and french is EVIL!!! You know, this week I’ve been trying to do all my homework early so I have the weekend as free as possible (to work on my story), but WHAT DOES FRENCH DO?? PILE ON THE HOMEWORK, seriously I have A MOUNTAIN of it to do and I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT
    But anyway, WOW you created the exact same game that you created in Torque in Multimedia Fusion 2 in 20 MINUTES, that’s impressive! And copying off sheets, WOW that is BORING, I feel sorry for you!
    And don’t worry about Dragon Tail, I mean I haven’t done any more of my story thanks to the INSANE AMOUNT of HOMEWORK!
    OK, I got to go and do FRENCHIE again
    So I’ll see you soon
    Love Em xxxx -hugs-

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