GTA IV is here! And guess what? I have it in the disc tray of my 360 RIGHT NOW! Just waiting for me to press that eject button so I can start playing!
So… if you happen to see me gone for a long time, then I’m enjoying myself playing GTA IV. If you DO happen to see me here, it’s more than likely I have either got some spare time, or I’ve completed it, or in the EXTREMELY unlikely event of me not liking it. Tongue out
Don’t worry though!¬†I’ll try and get a bit of Dragon Tail done on a night if I can!¬†But until then…
/presses A button!

Um.. anyone with Vista here?

Okay… I seem to have a very disturbing problem with the weather gadget on my sidebar. It’s suddenly¬†said that the temperature in Bromsgrove…
…is 63 degrees Celsius. No, that’s not a lie! It’s still like that!
So… IS it 63 degrees? It’s still the same even if I refresh it!
Ah, okay, it’s okay. I fixed it. It says 17 now… which still isn’t that realistic. Confused
Ah well. Just thought I’d post that for yaz. Open-mouthed¬†Bye now!

Dragon Tail – Chapter 34! (Part 1)

Whew… here we are! I have Chapter 34 for ye all! Hopefully you’ll like this one, it was difficult in some places, but I managed to pull it off. It was going to be longer, but when I saw it had nearly 5,000 words in this chapter alone… I decided to stop before it got TOO big. Open-mouthed
Anyhoo, here you go! Enjoy.

(ZOMG IT DISAPPEAREDED! Yes, as Dragon Tail is now finished, I need this off my Space. Sowwy.)

Dragon Tail – Chapter 34! (Part 2)

(ZOMG IT DISAPPEAREDED! Yes, as Dragon Tail is now finished, I need this off my Space. Sowwy.)

Ooooh… Dimari’s pissed. I wonder what will happen next? Well, in fact, I don’t wonder. I know. Tongue out
Anyway, what did you think? Anything need improving? Anything that I shouldn’t improve? Tellz me!! Open-mouthed
Right, I’m off. I’ll seez youz laterz!

Streets of Rage tribute!!

Oh yes! I forgot to¬†tell ye.¬†When I was bored, I cooked up this video! If you remember Streets of Rage (which I amazingly DO, even though I was like… ONE when it was released. I played it on the MegaDrive¬†when I was a bit older. Until my brother broke it like a moron. Sad) then you WILL want to watch this pwnage of a video. Even if you don’t know what the hell I’m on about, watch it anyway! It had NINE views overnight! WOOTAGE!
It is FUNNY AS HELL. Especially at 0:45, 1:04, 2:04-2:14, 3:32-3:46, 3:54, all the bits that are like 3:59, 4:32-4:39 and the bit after 5:00. Most of it then. Open-mouthed
Right, now I’m off. Bye!

Dragon Tail cometh…

I am… at this VERY MOMENT, writing some more of Dragon Tail. Now, don’t think I’m slacking just because I’m on here at the same time. But believe me, it is EXTREMELY HARD not to do that. I’m on a frickin’ GAMING PC with TWO GRAPHICS CARDS…! And I’m WORKING on it!
Anyhoo, I’m just announcing that I am SO CLOSE to my word count target. I have… get this: 95,131 WORDS! That’s only 4,869 off my target!! I have NEVER, EVER written something this long in my life! It is about 149 pages of A4 long. That’s… SO FECKING BIG! It’s actually scaring me now. And I used to HATE writing.
Well, okay, "hate" is such a harsh word. What I meant was I HATE those stupid classes that claim they can teach you English. We KNOW how to speak English, and we¬†KNOW how to¬†write,¬†so why do we need to learn English? I bet it’s meant to screw with your head, and when you do become a writer you write in such a shitty way that people who want to enjoy your story CAN’T, because it’s either overcomplicated, makes NO sense or¬†has NO heart put into it. And a perfect example of this is Anne McAffery, the idiot who wrote the Dragonriders of Pern series. How long is this series? It feels about 900 books long. Some of the blurbs on the books make them seem like it changes NOTHING in the storyline, therefore wasting several hours of your life if you do decide to read them. And… which is the first one? So new people can start to UNDERSTAND what the CRAP is going on without going on Wikipedia and becoming even MORE confused? And the biggest thing: How the hell can people be so interested in the storyline? I mean, huge, powerful dragons, they could be fighting something else¬†huge and extremely powerful, trying to stop it from destroying the humans who they protect. But instead, they battle… THREAD.
What. The. Fuck.
That’s… that’s not a very exciting name. Therefore the enemy is not exciting. Therefore the plot is not exciting. Especially if this same thing goes on and on and on and on over about a trillion books that never seem to end…
Now, to show you how much the stories suck, first let me fill you in about me. I love dragons. I VERY MUCH love dragons who are on the good side. I like good stories that are exciting and have a great plot. I hate stories that drone on for page after page about¬†something that doesn’t really change anything, like the plot, the characters, or anything else that’s essential. I like stories that have heart and soul, and that feel like a lot of effort has been put into it. I like the stories to be simple and understandable, but not too simple that it gets boring. And what I TRULY want to see is some god-damned character development, so I can connect with the characters, and so I can imagine them even more.
Now you know that, let me tell you how far I got into one of the Pern books.
No joke. SEVEN LINES after starting to read the book, I started to skip pages to see if it got any better. I think it was about three pages until there was dialogue… that I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND PROPERLY. I think I skipped four chapters until I gave up? But the only bit of reading that I did PROPERLY were those seven lines at the start.
And as I said, I love dragon stories that have dragons on the good side.¬† But, my God, if it doesn’t hit ANYTHING ELSE that I like, it’s incredibly crap.
Now all you people who like to ignore me, you go ahead and read¬†Pern if you like. And all you people who somehow LIKE Pern, you go ahead and comment about how stupid and shit I am and that I have no life or whatever you retard nerds say when you get angry. I don’t care! In fact, it will be fun to laugh at you!
Great, now THAT’S outta the way, hopefully some people will listen and not fall into the trap of being an epic fail of a writer. Just becoming rich off writing without caring about how good your books are is TRUE EPIC FAIL. Greedy sons of bitches.
Right, now, back to Dragon Tail. It’ll be up here tonight, I promise! I’m sorry about the wait, as well. Sad
Earkay, bye bye!

Oh my God, I have just realised the time since my last update.

And I’ll say… FUCK. Sorry about the INSANE delay between that last entry and this one.
Yeah, I’ve been playing AudioSurf a LOT, I’ve been playing TrackMania United Forever… A LOT… and I’ve been trying to get Dragon Tail updated for ya. I HAVE to before Tuesday. If I don’t, you’re most likely not gonna get it for a LOOOONG time.
Why? Cuz that’s the release date of GTA IV!! You know, probably the most anticipated game this year? Maybe this DECADE? I’m actually looking forward to it MORE than I was looking forward to Halo 3! I’m telling you, I won’t be off GTA until I’ve completed it and played Multiplayer a LOT. That’s unless it’s crap. Which seems EXTREMELY unlikely, as Xbox Magazine gave it a 10, so I’m sure other reviewers feel the same. Open-mouthed
Anyway, about AudioSurf. I can safely say that I am UTTER OWNAGE at it. The amount of #1’s I’ve had is just unbelievable! I have another one on YouTube right now! Look!
Won’t get many views, but I don’t care. Tongue out¬†And that IS me on the top of the global¬†high scores at the end, it was just a bit blurry. I was on Anak, by Titofelix. A very popular song, as it used to be on AudioSurf Radio, but people just went to Titofelix’s website and downloaded the album after it disappeared from the radio. Like me. Open-mouthed
And I still hold the highest score on Mammal Sauce! It’s quite funny, really! These high scores are all nice and neat, and then I get the game and knock nearly everyone off the top spots. Open-mouthed¬†I’m such a bastard. Open-mouthed
Neb got it, too, and he can only play Mono characters to an average level. Any other character just goes all wrong for him. And when I¬†gave him Mammal Sauce over Skype and played it at the same time on Ninja Mono, and near the end¬†I asked him "So, how many points you got?" and he replies "About… 20,000, I’m doing pretty crap, I’ve overfilled three times." And I laughed. He asked me how many points I had, and I said "About 110,000." Neb replies with a "HOW THE HELL?!" and I laugh my ass off. Same difficulty level, same character, same song, I assume we had the same arrangement…
Hopefully I’m not overgloating here. I’m just good at puzzles, and my reactions in speed games are inhuman, I tellz ya!
Anyhoo, I’d better be off, but I PROMISE ON MY LIFE that I will have Dragon Tail here before Friday. At the very latest, Monday, but I aim to have it here for Friday. I’ll be fine if I stay focused.
See ya. Open-mouthed

Yes, yes YES YES! I KNOW!

Yes, I have been away a bit long for me. That’s because of SEVERAL things happening!
Number one: I had to reset my laptop, because it was going as slow as… no, wait. SLOWER than an iceberg. So I’ve been backing up my data and reinstalling Windows, then I find that EVERYTHING doesn’t work, except for the keyboard, monitor and touchpad, so I have to go and get the specific drivers for the laptop, and I STILL haven’t finished with it… I have to reinstall Word, get some of my files on there, load it up with whatever¬†AntiVirus I can get my claws on (Kapersky didn’t work, I was trying to be a smartass. Smile)¬†and do some other stuff to it that will make it USABLE.
Secondly, we’ve started Torque at college, which is… BORING AS HELL. It’s not as fun as ActionScript, because Torque is SHITE, and Flash is great. Flash is also easier to understand. What makes it EXTRA boring is that most of the code they give us DOESN’T WORK. And the aim isn’t to fix it, either, it’s to COPY from a huge worksheet. It’s¬†SO boring and the games we make are so simple that I gave myself a challenge of installing Multimedia Fusion 2, and making the exact same game within¬†20 minutes. And I did it!¬†With two minutes to spare! While it had taken us nearly a full DAY to get the same game done on Torque. Torque is probably good for some things, like… making EXTREMELY GOOD games with bucketloads of effects, but for anything else, just for God’s sake, use Multimedia Fusion 2.
Thirdly, I’ve gotten meself Call Of Duty 4, and it PWNZ. So I’ve been playing that, too.
And lastly, I started to create MULTIPLAYER for ULSG! It is mindblowingly complicated, and I haven’t planned it at all, but then again, I never plan anything. Open-mouthed¬†So far, I have gotten the player to log onto a public server, and then if someone else joins (or is already there) their GameCard slides out from the left, showing their Level and cumulative points scored. And whether they have the best trophy ever invented or not. Open-mouthed¬†It’s relatively lagless, with only about 30-40ms of lag, but then again, nothing much is going on, just a data transfer and colour changing GameCards when you PRESS A BOTTON. Open-mouthed¬†I’ve been making an Experience system, too. Kick ass, get XP, get levels, and maybe some new game modes will unlock. Plus, it lets you show off your bigass level to others online.
So that’s what I’ve been doing. That’s why I haven’t got Dragon Tail done. And I know, I suck! Don’t worry, though, it’ll be here as soon as I get around to it and finish it! And that MAMMAL SAUCE video of where I set the highest score in the world? I’ll have that too, soon, don’t cry!
Right, it’s off to Multimedia Fusion 2 I go again. Bye now! Open-mouthed

Who’s tha MASTA!

Hehe, I¬†just thought I’d tell ya that¬†I own the highest scores IN THE WORLD¬†on Mammal Sauce on AudioSurf. ūüėÄ Not the casual ones,¬†I don’t play casual, it’s too easy. But I have the highest score on Pro and there’s about¬†a 25,000 point gap between me and second place on Elite. Open-mouthed
I’ll even prove it to ya tomorrow! I have a video of me doing Mammal Sauce on Ninja Mono, trying to get through it without hitting any greys! I failed at that, of course, but my score was awesome! Clean finish: 25% bonus, 11 matches in one cluster: 11% bonus. That¬†left me with about 175,000 points. NUMERO UNO IN ZE WORLD.


Guess what? THAT IS A SONG! No, really! Mammal Sauce by Crotchduster! Look it up! Open-mouthed
And it has also been dubbed, unofficially, as the HARDEST DISCOVERED SONG on AudioSurf. I saw someone else playing it, and I thought "Hardest song? Yeah, right! As if!" And then, it kicked in, totally unexpected. OH MY GOD.
He was on Ninja Mono, where you have to collect the colours and avoid the greys. I think that’s a bit boring, as it doesn’t test your brain that much, it only tests reflexes. So I played as Pointman Pro. Not Elite. That would be suicide. You can pick up¬†blocks with Pointman, and you have to get the blocks into clusters of three or more. I stuck it on YouTube, too! Have a look!
And don’t get bored before 1:30. No, wait, not before the final HIGHWAY TO HELL finishes at about 4:50. That’s just what I call the roads that turn red and go downhill about 45 degrees. Open-mouthed
Oh yes, and Dragon Tail’s next chapter will be here soon! Just hang tight… and by the way, Em? Hast you done the first chapter of yours yet? Smile
Right, I’d better be going. Just remember…