Hello again! The Pwnage-O-Matic says hi, too! Open-mouthed
This computer is the fastest thing I’ve ever used! A full boot takes about a minute, that’s a FULL BOOT, from power switch to fully loaded desktop, and you’ve gotta count out the 5 or 10 second delay where the BIOS asks you if you want to go to the setup menu by pressing delete, cuz most PC’s either don’t hang around that long or don’t even ask you. From password entry to fully loaded desktop, that takes all of five seconds. No, really! And there’s around 65 processes running! Five seconds to boot 65 things?! Well… okay, most are system processes, but there are at least 20 or 30 that are mine!
Multitasking is no problem at all, I had about 4 install programs running at the same time from the same disc when I was setting up the computer for the first time. Speed isn’t a problem either, and I’ve noticed that the internet is actually FASTER than on any of my other PC’s! I dunno whether it’s the processor or if the computer’s not overloaded with unnecessary crap. Plus, no other idiot can install unnecessary crap on here, cuz it’s only being used my me! My laptop was used by someone else, now it’s as slow as an iceberg. The old PC was used by everyone, now it’s as slow as an iceberg! I’m telling you, for God’s sake, if you ever get your own PC, whether it be cheap and simple or incredibly expensive, then just DO NOT let ANYONE else use it! Especially if you’re the only person that’s computer literate!
Yeah, you really have to use this PC to believe it. Graphics are very good, but I can’t really find a game with mindblowing graphics yet. I’ve tried out Company Of Heroes, and I’ll have to say it’s REALLY good, but the graphics are just… my computer struggles when you scroll the camera when you have everything on Ultra graphics, and I really don’t see why, it’s nothing INCREDIBLE! It’s not too bad, though. The gameplay itself is pretty damn good! I dunno why everyone wants to play Age Of Empires III when there are games like this out there.
Oh wait… this is a DirectX 10 game, and Vista is the only OS that runs DirectX 10… and on top of that you need pretty impressive graphics and a good Experience Index, and hardly anyone has that. The game’s minimum is a 3.0 out of 5.9, but it recommends you have a 4.0. I have a 5.5, haha. Open-mouthed If it weren’t for my Hard Drive getting a 5.5, I could have got up to a 5.8 because of my CPU speed!
I got the surround sound working, but it’s ruined by the place where I’m sat. I just need to wait until my sister moves out, then I can FINALLY have her room, which is at LEAST three times bigger than the room I’m in now. Open-mouthed That’s the only thing I can criticise about my PC, even though it’s not her fault. The place where I’m sat just ruins it all, There’s just enough room to put the monitor down, there’s only room for the left and right speakers, the center one won’t fit anywhere except for underneath me and even THAT’S a tight fit, it’s cramped, there’s no room for the keyboard, I’m sat at the PC in the wrong way, and I have to LIMBO under the beam above my head to get in and out of the chair! The only GOOD thing about it is that I’m within arm’s reach my fish tank, so it’s easy to feed them when I need to. Cuz sometimes I forget when I’m downstairs. Open-mouthed
Oh, I like this keyboard, too. I installed a new program that lets you monitor how much bandwidth you’re using, and that comes in handy! Sort of… My favourite programs are the performance monitor that tells you how much CPU and RAM you’re using, and the clock, which comes in handy when you are in a full-screen game and can’t see what time it is! Oh, and the e-mail monitor is quite nifty, too. Open-mouthed Not one of my favourites, but nifty. Open-mouthed
Right, now that all this PC stuff’s over and done with, I’m going to get Dragon Tail done! I promise! I have done as much as I could while I was building my PC, but it’s not refined yet, and there’s a bit to do at the end. It’s got nearly 80,000 words in it now… I think it was above 75,000 when I checked last.
Anyway, I’m gonna see what I can do to improve it now. See ya!

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