Dragon Tail – Chapter 32! (Part 2)

(ZOMG IT DISAPPEAREDED! Yes, as Dragon Tail is now finished, I need this off my Space. Sowwy.)


So… what do you think? Again, sorry this one was so late! It was such an asshole to get right! And I was in a rush to try and get this one out, so it might have a few things wrong with it.

Oh, and I’ll try and do that Word thing soon where we can all edit it! I’ve just gotta try and figure out how I’m gonna do it! And I promise the next chapter will be here a LOT faster. So, until then, bye bye!

Hey, guess what day it is!

It’s BLAME PED DAY!! End of every month, you know?
So I blame Ped for me not getting Dragon Tail out fast enough. And I blame Ped because I¬†forgot to rip the videos off my camera so I could upload them here! I’m gonna do that now, so just a sec!
Hehe, on one of the videos, I’ve just seen, Neb was filming just my side. I blame Ped for that!
Right, I have one of Neb & Ped playing, cuz I’ve already got one of Even Flow that me and Ped played. The one that I ACED, THANK YOU! I WOULD show you the one where Ped played on Hard, but… it’s… terrible. Open-mouthed¬†Because of Ped.
And… this new Windows Movie Maker is crap! I could compress files down to 8MB before and still have watchable quality, but now, if I try that, it looks and sounds¬†like I’ve captured it off a mobile¬†phone! It’s that¬†crappy!
AND the new Sound Recorder is shite, too! I’m just gonna get¬†classic Sound Recorder and Movie Maker off¬†my laptop and put it on here.
Okay, here ya go!
‘S not me, remember! It’s Neb and Ped! Failing! Well, not failing, but still, it sounds like fail.
Right, now stay tuned! I’m gonna be uploading Dragon Tail within the next hour! See ya then!

I’m here! I’m here! Don’t cry!

Speck to ye!

Firstly, let me just reply to that guestbook comment that Em left me. Smile

I’m sorry about this massive delay with Dragon Tail, I really am! This has probably been the most difficult chapter to write, and I don’t actually know why. I think EVE has been sapping my brain a little bit… well… more than a little bit, actually. I believed I’d lost my touch at one point, it got so hard! I’ve had to build the Wyvern’s character and Teraka’s character a little. I’ve had to try and craft a couple of twists as well… and it’s been a little BIATCH!

It’s done, but I need to go over it to find anything I can improve, and I think I’ll find a LOT of things. I WILL HAVE IT BY TOMORROW, I swear!

And that competition thing? I really don’t know what happened to it. I didn’t get any confirmation e-mail when I entered, and even two weeks after the deadline, no winner had been announced. Eventually, it just disappeared off their site with no word at all, no mention of a winner or anything. They must have cancelled it for some reason. They never renamed the Swarm Gun. Sad

Kwari was doomed from the start. I think they’re dead now. They claim they aren’t, but trust me. THEY ARE. There were hundreds of bugs in the game on release, a load of exploits that they never fixed, a very small player base, they refused to release it in the US until the end of this year, they had a VERY bad start with advertisement (it was just NOT the right style of advert to attract players, it was more like a repellant), and on the 21st of March, they announced that they would shut down the pay for real servers for about 3 or 4 hours to do some maintenence, yet… they are still doing maintenence, 10 days later. And there are a lot of messages in the forum from some players, saying "R.I.P Kwari". And I was waiting 20 minutes last night for some players on Play For Free… yet the game never started. They weren’t enough players to start a game; you need at least 4. And… less than 4 players online?¬†Surprised That’s… EXTREMELY bad.

So, there goes Kwari! Shame, too. I was planning on kicking some buttisholz on that!

Okay, just a few other things to say. Smile

Right, more news from EVE! I swear, things change on this EVERY DAY. In the last few days, Rich signed up, and quite likes the game. I dunno if he’ll stay, but there you go. He lost two ships in a day, but that doesn’t give him the title of "Head of Ship Loss"! Neb lost FOUR in a day, and he holds the record!
Neb made a new character, and made Ped change him to the CEO, which is great! We might be starting a recruitment drive soon, which will be cool. Smile

The thing is… Ped has… for some ridiculous reason, gone back to WoW. I don’t know WHAT THE CRAP he was thinking of, when he has more net worth than the rest of us… oh wait, no. Neb bought a time card and sold it on EVE for about 140 million. So he’s got the most net worth now. But buying yourself to the top isn’t really… cool. It sucks. Anyway, he was the second wealthiest of us, and he quit. Don’t know why, he never said why, but he’s an utter idiot. Amazingly, even Neb agrees, and he likes WoW. I think.

He says "He might come back", but I dunno. He is just EPIC FAIL, really.

Anyway, there was another thing that happened. We were mining in an asteroid belt, and some wanker comes in and steals about 14,000 Veldspar from our cargo containers that we were dropping. I wasn’t there when it happened, I was offline, but when you do that, you get kill rights on them for 15 minutes. If Neb had his warp jammer fitted, he would have absolutely ripped him apart with his new battleship. But he got away, and docked for 15 minutes, so we couldn’t kill him. Sucked. He claimed that it was worth 900k when he sold it, but… like… no it wasn’t. About 200k tops. But oh well.

But the thing that WAS hilarious was the dick that came in afterwards. We were doing a tactic with our cargo containers, where Andy parked by them and could easily take stuff out when we said, but we left 1 ore in there just so the cargo wouldn’t disappear. It kinda had a very cool side-effect, as this idiot in an interceptor comes in and steals the ore. TWO ore. Worth about… 4 ISK. We got kill rights for 15 minutes, but none of us had weapons, all of us had all our slots taken with mining lasers. Shame, really. If I was flying my destroyer, I would have kicked his ass through the wall! Open-mouthed

I said through local chat "Wow, congratulations on your AMAZING thievery, (whatever his name was)! I wonder what you could possibly do with that 2 Pyroxeres that you just nicked from us! Daaamn… I could’ve used that FOUR ISK! Ah well. Enjoy." And he just didn’t say anything back. Got a few "Lolz" back from other players, though. Smile

Anyhoo, so that’s everything that’s worth saying that happened recently in the world of EVE. Except that Neb couldn’t say "Leviathan" properly.¬†Open-mouthed Now he can, though, which is good.¬†Smile Soon, I shall be flying a very nice cruiser and PWNING BUTTISHOLZ on Level 2 missions!! W00T! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthed

Right, bye bye then!

(By the way, if you’ll look at the time, yes, it is SERIOUSLY early in the morning, but I wrote this before I went to bed, and then the cat woke me up about… five minutes ago? Cuz he’s a little annoying bastard. (He’s ace though, he’s my ickle Raouly boy!) So yes. I just decided to post this now while I was waiting for him to eat his food and go out. Cuz I can. Now I is tired as crap, and I be going to bed again now. Nighty night!)


FECKING FINALLY! After… oh, only NEARLY HALF A YEAR! And I still have to wait 8 days for the actual CARD and PIN, so I can USE it! Well, I actually don’t need the PIN, I buy stuff online. Most of the time it’s cheaper, AND you can see EVERY product you might wanna buy instead of running to different shops. So, as soon as I get it, I’m getting a damned Xbox 360 wireless thing. I’ll probably have about 50 messages and half my contacts list, because people will probably have deleted me to get other people in their list cuz I was off so long. Ah well. Open-mouthed¬†And I’ve gotta get COD4, cuz I liked that when I played it at Ped’s.
Speaking of Ped’s, I’m-a going there on Thursday with… a lot of other people! So I can show off my GH3 SKILLZ. Open-mouthed¬†And other skillz. So that should be fun! I would bring the Pwnage-O-Matic, but I’m already bringing my 360, cuz Neb won’t let his 360 play Guitar Hero. And the Pwnage-O-Matic is pretty big and heavy, and I have to bring a¬†monitor and all the wires and stuff… you get the idea. And I don’t think she’ll be used that much, either.
Oh, and about Dragon Tail, this chapter I’m writing right now is such a BITCH. It’s one of those chapters that HAS to go in one direction, otherwise it won’t make sense or will sound stupid, so I can’t twist it or anything. And it’s getting hard to find the right words for some reason, too, I just hope I’m not losing it. It’ll be done soon, don’t have a heart attack! And EVE’s been in the way, too, it’s amazingly addictive!
You’ll never guess what’s been happening the last few days. Ped got 100 MILLION ISK off some random guy, which is extremely annoying, because as the rest of us are earning our ISK, he goes out and manages to scrounge more than we can make in a month in about an hour. He gave each of us 5 million and put 10 million in the corporation wallet, which is okay, I guess, even though I don’t like to borrow money or get given money, cuz then when I’m really good, I can look back and say "Hey, I did this all by myself!" whereas Ped can’t say that. He’s had 110 MILLION given to him already by other people, either cuz he knows them and begged off them (which a noob does) or some random just gave it to him for no apparent reason.
So he’s gone and bought ANOTHER ship that he can’t use, AGAIN! I used my hard earned cash to buy a mining barge and a destroyer. The mining barge was cheap compared to everywhere else, so I bought it because of the price. I can’t use it yet, but I will be able to in about a week. The destroyer took about half an hour to learn to use, and it ROCKS ASS! I was blasting the crap out of Very High threat level pirates before they could even scratch me! Oh, and I bought an industrial ship. And it looks like a dick. Open-mouthed¬†Never mind, it earned me 2 million ISK by trading livestock! In about 20-30 minutes! And as soon as I can use that mining barge, I shall be in ze monies!
Si still has his destroyer (at least I THINK it’s a destroyer) and it was hilarious when we were doing a mission. Just as he locked onto an enemy, I shot with two of my railguns (they work from about¬†17-24KM away Open-mouthed) and the enemy blew up, then I did it again, and again, and by the time he was close enough to use his guns, I had destroyed all but one of the enemies! It was ace!
But as everything was going well for us, Neb goes on about how player killing can make a lot of money really easily, and goes into 0.4 security (where you can get player killed) and looks for people to pwn. Then he gets pwned himself. Twice. So he buys a Drake blueprint (it’s a battle cruiser) and BUYS all the minerals to make it, which isn’t smart, cuz you’re meant to MINE the minerals to be able to get the ship cheaper. So he ends up spending 5 MILLION more than he needs to, on the WRONG MINERALS, so he sells the minerals for a loss and just buys a Drake. Then he equips it with rocket launchers and guns and stuff, and says he will NEVER go into 0.4 security with it. What does he do? He buys some shield hardeners in a 0.4 ZONE! And happens to TRAVEL THROUGH AN ASTEROID BELT! And you can’t do that accidentally, you have to tell the warp drive to go there! And you don’t need to go through an asteroid belt to get to a station! So then there are 3 people there waiting, they warp jam him, his PC has a spac attack, he unplugs his internet and drops from Skype, and when he comes back on EVE, he’s in his capsule with his Drake wreck near him. A 33 MILLION ISK ship, just WASTED. We’ve actually worked out that Neb has lost OVER 40 MILLION ISK in the space of TWO DAYS, and that Neb has¬†lost about four or five times more ships than the rest of us put together (I’ve lost 1, Ped’s lost 2, Andy’s lost 1 and Si’s lost none). Player killing makes you money? Yeah, right. I’m sorry, but Neb is just a complete and utter¬†TIT. I’m actually GLAD that Ped got that 100 million, and not Neb.
Right, so that’s what’s been going on on EVE the past few days! Exciting, huh? Open-mouthed¬†I’m gonna get a¬†video¬†today, so I’ll post it here when¬†it’s done.¬†So I’ll see ya then! Bye bye!

Back to EVE again!

Yessums! I’ve bought myself a nice shiny time code and jumped back on EVE two days ago! I’ve missed it, it’s a great game, and now that Andy and Si are on it, it’s ace! Cuz we’ve made a corp (The Organisation for Exploration of Space, that was made before I came on the game again, so that’s why it’s relatively boring :D) and we’re doing missions and mining and crap and getting RICH! Relatively!
There was this cool thing I did last night, though. I set the timer on my G15 keyboard to an hour, and did as MANY MISSIONS AS I COULD! I call it the POWER HOUR! It was great! I managed 6 missions in an hour (just cuz I was farting about on one of them) and when I added up my earnings from pirate bounties and mission rewards and items, I had made nearly 1,250,000 ISK! In an HOUR!
So, I’m gonna do that every night¬†to¬†try and beat my records. Just one day I’ll be set a really hard mission that’s worth, like, 250,000 ISK and it’ll take me nearly an hour to complete it. But oh well!
I’ll make a video and show it to ya soon. Open-mouthed¬†Cuz it’s a great game. Better than any MMORPG out there, for sure, as it actually requires you to think before you do stuff. AND you can attack more than one enemy at once. It’s more complicated, sure, and some unintelligent n00bs would probably start crying and throw a tantrum when they see it’s not just click something and watch. And the community is nice, too, you don’t get retards challenging you to duels every 30 seconds, and most of the chat is either empty or filled with people TALKING to each other, not just saying "WTB BLAH FOR 67283678126 ISK, convo me)", as you have a dedicated TRADE channel for that.¬†"YOU ARE ALL NOOBS"¬†or "noob" as you would hear on Runescape (you are a sad sad person if¬†you play that and you should hang yourself, no joke)¬†is never heard on EVE, because no-one is a monghole. You might hear that on rookie chat, but you generally leave that channel as soon as you know what you’re doing.
And my Pwnage-O-Matic? It EATS the game! I brought up the FPS (Frames Per Second)¬†monitor while I was in a warp, and I was doing about 180FPS. That is¬†THREE TIMES MORE than the sweet 60FPS mark. While I was just in space with a bunch of players near me with a few Concord officers and a stargate, I was doing about 160FPS. When I was in a battle, I was doing about 150 FPS. In station, near enough 200FPS. My old PC would NEVER go above 60FPS… so… shows you how SUPER that was!
Me hast a Tristran frigate. Open-mouthed¬†It r0xx0rz. Everyone says it looks weird, though. And they’re RIGHT! But it looks weird in a cool way. Open-mouthed¬†I’m gonna be saving up for a cruiser and a mining barge. The cruiser costs about¬†3 million and the mining barge about 6 million, but it shouldn’t be that hard if I’m earning about a million in a Power Hour!
Ped has an Enyo cruiser, but, as Ped usually would, he does stuff before he thinks. So he’s bought an 8 million ISK Enyo and CAN’T USE IT! Because he needs another 5 or 6 skills, and they are gonna take MONTHS to train. And the Enyo isn’t exactly amazing, either, it’s average. By the time he can use it, everyone else will probably be in top of the line battle cruisers.
Neb has a cruiser, I can’t remember what it is, but it’s good. I actually don’t know what Si flies, I think it’s a frigate, but I haven’t really seen him that much. Andy flies a Kestrel, which is half good, half crap. Cuz sometimes his missile launchers don’t work, but when they do, it p00nz.
Oh yes, and recently I found TWO Alloy Tritanium Bars, which are worth nearly half a million each! Just by salvaging crap from ships! Neb found that skill first, and kudos to him, it is teh pwnage!
Rightho, I’ll be off. I’ma nearly done with the next chapter of Dragon Tail, I’ll try and get it up here soon! But until then, bye bye!

ULSG Again!

Oh yes, I just can’t get enough of modding this game! But this might be the last update in a while, as it’s now POSSIBLE to get to 999 trillion!!
Yes, really! I’ve done it once in testing! But that was before I modified Fruit Frenzy so it took away all the timed powerups you might have. Cuz in testing, I managed to get 500 trillion points in Fruit Frenzy¬†just because I had a 3x Laser, Quad Damage,¬†Rapid Fire and a S.P.A.R.T.A Drone. That’s 50% of the way to the insane 999 trillion mark in about a MINUTE! So, I kinda fixed that now. Open-mouthed
So now, I dunno whether¬†you can get there. Probably can, if you’re careful! I had to quadruple the amount of points you get from ships to make it possible to hit that lovely score cap, so now you can hit the trillions quite early. Especially as I now increased the amount of kills you need to get for the higher levels. If you get to Level 41 and you’re STILL nowhere near¬†the score cap, just give up. Level 41 is where¬†the HELL LEVELS start!¬†They are stupidly hard!¬†Even I can’t get past Level¬†41! Even with SPARTA!
When you DO hit the score cap… well… you’ll see. Open-mouthed
I cleared the score board, and it’s all squeaky clean! Until I start playing it. Open-mouthed¬†And I found that you don’t have to make one of Clickteam’s crappy install programs! They’re crappy cuz they won’t actually compile the game and it¬†keeps coming up with "internal error" for no reason!
And what’s more, EVERY SINGLE FILE SHARE THAT I SIGN UP TO will not accept my file for NO REASON! 4shared used to work, but now it doesn’t, and only lets me upload for 300 seconds before it cuts me off, and 300 seconds of uploading is about 20MB for me, which is 8MB TOO LITTLE! MediaMax uploads at the most retardedly slow speed I have ever seen, and then when you want to download it again, it says you need to upgrade, which costs, like, ¬£40 for a year! What the crap?! So, you can upload an unlimited file size but only download 10MB? Doesn’t that just defeat the object of an online¬†backup? And then there’s this Driveway thing that actually looks like it’s working but doesn’t do anything at all, and times you out halfway through an upload for no reason.
So… until 4shared gets their ass into gear, there won’t be a link to it, cuz I’ve got no other way of sharing it.
When I DO upload it, if you have Vista, you’ll need administrator permission to run it, cuz it makes a new folder and INI file for storing the control type. Cuz, you know, as great as Vista is, it just¬†freaks out when something tries to make a blank folder in your system drive.
Yes, Vista is great. No problems at all so far on 32 bit version! All drivers work, all programs work, nothing has spazzed yet… it’s great! And my two graphics cards just¬†DESTROY the Windows Aero theme. So don’t rip Vista. Especially if you have NO IDEA what you’re on about.¬†There’s nothing wrong with it.
Seems like Vista was the reason why it wasn’t letting¬†me upload anything… for some reason. Cuz I just tried it downstairs and it worked just fine… yet on my laptop it did the same thing and cut out, even though it’s on XP…
Um… I might just get my O2 disc and see if I need to install anything on tyhe Pwnage-O-Matic. Cuz I bet it’s that. As my laptop hasn’t¬†used the CD, either. Okay, anyway, it’s done! Here ya go!
And if the plethora of new features doesn’t satisfy you for some reason, new ones will be coming! Especially ones to do with that thing you get if you’re good enough!
If for some reason you think it’s crap BEFORE you play it, then just screw your¬†head back¬†on. Trust me, it’s REALLY fun! Don’t let the name put you off, I only called it that when I first started making it because I was¬†BORED¬†and thought that it was just gonna be pathetic, but now it’s my biggest game! And it’s easily modifiable!
Oh, and one last thing, I was doing some ULSG symbol revising¬†and couldn’t actually decide which one to use… so…¬†which symbol do you prefer?
This (the new one):
ULSG Symbol
Or this? (the old one):
ULSG Symbol
Cuz I kinda like the new one, but I don’t like the way it’s arranged… sort of… especially that underline. And I like the new one because¬†the¬†text¬†looks quite sloppy and fun, but kinda monged and the "S" looks retarded… but I like the old one because I like the text in that, and it looks neater… Aggh!
Okay, I’ll be off now. And don’t worry about Dragon Tail! Now that’ve got this asshole Flash work out of the way, and now that my computer’s (nearly, cuz where I’m sat is just shite. I’m’a getting a computer desk soon, I hope) settled in nicely (It boots from¬†password entry in¬†FOUR SECONDS!! With about 70 processes running!! It’s¬†unbelievable!!)¬†I’ll be able to concentrate more on Dragon Tail for ya! As I said in another entry once, NEVER assume that I’ve forgotten about Dragon Tail!
Rightiho, bye bye!


Yes, so we started doing Flash recently at college. It’s okay… if you have never heard of Multimedia Fusion 2, which is actually MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to use for creating games, but animations are a nightmare. That’s where Flash is good. At animation. Kind of…
I don’t like Flash that much, I really don’t. I’d use it if I REALLY needed it to make animations, but for games, I’m MILES better with Multimedia Fusion. I finished "creating" a game, and it’s not too bad for a first attempt! In fact, it’s so brilliant that if I don’t get a distinction for it, the markers are retarded in the head!
When they gave us this crappy game to modify, (that’s why I said "creating", cuz the course is meant to let you create your own games, but nah, they just gave us a shite one to modify) it looked like turd, the gameplay was boring, the script was bugged beyond belief (When you died, it kept looping over and over again, and it was EASIER to reach the higher levels compared to the lower levels, AND the AI got physically impossible to beat after level 4) and it had no special features, it was just press the spacebar to blow up enemies. I checked the script, and it had about 200 lines of code, that was just counting the major game code that actually made it WORK. Kind of.
So… I… kinda looked at the script to try and understand it. Um…:
starDot = function () {
 // Function to initialise a star
 this.starInit = function() {
  this.speed = (Math.random()*20)+1;
  this._alpha = this.speed*5;
  this._x = Math.random()*(gSCREEN_RIGHT-gSCREEN_LEFT);
  this._y = 0;
 // Star onEnterFrame call-back
 this.onEnterFrame = function() {
  this._y = this._y+this.speed;
  if (this._y>gSCREEN_BOTTOM) {
¬†// Initialize the star on first run…
// Additional function to make stars
function makeStar(quantity) {
 var i, quantity;
 for (i=0; i<quantity; i++) {
That’s just to make a STAR appear at the top of the screen in a random place. 35 lines of code… Okay, some of them were comments, but without them, you would have NO FRIGGIN’ IDEA what you just wrote.¬†I didn’t write that code. So even with the comments,¬†I don’t even¬†know how it works!
In Multimedia Fusion, you would need… one… two… yes, TWO lines of code. One to move a marker into a random place at the top of the screen, and then another to randomise when a star should be lauched. It would take about THREE minutes flat. This piece of code probably took about TEN minutes to work out and write.
So, I started poking around to see what I could do. I could modify where the enemies spawned, the graphics of everything, the scoring… quite a lot of stuff. I fixed the difficulty so any normal person could get up to and maybe beyond level 5, made it HARDER to reach level 5 compared to level 2, and that was all the basic stuff. And as you probably know, I think basic stuff SUCKS.
So I started to get the hang of the code, managing to make a combo system that wouldn’t reset unless you missed, and that awarded you extra points for every kill while you were in a combo, and I also added a temporary high score, messed with all the graphics, made more stars spawn, made your ship morph and become more powerful at 3rd, 5th and 7th level, and a few very UNIQUE features… such as the sound that plays when you get more than 9,000 points, and the SPARTA MODE¬†if you manage to¬†hit 12,000 points:
When you’re in normal mode, below 12,000 points, it looks like this:
After completely modifying it from absolute patheticness to utter awesomeness, the amount of code had been DOUBLED, from 200 to 400 lines. You can tell which parts are mine…:
//Function to activate level up graphic
function makeLevelUpSymbol() {
 this.attachMovie("level_up_sym","level_up_sym",1000, {_x:275, _y:200});
function makeOVER9000Symbol() {
 this.attachMovie("9000","9000",1000, {_x:275, _y:200});
//Function to activate THIS… IS… SPAAARTAAA!
function makeTHISISSPARTASymbol() {
 this.attachMovie("TIS!!","TIS!!",1000, {_x:275, _y:200});
And another part:
function MorphLevel2(){
 if(level == 3 && Lv2Morph==false){
function MorphLevel3(){
 if(level == 5 && Lv3Morph==false){
function MorphLevel4(){
 if(level == 7 && Lv4Morph==false){
function Over9000(){
 if(score>9000 && Ovr9k==false){
  // create a new Sound object
  var OVER9000:Sound = new Sound();
  Ovr9k = true
function SPARTA(){
 if(score>12000 && SPAAARTA==false){
  // create a new Sound object
  var SP4RTA:Sound = new Sound();
  SPAAARTA = true
  SP4RTA.onSoundComplete = function(){
   var SP4RTA2:Sound = new Sound();
function ALIENSPARTA(){
Now, this could have EASILY been done in Multimedia Fusion. BUT, the background vortex wouldn’t have been so smooth-turning (I don’t think) and the ship morphing wouldn’t look as cool. But then again, you could easily get the graphics off Flash and into Multimedia Fusion…
High score in Multimedia Fusion could be permanent, lasers wouldn’t ALL disappear if an enemy was hit, the framerate would be better, controls would be smoother, collisions would be more accurate, and it would have probably used about 300 less lines of code. Yes, really. Well… okay, on build, there would probably be about a thousand lines of code, but when you’re just¬†MAKING the game, there would be about 100!
But… I’m sorry. Zapper II (as I simply called it cuz I couldn’t be bothered to find a new name for such an unworthy game) is absolutely NOTHING against ULSG! I mean… come on! ULSG has EVERYTHING, it has powerups, you need skillz and a bit of bravery and a fast trigger finger, and you also need awesome skillz at hurling fruit, and you also have to be able to comprehend the maximum score of as-near-as-makes-no-difference ONE QUADRILLION points! Or, exactly 999,999,999,999,999! Or, as MMF doesn’t like to use commas, it would be 999999999999999! AAAGH!
Teh ownage! And there’s (not) a rumour going around about a possible SPAARRTTTAAAAA!! being included in ULSG very soon! And Cillit Bang! You’ll see. Open-mouthed
I’d upload it for you, but for some reason, it won’t work in a browser, the music won’t start and the button doesn’t work… hang on a sec…
Oh yeah, ActionScript mastery! I did it! And set a new high score for you to beat, as well…
There ya go. Don’t worry if you just see just¬†a red spiral for a sec, that was an accidental cool-looking loading screen. Open-mouthed
Have fun with that! The main goal is to get to 12,000 points. Just do it. Open-mouthed Then you can put the game down. Open-mouthed
Earkay! Bye! 

Dragon Tail – Chapter 31! (Pt. 2)

(ZOMG IT DISAPPEAREDED! Yes, as Dragon Tail is now finished, I need this off my Space. Sowwy.)


Oooohh-hoo-hoo-hoo! Tense, eh? Right?
Anyway, what did you think of this one? Was there any parts that you didn’t like? Commentise me as you usually do, it really helps!
Now, about that hefty change I’ve been making… I won’t post it on here yet, but when the whole story has finished, I’ll probably¬†make a special program that will download a full version of the file off a private server so you can help me review it and modify it,¬†and then it will¬†upload it again when you’re done. Then I can use the magical powers of Word 2007 and combine the files, so I can see all the changes that people have made! That way, people could add or delete pretty big sections of the story, and I could accept, reject or¬†modify them, then re-upload them so you can see the changes I made! Then you can¬†go ahead and change¬†some¬†more of it if you like! That way, I have a lot of people helping¬†me to scan the document and¬†I then have a lot of people’s¬†different opinions! Because trust me,¬†looking for mistakes¬†through¬†129 pages of¬†A4 (about 400 pages in A5 book format), ALONE, is NOT fun. If other people want to help, I could split the story into sections, and different people could do different sections!
Just an idea. I dunno if anyone else could be bothered to help, though. Sad Never mind.
Okay, I’d better be going, more OOD crap to do! Bye!