Two things!

First thing is, I ORDERED MY PARTS! WOOTAGE! They’ll be here either tomorrow or on Friday!
Second thing, I’ve just found a video of me and Ped on Guitar Hero, and I ACED Even Flow on Expert. No, really! I know I say I didn’t at the end, but that’s because in multiplayer career it combines your percentages together, while on multiplayer over Xbox Live it just shows you YOUR percentage, and I was used to multiplayer over Xbox Live! I watched the whole song from start to finish, just looking at my side, and I NEVER missed a note! Lemme just upload it, hang on a sec…
Right, make sure you DOWNLOAD these videos, otherwise the stupid 4shared player will cut off the end after about 6 or 7 minutes. And as everyone seems to miss the download link for some reason, I’ll tell ya. When you see "Loading file info", just wait until a virus scan check appears, and then the download link is right under that. Oh, and don’t forget to disable Ad Blocking in Norton, cuz that blocks like, EVERYTHING.
Okay, here ya goes!
(Nice funky dance at the end. Open-mouthed)
And I also have this VERY long video of me and my computer parts, going over what they do and generally making an ass of myself! Some of it you might want to skip, as it’s just me trying to get the parts packed up or get them out of their cases, with me intermittently going "Ow!" or "Come on you turd, get in!"
It’s about 30MB, but it’s about 17 minutes long!
Right, so that’s it. Open-mouthed So, I’ll see ya when I get the parts, and I’ll be here with a video of my attempts! Bye bye!

1 thought on “Two things!

  1. Hiya again!
    Oh my GOD, I watched that video twice (the second time only watch your side), and you’re right, YOU NEVER MISSED A NOTE!!!!!!!! WOW that is SOOOOO AWESOME, and Ped’s side looks so much easier than yours lol!
    Loved the second video! Lol, it was great, and my little sister watched it as well! She thought it was funny! Oh and I showed her VLV too, and the trailer for it, and shewas like "What’s with the Muffin Man thing?" So then I had to explain that to her! But we like the music at the end of the trailer for VLV! 😀
    OK next blog! Oh and I can’t wait until you’ve built the Pwnage-O-Matic! 😀
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

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