Once again, ULSG!

Yes, I have updated ULSG AGAIN! I’ve fixed a very annoying bug to do with the invincibility powerup and Fruit Frenzy, I’ve increased the time of invincibility, I’ve made levels 36 through 50 easier, added a new milestone at 50 trillion, changed the Matrix XP music to some music of Jets & Guns (By far the BEST side scrolling shooter IN THE WORLD, no arguments) and that’s pretty much it! Oh, I made some modifications to the Fruit Bar. And fixed a bug in Fruit Frenzy where the bonus counter could spaz out and look retarded the next time you went into Fruit Frenzy. That’s all. Open-mouthed
Right, here ya goes! The 999 trillion score cap is becoming ever-more possible!


Okay, I’ll be off now to set a pwnage of a high score. Bye! Open-mouthed
(Oh, by the way, I’m gonna have Dragon Tail for you soon, but you know, the greatest PC I’ve ever used is gonna be assembled tomorrow, and after that… I truly don’t believe I’m gonna be off it for a LONG time. Open-mouthed It’ll be here, though! Don’t worry!)

1 thought on “Once again, ULSG!

  1. Hiya again!
    I PROMISE I will download ULSG when I have less homework, but I don’t know when that’ll be, but it sounds SOOO MUCH FUN lol and I can’t wait to try out the IMPOSSIBILITY factor of it! 😀
    OK, I have to go do some Frenchie homework now! 😦
    But I’ll see you soon
    Love Em xxxx -hugs-

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