Ohhh yeah!

Oh yeah! Uh-huh! That’s right! They’re HERE, baby! Four of the eleven components!
I’ve done a very nice video of me showing the PC parts off! I can’t upload it now, obviously, but I’ll get it on here tomorrow! I dunno why I did it, cuz some of the parts aren’t much to look at. Except the motherboard, god-damn, that thing came so incredibly presented, in a well designed box with shining silver letters, and it had VELCRO on it instead of sellotape, and then when you opened it, you could see certain parts the motherboard, like the ASUS logo and the sound card, and it had a lot of things on the underside of the lid saying what the motherboard can do… and hell… it can do a lot for something that I just thought was a big thing that connected everything together. The most interesting function is the CPU…
… Holy shit! I think we just had a mild earthquake or something! The whole room started shaking… that was really freaky!
Okay… where was I?
Right, yes, the most interesting function is the CPU Level Up, which ups your CPU speed without affecting heat or voltage needed, apparently, which is very cool!
I thought that the heatsinker was going to be a nightmare, what, with everyone saying it was sharp as hell. And I’ve just one thing to say. Everyone is a pussy! The blades aren’t even sharp! I was holding the heatsinker by the "sharp" copper blades with just the tips of my fingers, and it didn’t even hurt! I dunno what it’ll be like to install, though.
The PSU is HUGE! It’s at LEAST twice as big than I thought it was! And all the wires… my God…! It’s ridiculous! I’ve never seen so much wiring on one component before!
And then there’s the CPU, that came with a heatsinker. An extremely CRAP one, at that! I didn’t need it, anyway, I bought a custom third party one, that "sharp" one. But it’s kind of annoying that I spent £120 on something that’s no bigger than… let’s say… no bigger than an After Eight. After Eights are bigger. Open-mouthed But then again, they don’t calculate extremely complex things in a split second. TWICE in a split second, that is. Open-mouthed
Right, so that’s all those components! But the other seven… something VERY annoying happened. The price of my hard drive went up, over my budget. The RAM went down, but not enough to cover the hard drive. So I had to "downgrade" my hard drive, to a 400GB one. Just 100GB less costs about £8 less, a bit annoying, but I can’t afford it, because there is going to be EXACTLY £751.29 in my account, and the rest of the parts cost £746.36, including VAT and postage. A £3.03 difference. So… as you can see, it’s JUST enough to cover everything, so if I go over even by 1p, then it’ll just come back and hit me in the face with an unaccepted message. And even the slightest price increase can have a horrible effect.
So, I’ll be back later on to tell you the outcome! It’ll be good, I know it! And the great thing is, it’s guaranteed next day delivery if I order before 6:00 PM! Which I will! So, it looks like it’ll be here on Thursday! Or, by the very LATEST, Friday.
And then… I can start the… *shudder*… ASSEMBLY.

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