Jesus, since WHEN have companies been THIS efficient?!

Yeah, so yesterday, I ordered my PC parts… well, okay, FOUR of them, as you might know from reading it. Usually when I buy something, it goes pretty much:
Day 1: Process order.
Day 2: Faff around.
Day 3: Deliver items.
Day 4: Parcel gets held up for no reason.
Day 5: Parcel arrives.
That’s usually how it goes. For me, at least. But right now with CCL and DABS, It’s been like lightning! Within FOURTEEN MINUTES of me placing my order with CCL, my order was validated, and then an hour afterwards, it was being processed! And then this afternoon at about 1:00, they had dispatched it! It was pretty much the same thing with DABS, only I never got any e-mails, I had to manually check whether it was being delivered or not. But the first four parts are on the way!
I’ve heard that the heatsinker is razor sharp, though, so I’d better be careful with that. Plus, it’s supposedly the WORST thing to put in the PC, it’s not easy at ALL.
Regardless of that, it’s looking good to be ready by the end of this week! I’d recommend and if you’re wanting to upgrade your PC or build one from scratch! Just make sure you know what you’re doing before you do it, yeah? Open-mouthed
My brother’s suggested ANOTHER thing I should buy. No, it’s not expensive, it’s only £5, but apparently, it reduces your CPU temperature by up to 13 degrees C! It’s called Arctic Silver V, and it’s a kind of paste you put on your CPU, and over time, it spreads over your CPU and conducts heat, which helps your heatsinker to work more efficiently!
So that’s in the basket, and that is COMPLETELY IT. I can’t afford ANYTHING more, my budget is now on the edge, I can’t even buy two Arctic Silvers because I’d go over budget! It’s so friggin’ expensive, but hell… it’ll be worth every penny. Open-mouthed
Right, I’m off then. I’ll be back on Wednesday when I lose EVERY LAST BIT OF MY MONEY! See ya then!

1 thought on “Jesus, since WHEN have companies been THIS efficient?!

  1. Hiya, how are you?
    Sorry I haven’t commented for ages but I’ve had so much other homework, but at least it wasn’t FRENCHIE!! 😀 But I have some Frenchie to do after I’ve commented on the three most recent blogs so that destroys my happiness! 😦
    WOW that is quick lol, and yeah, that usually happens to me too, lol! Oh my God you’re computer is gonna be AWESOME!!! WOW!!! The Artic Silver V sounds like a really good idea by the way, so it is worth the extra £5! And yes your computer is worth every penny, I agree, even though it is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!!!
    OK next blog!
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

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