I’m getting there…!

(I know I keep saying "today" in this entry, but it was really yesterday, it was pretty late and my battery was about to go on my laptop, so I just put it into Hibernate Open-mouthed)
Yes! I got FOUR of the 11 components today! I got the CPU, PSU, Heatsink and Motherboard!
And so far, that’s cost me £434.75! JUST FOR FOUR COMPONENTS! And the Motherboard cost nearly as much as the other components put together!! Shows you how damned good it’ll be. Open-mouthed My brother got one the other day, and he says it’s bloody brilliant! The thing is, I’m not upgrading, I’m building, so I have no previous motherboard to compare it to, so I can’t be amazed at a performance boost.
Wait a sec, I can be! I’ll just compare it to my "Super Computer!" That’s cool. Open-mouthed
With that motherboard, though, I get Company of Heroes free, along with ASUS update drivers and stuff, and I also get Kapersky AntiVirus, which is really cool, cuz I left out my anti-virus. I also get 3DMark06 Professional, so that’ll help with seeing how good my PC is. Open-mouthed I’m aiming for about 10,000 3DMarks, which’ll make it about FOUR TIMES better than my old computer. Open-mouthed
I’m gonna get the other seven components on Wednesday. I just hope that none of them go out of stock…
Hang on… lemme check stock levels…
NZXT Apollo… 5 or more stock. Open-mouthed
OCZ 4GB RAM… 5 or more stock. Open-mouthed
GeForce 8800GT… 5 or more stock. Open-mouthed
20" ASUS Widescreen monitor… 5 or more stock. Open-mouthed
500GB Samsung HDD… 5 or more stock. Open-mouthed
Samsung DVD/RW… 5 or more stock. Open-mouthed
Edimax Wireless Reciever… 5 or more stock. Open-mouthed
Looking goood! Okay, just checking peripherals and software…
Vista 32bit… 5 or more stock. Open-mouthed
Logitech G15 Keyboard… 5 or more stock. Open-mouthed
Oh NICE! I think I’ll be just fine!
Okay, I’ll be back on Wednesday to tell you whether this is all going according to plan! Bye now!

2 thoughts on “I’m getting there…!

  1. Hiya Carl, how are you?
    I’m fine, and I HAVE NO FRENCHIE HOMEWORK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! I am seriously enjoying all the free time!! 😀
    WOW so many SMILEY FACES!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO Haha, it sounds like building your "Supr Computer" (What happened to Pwnage-O-Matic?) is going really well, but it also sound REALLY expensive! I’m glad they have all the parts though, but you better hurry up and order them because, like you said in your last blog (I think) Computer parts are in high demand!
    Good luck with building the "Super Computer" and I can’t wait to get an update on it!
    OK, I’m gonna go enjoy my FREE TIME WOOOOO 😀 So I’ll see you soon
    Love Em xxxx -hugs-

  2. Hellooo!
    No, no, the "Super Computer" was the name of my OLD computer, the one that I thought was unbelievably amazingly super when I first got it, cuz no-one else had graphics or speed or anything like I did. Hence the quotation marks, for sarcasm. 😀
    I have to get the last components on Wednesday. Annoyingly, though, the CPU I wanted JUST came back in stock at Aria after I got the other CPU that my brother recommended, and the one that I was originally going to get is £5 CHEAPER and has an extra 2MB cache, which is REALLY irritating. Can’t do anything about it now, though. And come on, what’s an extra 2MB of cache gonna do? Even though that is 50% more than I have at the minute…
    Anyspeck! I’m gonna post the next entry! Bye!

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