It’s the name of my new PC. Open-mouthed I’m gonna order the components tonight at some point, I have to, cuz then I get free delivery on the CPU, Heatsinker and PSU, which’ll save me about £10. Smile Cuz I have to get these parts from 3 different places. Open-mouthed
I decided to change the motherboard back to a Striker II Formula, because the other one that I picked had some really crappy reviews about it not working at all. Which doesn’t really help. And the only other motherboard that I can get is so close in price to the Striker that I just ignored it and went with the Striker. Open-mouthed
I took out Norton because I don’t think it included a subscription, and I’ll probably be getting Norton 360 from PC World at some point. I won’t connect to the internet unless I have SOME sort of advanced protection.
Overall, it’s £1,180.52. The annoying thing is I have NO IDEA how the price got that high, sure, I added an extra £40 for the motherboard and £50 for the keyboard, and £25 for the speakers… okay. I know how now. Open-mouthed
ANOTHER annoying thing is that my EMA hasn’t come through for some reason, so my Mum + Dad have to loan me an extra £30, which puts their loan to me WAY higher than I wanted it to be, about £400. Surprised If I get it now though, then I won’t have to compete with others to get parts, because computer parts are just so god-damned popular! Two days ago, the CPU I wanted was in stock, 5 or more it said. The next day, they were SOLD OUT! See what I mean? And it wasn’t even over 24 hours, I stopped looking at about 9:00 PM, and the next day at 2:00 PM, they had SOLD OUT! And this is just the UK we’re talking about!
Oh, and I changed my case. That black and red one wasn’t interesting when you looked at some better pics of it, but I found one cheaper that looks friggin’ great! The NZXT Apollo is about £20 cheaper and has one less fan, but looks so much cooler! Shame that you still have to put up with that horrible side window. I’d cover it up, but, ah… there’s a fan there. Open-mouthed So I can’t. Sad Meh.
Right, so when I order it, I’ll be back here telling ya! For now, bye bye!

3 thoughts on “Pwnage-O-Matic!

  1. Hi again! 😀
    Anyway, WOW THAT IS EXPENSIVE!!!!!! Not as expensive as the Alienware Laptop though…So I suppose that’s good! 🙂
    We have Norton 360 on our computer now it’s all fixed! It’s really good, but we did have some trouble installing it! We installed it, and the next day it came up saying it was an ILLEGAL copy! It turned out not to be in the end (which was good!) so we just uninstaled it and reinstalled it, and it’s worked OK ever since! 🙂
    Oh EMA is really unreliable, I don’t get it 😦 but Ped does and he’s always saying his hasn’t come through, and they’re always having problems with it at school! Maybe that’s just the school though? What d’you think?
    WOW That’s a big loan! 😦
    Oh well, if that case wa £20 cheaper then I suppose it was worth it!
    Can’t wait to get a picture of the Pwnage-O-Matic! (nice name by the way) 🙂
    OK, I got to go, so I’ll see you soon
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. Hell yes, that’s really expensive! Think about the cost:use ratio, though! I’ll be on it like… ALL THE TIME, because the Pwnage-O-Matic can do everything my "Super Computer" can’t! The "Super Computer" can barely keep its head out of the 30FPS and below zone on EVE Online, and can’t even get 60FPS on AOEIII with maximum graphics, and that game isn’t exactly the pinnacle of gaming graphics. That’d be Crysis and Bioshock, and maybe Flight Simulator X, if my brother isn’t exaggerating, like he usually does. 😀
    Besides, I have like a strange connection to the computer, too, you know, I’ll be building it! And I know what’s inside it, too, so when I go to upgrade, I don’t have to hesitate! I just go straight to the things I need and I’m away! Not like I’ll be upgrading any time soon. 😀
    We’re gonna be getting Norton 360 at some point, cuz it protects three computers, and those will be the Pwnage-O-Matic, the "Super Computer", and my dad’s laptop, cuz he was careless enough to get a trojan on his laptop. I say "careless" cuz he clicks any old link that he thinks he needs to go on. My laptop’ll be just fine, it’s got Norton 2007 on it. Yes, no subscription, but I’ll probably barely use it for the internet after the Pwnage-O-Matic goes online. 😀
    I’ve never had a problem with EMA, it usually arrives on the Saturday or Sunday just fine. But just not this week. I have to have that £30 by Wednesday, as that’s when my mum puts in the £400 into her account (cuz she can’t get into town any other day cuz she doesn’t drive) and that’s when I’ll have the all clear to get the last 7 parts of my PC! Yes, big loan, and I hate having to borrow money, especially an amount like that.
    That case is MUCH better than the other one. Trust me on that. 😀 It’s black, and it has these awesome neon lights at the bottom near some metal grills. And there’s a semi-transparent case door, too, so if you plug in any LCD displays into your computer like clocks or fan adjusters or thermometer, you can see them without having to open the door! It’s much more interesting than that other one, the other one just had that red light down the front. The whole PC could REALLY easily be overlooked, especially when it’s off. I want a case that kinda shouts out "LOOK AT ME! I’M AWESOME!" when you look at it. 😀
    Okay, I’m off. Bye!

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