Yes! Bzaaak! Technological time!!
Right, I’ve been wanting to do some more of Dragon Tail for a while, but I haven’t. No, I’ve not been lazy, I’ve been researching something, so it’s taken me a while to get around to it. I haven’t forgotten! Don’t worry! NEVER assume I’ve forgotten about Dragon Tail!
I’ve been researching stuff about PC’s, and you know that Alienware laptop I was gonna get? Well, I’ve screwed that idea. Yes, Alienware is AWESOME, but it’s £1,700 for a laptop that’s LESS POWERFUL than what a desktop could be, and NEVER WILL BE as powerful as a desktop can be.
So… what do I do now? No, I don’t buy an Alienware Desktop. I BUILD MY OWN!
Hell yes, and that’s what I’ve been mostly researching these past few days. It’s not easy, well… apart from the choice of case, but everything else is a nightmare! I’ll give you an example for each of the components!
The motherboard has to complement EVERYTHING, the CPU, the Graphics cards… everything! And if it’s not good enough, it can bog down all the other components! My ordeal went like this: I found a nice motherboard but then I found it wouldn’t support my Quad Core CPU, so I had to choose another one, but then THAT one wouldn’t work because it only had one PCI Express x16 slot (that’s where you put your graphics card) and I need two of those slots because I’m buying two graphics cards. So I have to get a specialist motherboard, but then my brother says that’s an old type, and it’d bog down my graphics cards, so then I have to go even HIGHER up the chain to find one that would work, but then I saw the ASUS Striker II Formula motherboard, which is like, the best motherboard money can buy, so I choose that. Plus, that motherboard supports THREE graphics cards. No, really. THREE. Bladdy hell, it’s expensive though. Nearly £200!
Power Supply Unit:
Straight and simple: If you have too weak a PSU, your computer will just STOP. It’s okay if it’s too high, because the PC only uses as much as it needs. Sounds simple, but really, if you’re on a budget, you can’t just buy the most powerful PSU. So you need to know how much power things will take. But you don’t know that. So…
If the RAM isn’t the right type for your motherboard, it won’t work. It’ll just go MLEEHHHH?! What the hell’s THAT?!
If the CPU isn’t supported by your motherboard, it WILL explode. No joke! But sometimes it just won’t fit in the slot, so that’s okay. Smile
Graphics Card:
The Graphics Card is a NIGHTMARE. Sure, if you have all the money in the world, you just go out and buy three GeForce 8800 Ultras or that Radeon card… I dunno what it’s called because ATI’s Radeon cards suck. It’s because I have one of their cards… and it… ah… SUCKS COCK! Every GeForce I’ve had has been fine.
But graphics cards are a minefield. There are SO MANY, and all you have to go on are some NUMBERS! I was split between three, the GeForce 8800 GT, the GeForce 8800 GTS, and the GeForce 9600 GT! WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?!
Well, I found that out. The 8800 GTS was a high powered card. The 8800 GT was a cut down version of the GTS. And the 9600 GT was a cut down version of both of them, even though it has a higher number! I was gonna go with the 9600 GT, but when I noticed it was CHEAPER than the 8800 GT, I kinda did more research, and found that it was MUCH slower.
So, it was between the 8800 GTS and the 8800 GT. The GTS wasn’t much better than the GT, but it costed nearly £50 more, for ONE! Remember that I needed two of them, as well. So, I went with the 8800 GT, which I just hope is a good choice! I managed to get a deal of about £271 for two of them.
The other components weren’t as bad, the monitor was just based on size, contrast ratio and refresh rate, you just HAVE to pick a SATA DVD drive (unless you’re a twit and want BluRay, which costs 800% more than a normal DVD drive), you pick pretty much any wireless card, and you pick a hard drive with a good RPM and of the size you need. (I didn’t do the second part of that, though, I got me a 500GB Hard Drive, which is just SO MUCH MORE than I actually need. Bladdy good price though, £60!)
Now, the CASE was ALSO a bitch! Not because of it needing to go with everything else (apart from the motherboard size, but that was easy, just choose a ATX or MicroATX motherboard.) I saw two cases, one black and red, one blue and silver. They are from the same manufacturer and are pretty much the same design, only one is £20 more expensive because of the aluminium casing. I chose the black and red one, because A: It’s cheaper, B: Looks cooler, and C: Seems to suit me more. Open-mouthed Which do you prefer?
I WAS going to get a Viper or a Dragon case. The Dragon case looked awesome, it had this emblem of a dragon on the front that lit up blue when you turned the computer on, but the case had small fans, and that makes it louder. The Viper case was so friggin’ amazing, it looked so high-tech, and there were larger fans, too. The only problem with getting either of these cases is… ah… the company either went out of buisness, or don’t make the cases anymore, even though their website still exists. Checked everywhere on the net, NO-ONE has them in stock. Which is a shame. I would have loved that Viper case. Open-mouthed Yes, amazingly, more than the Dragon case. The Dragon case was loud and was nowhere NEAR how cool the Viper case looked. Open-mouthed
All in all, this custom PC comes out BETTER than an Alienware Laptop, for £600 cheaper! Yes, it comes to exactly £1093.55, and that includes all the software, too! Vista, Norton, and you even get Company of Heroes and 3DMark06 free with the motherboard, which is good, because my copy’s… not exactly legal! So it’s awesome value for money.
Put it this way: my oh-so-amazing PC that I call the Super Computer was about £1,000. But, the processor is worse, the graphics card is MUCH MUCH worse, the motherboard is something I’ve never heard of… you get the idea.
I did a 3DMark06 test on that computer (It’s like a benchmarking tool that tests every aspect of the PC. It just plays a 3D scene and calculates the average Frames Per Second. The scenes aren’t exactly basic, either, they use all sorts of effects, especially in the Firefly Forest test) and it got a VERY poor 2,767 3DMarks. The highest rated computer has about 30,000 3DMarks, but those are probably nerds who put their PC in liquid nitrogen for cooling because they’ve dangerously overclocked it. No, seriously, people do that. No joke!
For just £100 more, I’ll be able to know my own PC, know what’s in my PC, know what it can and can’t do, and know how to upgrade it properly. Plus, it’s MUCH better than the "Super Computer", and I can overclock my own PC. Overclocking is making a component run faster than it’s designed to, for a performance boost. Problem is, this needs more power than normal, and generates more heat. And if you overclock a component TOO MUCH, it can just blow up. So just as long as you have adequate cooling and a good power supply and you actually know what you’re doing, you’ll be fine!
I dunno what I’m doing, though! Open-mouthed I’ve hardly ever seen the inside of a computer before, let alone messed with the computer or created my own PC! Hell, how hard could it be? You just plug everything into everything and you’re away! Right?
Meh, we’ll see. Open-mouthed My mum is very nicely loaning me £300 for it, too! Not GIVING me it, I have to pay her back, but I don’t mind that, cuz then it’ll be 100% MY PC! So… by the end of next week, I SHOULD have my PC parts! I just need to check with my brother to see if all the parts will work together (cuz he’s done this type of thing before, you see) and then we can start building! Wootage!
Okay, so just as a summary, this is what my computer’s stats will be:
CPU: EITHER an Intel Dual Core 2.66GHz OR an Intel Quad Core 2.5GHz.
Graphics: 2x Nvidia GeForce 8800GT 512MB (and maybe will be 3x in the near future!)
HDD: 500GB (and if I run out [which I won’t], it’ll be 1TB)
Motherboard: ASUS Striker II Formula (which will probably stay for the next 30 years)
Operating System: Windows Vista 32-bit (as much as I hate the rumours going around about Vista, I have to go with it to get maximum performance.)
Protection: Norton Internet Security 2008
FUCK! I’ve just noticed something! I don’t have a keyboard for the computer! AHH! AND no speakers! God-damnit! Ah, we’ll find something to fill those slots. Open-mouthed
Okay, I’ll see ya soon! Bye bye!
Alright! You’ll never believe the keyboard I’ve chosen. It’s by Logitech, the same company that I got my incredible G9 mouse from, and the keyboard is called the G15. It’s got its own SCREEN, for christ’s sake! Six programmable buttons, backlit keys that can change colour if you want them to, and it’s got it’s own LCD display which shows important information to do with the game you’re playing, your computer, or even MSN! Yes, apparently it can show chat messages that come through on MSN! It looks brilliant!
I was GOING to go for the Saitek Cyborg, but it’s out of stock and doesn’t look as neat as the G15. Sure, it looks all amazingly high-tech and stuff, but it just doesn’t look as organised or as smart as the G15. Anyway, the G15 would go well with my mouse. Open-mouthed
Right, I’m off to get all this stuff checked out! Bye bye!
Okay, due to my budget, I’ve got to downgrade the motherboard, which will save me £40! That’s because I can’t afford it when I get the G15 Keyboard and my speaker system.
Now, whenever my brother starts speaking PLAIN ENGLISH and stops switching the subject halfway through the conversation, I should be able to get this done by the end of this weekend, and have the computer up and running for next week!

2 thoughts on “Bzaaak!

  1. Hiya, how are you?
    School’s boring, but then again, isn’t it always? But I haven’t got ANY FRENCHIE HOMEWORK this weekend, so that’s BRILL!!!!
    WOW, the idea of building  your own computer sounds UNBELIEVABLY COOL!!!! I wish I could help, but I don’t think that’s a good idea…I’d probably be more of a danger than you lol! I’d be more likely to blow up your house than you! 🙂 And THAT’S saying something! Lol! But as I already said, it sounds COOL and I want a picture when you’ve finished it! Pretty please!
    And just for the record, I prefer the black and red case, but that’s irrelevant now, as I’ve just read the blog above this one. And that keyboard sounds WOW!!!!!!!! I SO WANT ONE!!!! It would be SOOOOOO COOL!!!!!
    By the way, I don’t think that’s how it works! I may be wrong, but that just seems too simple! Lol!
    Oh yeah, DON’T PRESS THE BIG RED BUTTON!!!!!!!! 😛 Lol, Sorry me and my sister were saying that yesterday! 😀 So I just thought I’d say that to you!
    But seriously, DO NOT BLOW YOURSELF UP!!!! OR YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! As fun as it would be for you to blow your house up, I don’t think your parents would be too happy! 😛 If you wanna blow somewhere up, do us all a favour and blow up the Frenchie Department!
    OK, Next blog!
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. Speck!
    ‘Tis very much so cool. 😀 And with the helping part, if you don’t know what a PCI-Express x16 is, or if you don’t know how to hook things up to a motherboard, or if you don’t know what an ATX or MicroATX Form Factor is, then you’re just better off watching. 😀
    And yes, I’ll get you a pic of it! I’ll probably video myself doing it, too, just for a larf. And also to test my IEEE 1394 FireWire port, too. 😀
    Yeah, everyone liked the black and red one. 😀 But then I saw clearer pictures of the Blackline case and thought "meh…" and then I see the Apollo case… and… well… MY God! It’s SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING! And the keyboard’s about £50 from Aria, which isn’t that bad! Especially as it costs £70 direct from Logitech. I’m just gonna have to see whether that screen is utterly useless or REALLY good. But Logitech have a lot of surprises, I thought the weight tuning and different grips for the mouse was pointless, but DAMN! They are REALLY good!
    Nah, that’s not how it works. 😀 You’ve gotta get the motherboard on the side wall and screw it in place, then put the PSU in the back and screw it in, and then you have to link the connectors to the motherboard, and then you have to mount the hard drive in one of the drive bays and connect it to the motherboard, and then you have to plug in the CPU to the motherboard, and then you have to hook the cooling fan up near the CPU, and then you have to plug in the graphics cards and RAM,and then you have to wire up the USB and firewire… and all that was a complete GUESS! 😀 I truly don’t know WTF I’m doing!
    The BIG bonus is that NZXT cases usually have tool-less installation (the Apollo does) so I don’t need to faff around with screwdrivers or worry that I’m gonna break something.
    I TRULY don’t think blowing my house up sounds fun, actually! I mean, apparently it’s worth near £300,000 (guessing) and it’s not exactly OURS! We’re renting it! Plus, I doubt a CPU explosion would blow up my house. CPU’s are really small!
    Rightho! Jumping to next comment!

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