ULSG! Again!

Alright! I’ve been making some major improvements to ULSG, such as the Fruit Bar, Fruit Frenzy, Invincibility and some tweaking of other bits of code, and now, here is VERSION EIGHT!
There are new instructions, mainly to do with the Fruit Frenzy mode, but you should EASILY be able to figure out how to get there. Open-mouthed And how to kick ass.
Speaking of ass kicking, here’s me kicking ass with a kickass screenshot!


Speck! Bye bye, and tell me what you think of ULSG if you play it!


3 thoughts on “ULSG! Again!

  1. Hiya, how are you? Seen as I was too busy commenting on your story to ask you how you were in your last blog! 🙂
    ULSG sounds AWESOME and I shall download it soon, I PROMISE!!!
    That is an AWESOME screenshot, I LOVE IT! The graphics look ace and it should be fun to play when I download it!! 😀
    OK, I’ve got to go, but I shall see you soon 😀
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. Speck!
    Those graphics aren’t mine, by the way. They’re from the MMF2 Library because I was just making this game because I was bored. 😀 The graphics that ARE mine are the Score Bar, the Fruit Bar, the Multiplier Multiplier Multiplier bar, the Miss Counter, all of the bonus timer bars and icons, the nuke and health up powerups, the MongMaster Studios title, the Ultimate Lame Ship Game title, and the Fruit Frenzy bar. 😀 All the coding was done by me alone, so that’s why you have all the random crap in it. 😀
    I reset the high score table because of the new version, but I’m just gonna try and set a new high score right now! See ya in a bit!

  3. Dangit! I can’t set a new one, but that score of about 92.5 trillion should keep you going for a while! No, really! 92.5 trillion!
    Go get ’em. 😀

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