Cover art!

Yes, so Em told me that Andy said that I need cover art for Dragon Tail, which was a good idea, but not an idea that I thought I’d do anytime soon. Because, you know, I HATE art. So much work for a single image that hardly anyone will appreciate, that’s kinda what puts me off.
But what the hell! I might as well! I didn’t do bad with Duel, not bad at ALL! My final piece for Art was kickass, too (I don’t have that anymore, I dunno where they’ve got it), and I drew Whirlwind in my free time, too, as a practice for Duel, but he just kicks serious ass. I improved that scar in the last 2 minutes, as well. Smile Looks better now.
But this will have to be damned good. But hey, I’ve had practice with 3DS Max! Not like I’ll ever be able to do WHIRLWIND in 3D anytime soon, Maya is better for character design, MAX is for pretty much everything else. So, I might be able to do the terrain I had in mind on 3DS Max, just like the edge of a cliff face or mountain, and bring it into Photoshop and make it look more 2D like the rest of the picture. Cuz I’ll have to do Whirlwind by hand and go through that REALLY painful shading and colouring process, but I really have to get the lines down first.
The thing I had in mind was a view of Whirlwind stood on his hind legs, alone, on a cliff face or mountain, staring out to the sea with a look of determination on his face. The picture will be a semi-rear view, kinda like a photographer was stood on the cliff, taking a picture of him. He’ll have his sword drawn and he’ll be holding it by the side of him, and he might be grabbing some part of the mountain or the cliff with his other claw. There’ll be a sunset in the distance, and, nicely, that’ll be my light source, cuz nothing that I draw ever has any kind of visible light source, like a window or moon or sun or lamp or whatever, and it SUCKS to shade when you can’t see any place where you can imagine the light is coming from. The only success I ever had with shading was with that picture of Whirlwind. I’m not gonna put any other things in that picture, cuz it’d kinda ruin the mood and the tone of it.
That’s my idea at the minute, but I’m fully open to any suggestions, as usual. Open-mouthed That idea just came to me while I was writing the next bit of my story, I could just see him on the cliff edge, staring out to sea, and looking so proud and determined, with his sword drawn to show how dangerous he can be when he needs to be.
So ya, feel free to give me any ideas you might have! And I’m gonna be going now.
And when in doubt – say MUFFIN!

6 thoughts on “Cover art!

  1. Heya Carl, sorry I didn’t comment on this for ages, but my internet connection cut out on Tuesday and I had a ton (literally!) of French to do last night! How are you anyway??? I’m fine, school sucks as per usual! How’s college?
    WOW Duel is absolutely AWESOME!!!! I love the way the word Duel looks as well it just looks WOW. Whirlwind looks ACE too and you should definitely use him on your cover art!
    That idea for cover art sounds really cool!! I can just imagine it. Oh my God!!!!! You have to design it PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you got any idea of what you’re gonna do with "Dragon Tail" yet cuz I have an idea of how it could look just not where it would be placed and like I said I’ll draw out my ideas when I have free time (lol remind me what that is!) I’ll draw it out this weekend if I get time then I’ll scan it and put it on Myspace, if my computer will let me! (just remember I can’t draw lol!)
    Haha MUFFIN
    See you soon Carl, I have IT coursework to do! FUN!!! (note the sarcasm)
    Love Em xxx -hugs-     MUFFINSPECK!!! WOOOOOO

  2. DUDE! I’m replying to this comment on my PDA! WOOT! Yes, we FINALLY got wireless working. :)Duel was great. 😀 Didn’t I show you that before? I KNOW I showed you Whirlwind, cuz he was KICKASS!I’ll give it a shot after I’m finished with this ARSING 3DS Max.

  3. I think I might put "Dragon Tail" at the top and make it look golden, sort of, and I might make a dragon’s tail kind of come out of the "L" and curve around the bottom, probably like an underline or something. 😀 I dunno about the style of text, maybe flames? We’ll see. 😀

  4. Hey, it doesn’t matter if you can’t draw! It’s just starting out as a rough sketch! I’ll have to do it in neat. 😀 And anyway, compared to loads of others, I’m not THAT good, either! I’m OKAY, I guess… Just don’t get INSANELY OVERLOADED with things to do. :DMUFFIN! :DOh, I’ll delete all those other comments, buggering Live Spaces always does that. :DBYE!

  5. Dangit! For some reason my PDA can’t post long comments, so that’s why I split that one into three. Sorry if it confuzled ya. 😀

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