Dragon Tail – Chapter 28!

(ZOMG IT DISAPPEAREDED! Yes, as Dragon Tail is now finished, I need this off my Space. Sowwy.)


Dangit! The text won’t let me go back to that nifty small text that I use! Ah, there we… no wait… Yeahh… no, dangit! Nope… Ummm… noo… Oh for crap’s sake! Okay, this’ll have to do.

Anyhoo, what did you think? Did you like it? Or not? Leave you commenty goodness as always, please! And thank you for reading!


The problem is now… all the chapters I’ve posted are all I’ve got. They were the refining chapters, chapters that I needed to go over, so it didn’t take too long for me to get them out onto this page. Now, I’ve gotta write completely new chapters, so it may be a little while before I have something to post here. Don’t worry! I’m NOT about to just abandon this story!


By the way, that Draconic word I put down in a comment that would lead you to what this one was about… "Sperita" means "Species". You were thinking about death and everything, but you forgot about the Meriva Dragons! So yeah, just had to clear up that clue for ya. Open-mouthed


See you laterz!

2 thoughts on “Dragon Tail – Chapter 28!

  1. HI CARL, How are you? Even though I’m talkng to you at the same time as writing this comment
    WOW that was an AWESOME chapter, I think it was your best so far, seriously. I LOVED the contrast between the different emotions in each part of the story. Like in the first part it had anger and sadnes, which really contrasted well and in the second part there was sadness then anger. I could really feel the emotions as well because of the descriptions and that doesn’t happen often in any book so WELL DONE!! I loved the description of Dimari too and the way he is developing and is portrayed. He and Whirlwind are so similar in what they’ve been through, it’s so interesting to read how their relationship is developing! And I cant’ wait till the next chapter to find out! Seriously WHAT IS UP WITH DRACOSKAAR though?? He’s so angry!!!!!!! Is he gonna turn out to be evil or something??? Or am I overreacting?? But he was so angry in this chapter and you captured that and Whrilwind’s anger really well! Which added to the intensity of the second part of the chapter! So well done! Questions to think about after this chapter include;
    1) Is DracoSkaar gonna turn out to be evil?
    2) What does he have against Meriva Dragons and Dark Dragons?
    3) What does Emerald have against Meriva Dragons?
    4) How will the others react to Dimari?
    Love the name Dimari by the way and I love what it means! I also like the Devil’s spawn phrase too! And I love the way we saw the different side to Whirlwind, like the wiser and more protective side if that make sense!
    I have to go so I’ll see ya soon
    Love Em xxxx -hugs-

  2. DUDE!
    I’m glad you liked this one, I REALLY tried to get deep into Whirlwind and Dimari’s feelings, and that’s why I liked this one myself. 😀 And Dimari kicks ass! In more than one way!
    DracoSkaar… well now! You’ll just have to find out if he is evil, huh? 😀 Answers 1 and 2 will be revealed towards the end, I can tell you that, and answers 3 and 4 will be revealed very soon…
    I’m glad you liked that name, it was a true gem of a name I found while doing my old Draconic technique. I was really proud of Sintarka, too. Sometimes with that weird technique, some really cool names just jump out at you!
    And that phrase "Am I really a dragon, or am I the Devil’s spawn?" I really liked that, too. I loved "Follow me, soul. Let us share our tales." too, that really struck me when I re-read it. It’s just the way that Dimari says things, it shows you a lot of his personality just by the way he speaks! When I read those lines, I think of him as a mysterious and dark dragon, yet he is a noble, powerful warrior.
    Earkay, again, I’m glad you liked it! I’m not sure when I’ll have the next one, but it’ll be here when I have it done! 😀
    Bye now!

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