Okay, I never expected THIS to happen…

Right, so I’m on Steam, just on the home page thing. I look to the right and see "EVE Online puts the MMO in Steam". Which is a pretty stupid title for an article, because Steam doesn’t have "MMO" in it! Retards.
Anyway, I clicked it, and they’re making this MMORPG "EVE Online" available on Steam in the near future, and yet again, the trailer doesn’t show ANY gameplay, pretty standard of an MMO. All it shows you are the pwetty graphics, but graphics alone doesn’t make you want to pay £10 a month to play the game!
Looked on their website, and they actually have a 14-day free trial, which is good! Cuz I was intrigued, it’s a space flight RPG, so you fly around, blowing the crap out of everyone, doing missions, mining stuff and making them into other things which you then sell to upgrade your equipment so you can go into the more dangerous areas, and eventually getting the best ship that has 4 million shield, 6 million armour and 5 million structure, making a total of 15 million HP. Open-mouthed
Finished the download yesterday and started playing, got annoyed that it had a retarded control system of MOUSE CLICKS to fly your aircraft when you could have EASILY put in support for a flightstick or gamepad so you could fly around freely and be able to fly behind enemies tactically so you can pick them off one at a time instead of having to completely get out of the area if you want to move, cuz the only movement options are "approach target" or "warp to". So you can either approach an enemy or completely warp out of the area to retreat, not fly around to a good tactical position so you can attack them.
Then I started to ignore this, cuz I kinda got used to it. I got annoyed that you click on an enemy to target, right click, target them, wait for lock on, then start firing and WATCH, but I realised that it’s sort of IMPOSSIBLE to shoot an enemy from 8000m away using a crosshair, cuz the optimal range for a railgun that I bought was about 8000m. And I then started to realise that it’s not random number galore – the damage DOES have a randomiser in it, but for the most part it depends on your equipment and optimal range – for example: if you have a railgun that has a damage multiplier of 2.5x, and you have ammo that does 6 damage to shields and 8 to armour and structure, then you do 15 damage to shields and 20 to structure, then the damage is multiplied depending on how well you hit them, and your chance to hit is how close you are to your optimal range – if your optimal range is 8000m and you are at 8000m, you hit a lot more than if you were at 1000m, say. So it does have some sort of skill involved, you’ve gotta remember when to attack, what range to be at and what weapon to use when!
Unlike WoW, where the chances to hit depend completely on a randomiser and damage is stupidly randomised – once did 13 damage to an enemy then it dropped to 2 for no reason in the world, when my weapon was about 10-20 damage. And the enemy had 3 armour, so it was 7-17 on that enemy. No skill at all, just luck.
Anyway, back to EVE!
The gameplay is better than I thought it would be, to be honest! The battles are good, the mining… is average, but it’s nice when you see how much you can sell stuff for and what kinds of cool stuff you can build with it, getting to another station doesn’t take too long, unless you’re in another solar system, then it’s SO BORING to wait for your ship to get to where you want to go. My ship got destroyed because my agent gave me a mission that was WAY too hard for me and it doesn’t say how hard the mission is, or give you a recommended time to do it. It just says "go do it". Which is extremely annoying when the first mission was as easy as piss, and then the next one warps you to an area with 10 ships that have EXTREMELY powerful weapons that you can’t even afford yet. And then when I was in my escape pod, it took FIFTEEN MINUTES to get back to the station with my other ship in it! SIX JUMPS AWAY! While ALL the time being vulnerable to being pod-killed! Well, okay, the security rating for all the systems I went through was better than 0.7, so that was okay. Anyone trying to attack me would have been DESTROYED by the Concord police force. Open-mouthed
It’s STUPIDLY complicated at first, and really REALLY big – the tutorial tells you to zoom out to the Star Map, and I nearly died when I saw the universe size. Not like size actually MEANS anything, just as long as it’s big enough for about 50,000 people at a time. But amazingly, I actually thing it’s ABOVE AVERAGE! And I HATE MMORPG’s! The only thing I DON’T like is the community, everyone in the local channel is quiet and everyone in rookie help is a dick, laughing at people if they make a SPELLING MISTAKE or something along those lines! Some even give false help to newbies, saying that is IS legal to buy in-game money and to sell characters when it isn’t.
I’m gonna get Ped to give it a try if he hasn’t already. Just so it gives us something else to do while Ped gets his Xbox 360 fixed. He probably won’t like it, as he likes every MMO that I don’t for some reason. I’m just grateful that he’s not a WoW nerd and goes on it 24/7 like loads of people who are just sad and stupid in the head.
Anyhoo, this could be an MMO that I actually LIKE for once, but we’ll see if I get bored of it. It’s because of EVE that I don’t have Dragon Tail today. Yes, I know, I’m sorry! I’ll have it tomorrow, I promise! Open-mouthed
See ya then!
(EDIT: Ah, wait a sec, the graphics in this game are pretty good. I can squeeze 40FPS out of it when I’ve got High Dynamic Range on. So Ped might have a little bit of a problem running this, as, you know, he can’t even run Age Of Empires 3 on maximum graphics. And that’s not a hard game to run on maximum graphics. Open-mouthed For me, anyway.)

2 thoughts on “Okay, I never expected THIS to happen…

  1. Heya, how are you? Even though I’m speaking to you at the same time as posting this comment1
    EVE sounds really cool, just the idea of flying through a virtual universe and doing missions sounds cool too! But it does seen exoensive but I suppose it’s worth it if you like that kinda thing. And if the graphics are good then it is defintely worth it. A good game has got to have good graphics. What’s the sound like? Any good? I would get it because it does sound awesome, but I dunno if our computer could support it or our internet could support it at the moment and I don’t think my mum will let me pay for it! 😦 But anyway, I’ll let you know if I do get it!
    OK, next blog entry…
    See ya in a min
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. Speck!
    It is quite cool! I think it’s pretty expensive, too, but we’re just on a 14 day trial to get to grips with it before we decide whether we wanna pay to play it. I don’t think graphics are everything on a game, I think the gameplay is just as important, but good thing that In think THAT’S good, too! Sound is really cool, the music is nice – a 52 track soundtrack which… all sounds nearly the same, apart from the odd pad or sequencer being changed. The most annoying thing is the tutorial woman’s voice. After you’re through that, you have to hear her say "Warp drive active" and "Autopilot jumping" and other stuff, but that’s okay. Just her voice constantly in my ear irritates me.
    PED’S LAPTOP can run this game, and that’s not exactly an insanely advanced laptop. Just as long as your PC isn’t a 1993 Olivetti (like mine upstairs) then you should be fine! 😀
    Speckeroonie! Onto teh next comment!

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