Speckeriffic Doverey goodness!

Yes, "Doverey goodness"!
I was just going through some of the old videos I ripped from my camera for GH3, and I came across this really good one, Cliffs of Dover! Great song, AND there’s a really cool streakeriffic intro by me! I think I’ve got another video where we switched around and I played bass and he played lead…
Yoohoo, Cliffs Of Dover reversed…? Where arre youuu?
Okay, well, I can’t find that one, but I’ve got this one of Welcome To The Jungle where we did that! Yeah, I’ll stick that on because it’s just a great song. Open-mouthed
Wootah! They’re done! Here you go!
Bass is really too easy. Open-mouthed
Earspeck! And there’s an entry below on Dragon Tail that no-one’s looked at, if you haven’t already noticed. Open-mouthed That’s a good one.
Eekay! Bye!

3 thoughts on “Speckeriffic Doverey goodness!

  1. Speck!
    Ohh, I make it LOOK easy, but bloo-dy hell! You should have seen me AFTER I finished! I was completely tired out! And just to sum up the WHOLE intro in my notation (Notes in brackets are all hammer-ons and pull-offs, advanced techniques that you might not have done yet, notes that aren’t in brackets you have to strum, and notes with a comma after them are long notes) it goes… *ahem*…
    Bloody hell, that looks more confusing than the song itself!
    And Welcome To The Jungle is GREAT! It’s a bit too easy on bass, though. For me, that is. Apart from the Rhythm Strum technique that was in the breakdown. Oh my God, you should see the HYPER STRUM technique! It’s just INSANE! Yes, I call all the things in the game something because I can and I’m just sad, so elm to you. 😀
    Speck! I see you later! Bye!

  2. Hey how are you??
    Lol sorry just had to say that!
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

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