Sorry dudes, just a bit excit… YEAAHHH AHAHAHAHAHAAA!! …ed.
Okay, I’ll tell you! Firstly, I installed Office 2007, and it’s SO BLINDINGLY CONFUSING AT FIRST SIGHT! It’s good, though, still don’t understand why you need to put so many features on a WORD PROCESSOR, but there you go! But there’s this little word counter in the bottom left…
And when I loaded up Dragon Tail, that number was… 60,023! WHOOOHAAA! Dragon Tail’s now a NOVEL! WHOOHOO!
Yes, I know I’m getting so over-excited about my Novelette becoming a Novel. It’s just that I haven’t really written 60,000 words on ONE THING before! And NOW it’s actually classed as a full story, because it’s a novel and nearly every professional author writes novels! Not saying that I’m a pro or anything, I’m just saying I’ve written something that’s AS LONG as the pros!
Try and not make me go overboard. Don’t let me write an Epic! That’s 200,000 words long! Hmm… tempting… NO! NO NO NO!
Anyhoo, after that piece of excitement that was just ridiculously over the top, what else was I gonna say…
Oh yeah, I completed Bioshock. After… about a day. Started playing it on the 27th, and I finished yesterday. No, I wasn’t playing it non-stop! And no, it wasn’t on EASY! It was on Medium! It was good, good story, REALLY good twist at the end that I actually didn’t see coming (and believe me, I ALWAYS know when something’s coming in a story) and graphics were great! Sometimes it was just annoying, though. And the end was a bit sudden, it just threw you back to the main menu really quick, no credits or anything.
What else… yeah, AOL hates YouTube. It’s just crap, it loads 3 seconds in about five minutes or something! AND they said that they were upgrading their network! Maybe their definition of an upgrade is "Make everything go slower and crash more often".
Ummm… oh yeah, I fixed the We Three Kings video, I just named it wrong like a fool.
I’m gonna have the next chapter of Dragon Tail up here today, I just need to go over some last bits in it.
Earspeck, I think that’s it! Byee!


  1. Hey Carl, how are you??
    1) Here’s some numberific goodness for you!!!
    2) NO DON’T KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3) Firstly, no wait this is number three, but it’s the first actual thing I have to say :S NOW I’M CONFUZZLED!!! Anyway, if you haven’t already, check my last two comments on the entry with chapter 22 of Dragon Tail in it.
    5) Sorry just a tad over-excited there! 🙂
    6) CONGRATULATIONS on your Novelette becoming a Novel! 60,023 words, WOW that’s IMPRESSIVE!!!
    7) Next step is to write an EPIC!! Lol, you should try and write an Epic! Because it just sounds good when you say it, "Hey, I wrote an Epic!" But what happens when your story is bigger than Epic size??? Does it go to SUPER-EPIC?????
    8) Well done on completing Bioshock in a day, that’s impressive I could never do that!
    9) I like your definition of AOL’s upgrade, it seems very true too!
    10) Lol, you usually name the videos wrong! 🙂
    11) COME ON LOAD YOU STUPID THING!!!! (Sorry my computer’s taking a long time to load this, but it is working)
    12) YAY FINALLY!!!!!
    13) Watching the video for 4 minutes and 19 seconds 🙂
    15) Steve Ouimette is A GENIUS!!!! HE IS A LEGEND!!!!!!!! Just WOW!!!
    16) Hang on his second name spells out "Oui" and if you added an "r" to "mette" it would be "mettre" which are both FRENCH!!!!!! Oh my God, FRENCH IS HAUNTING ME, FRENCH IS GOING TO GET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T LET FRENCHIE GET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    17) Can’t wait for the next chapter! 😀
    18) OK, onto actually reading the chapter
    19) See you when I comment on the chapter Carl!
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. 1) Yay!
    2) Meh?
    3) Yes, I will do after I’m done writing this one! 😀
    4) Speck! 😀 😀 😀
    5) Speck!
    6) ‘Tis! You should have been there when I typed the 60,000th word. 😀
    7) Oh, christ… well… it MIGHT get there! Next millenium… I think it ends at Epic, but if I get half a million words I’ll just call it a SUPER-EPIC just because I can. 😀 But unfortunately, by that time I will be DEAD, so… 😀
    8) It was actually quite stupidly averagely medium! It was dumb because you could just keep dying and respawning at a Vita-Chamber which was sometimes about 30cm away from the Big Daddy you were attacking, so you could just keep spawning, damaging it a bit, dying, respawning… etc etc until you destroyed it and got the Little Sister. The worst part was the ammo… it just wouldn’t stop running out! Until you get the crossbow and incendiary bolts. Then it’s all good. 😀 Need to do Hard mode now. 😀
    9) It is as well! Internet speed is actually DOWN now, and it kicks me off at least TWICE as often as it used to! Plus, it seems like it can’t be arsed running Xbox Live now, either, it takes about a minute to load the Xbox Live menu, and it doesn’t send messages about 80% of the time! I had to resend the same message to Andy about TEN TIMES before it went through! And I daren’t go online gaming until it fixes, I HATE leaving games early. Especially when they give me bad rep when it wasn’t my fault. Even though I have 100% rep. 😀
    10) Yep, I do! I swear the computer does sometimes, though.
    11) That’s a big one, it would take a little while.
    12) Speck!
    13) Speck!
    14) That was a BRILLIANT SONG, and an AVERAGE performance! Well, it was okay, considering this was our first time. 😀
    15) Yes he is! Now all he needs to do is rock remix a few other bible songs. Then I would like to give him some money. 😀 Not much, mind you.
    17) Speck!
    18) SPECK!
    19) SPECK!!!

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