Commenty goodness!

Okay, I have a lot to say in reply to a lot of nice comments Open-mouthed and a VIDEO OF DEATH to put here, so I’m just gonna make this new blog post.
About the streak, I think our streak ended when a pull-off got me. Something like that. And yeah, that was gay when it kept saying four stars for about 300,000 points! Maybe the stars are just how each of us did, because it kept spazzing out by saying you got five and I got four, and then you got four and I got five.
You should sign up for that tournament on! It’s just where you have to play certain songs in face-off and pro face-off against random opponents within 24 hours. It closes at midnight, though, so if you wanna give it a shot, you’ve gotta be quick and read this comment! YOU WIN A T-SHIRT IF YOU WIN!! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthed!!! I’ve signed up on Hard, so if you DO enter, then we might not see each other.
Oh, ya, and I saw Roy on Hard today. Open-mouthed Didn’t play him though, I was busy 5-starring every song up to Tier 4 or 5 on Expert. Open-mouthedOpen-mouthed And I was playing against other people on Pro Face-Off, lost one, really close, fun match, nice to play against someone of about my skill level, and then I won one by a MILE. I only, well… DOUBLED his/her score! (They didn’t have a mic.) And no, I didn’t get four points, I got 180,000! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthed
Oh, and a question about the lefty flip! What happens if you lefty flip someone twice in a row? Does it just go back to right handed? Haha, just wondering. Open-mouthed
And EVERYONE will get to Hard at SOME POINT! Next door Harry will be there in five years, next door Tom will be there next millenium, Ped’ll be there in about three years, maybe two years if he’s lucky. You, Si, shouldn’t take too long, it’s just that bitchin’ orange key that you have to really get used to. And then there’s the REALLY tough pull-off techniques, like full sweeps (5,4,3,2,1,2,3,4,5 with one strum) and zig-zags (2,3,4,3,2,3,4,3,2,3,4,3,2 etc…) and no-strum solos (I have me doing one!) I dunno about Em, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw her soar up to Expert in about three months. 😀
Before I show you the video, as I’m waiting for it to upload, I’ve got a tip for you, Si! That’s unless you haven’t already done it – the Whammy Mania achievement! Using the whammy on every single held note is IMPOSSIBLE, well, at least on Medium it is, I wasn’t gonna touch Easy. Anyway, to get the achievement, just get some sellotape, and TAPE THE WHAMMY BAR DOWN! Ha ha, it was INGENIOUS! Just as long as you hit all the held notes, doesn’t matter how long for, then you’ll get the achievement when you finish the song. And that’s 15G in the bag!
Oh, and I have an idea on how to get The Inhuman Achievement (That’s its real name!) and the star power one. You play Through the Fire and Flames on Easy/Medium/whatever floats your boat, except for Expert, and then I play on Expert! I reckon that the rock meter will act like it’s on the lower difficulty level! And the achievements don’t say you have to do it SOLO to get them! Complete it using Star Power three times and then I’d get the achievements, and then we could swap over and do it again! That’s probably how everyone’s got it.
Woot! It’s done! Only a short one, the last 200 notes of the longest streak I’ve ever pulled off. Looks quite cool, too! I wish I had recorded the whole song, but I didn’t really EXPECT a 746 combo. If there was an achievement for 750, I would have thrown my Xbox out of the window! Luckily, the next one was at 1000, so I let it off. Open-mouthed The reason why I’m on Hard instead of Expert is because I like the solo, and I’m not that great on Expert at this song anyway, so ha. Tongue out
Okay, as this is quite a short one, I can ease up on the compression. So, you can either have the 4MB Low Quality version, or the 7.5MB High Quality, which is double resolution and you can see my note counter have a spaz attack. (Remember, my file share host is CRAP sometimes!) – Solo Insanity! (H) (HQ).wmv <<< (7.5MB, 640×480, better quality, watch my note counter spaz out.) – Solo Insanity! (H) (LQ).wmv <<< (4MB, 320×240, lower quality, everything but note counter watchable.)
Okay, I’d better be off! Bye!
(PS: YES YES YES! Okay! I know! I said I’d post Dragon Worlds later, and now is later, and I DON’T HAVE IT HERE! Tomorrow, I promise, really. It’ll be up. Don’t pee yourself.) 

5 thoughts on “Commenty goodness!

  1. Hey Carl!!!!! 🙂
    Oh I’m HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!! I FINISHED MY FRENCHIE HALF AN HOUR AGO!!!!!!!! Instead of like 10 o’clock 😀 bit of a difference, eh? lol
    That video was awesome, I used the high quality one and it was AWESOME!!! 😀
    Ped’ll get to Hard soon, he perfected almost EVERY song on Easy on Saturday when he was playing solo and then he perfected it on co-op with Roy. But he hasn’t played on it for a while cu he’s been busy playing on Tabula Rasa with Neb and Rich (he told me about it in IT and that was about all we did, well he stole my watch for like half an hour, but we didn’t do much work!)
    I won’t get to Expert in like 3 months, I’d love to be able to so it’d be ACE if I could. AND if I could complete Through Fire and Flames on Expert that’d be even better (but I think that’s impossible.) Oh yeah, that was funny, me and Ped and Si worked out that you need AT LEAST 7 people to play Through Fire and Flames on Expert because you need 1 person for each of the threats, one person to strum and one person for the whammy bar 😀 Do you agree??
    If you lefty-flip someone twice in a row, it should logically go back to normal yeah, but I don’t like logic! 😀
    And I STILL haven’t got Dragon Worlds back off Ant (I think he likes it so much he’s stolen it) so I can’t show it to anyone else. I’ll keep nagging and ZOPPING him though 😀
    OK I’m gonna update my blog now, so I’ll see you soon 😀
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. Oh yeah and the little orange star never came up to tell me you’d updated your space 😦 Stupid star

  3. The orange star is GAY!
    Glad you liked it. 😀 And about Ped getting to Hard soon, MAYBE, but perfecting every song on EASY?! That’s just REALLY EASY! Well, to me it is, anyway.
    (By the way, only 10% of people play on Easy, 30% Medium, 40% Hard and 20% Expert, it was on a poll on :D)
    Oh, and there’s a drastic change from Medium to Hard, I’ll get a video to show you what I mean!
    Tabula Rasa sounds good, as it’s a MMORPG that actually needs some skill by AIMING and not just the ability to click on something weaker than you and watch numbers and words float over people’s heads, while sometimes clicking some other buttons just to add one to a number every time you reach another number in your EXP bar. The only problem with MMORPGS is that they ALL cost SOMETHING every month, usually in the range of £7 to £11, which is just stupid. Tabula Rasa’s about £20 to buy, and then I think you get a month free, and then it costs £8 a month! So in your first year, you’ve blown £108 just to play a GAME! At least with Xbox Live you get to play MANY games, EVERY GAME on Xbox 360 for £40 a year, and you can play those games offline too! AND they have more skill involved.
    I worked it out, as well, for World Of Warcraft, anyway. Last time I checked, there were about 8,000,000 players, and that was a while ago, so now I reckon they have about 10,000,000. It’s £8 a month, so that’s a turnover of £80 MILLION a month! Minus server costs and upgrades and salary and stuff, I’d reckon they were at about £65 million.
    In a year, they’ve turned over £780 MILLION?! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO WITH 780 MILLION POUNDS?!
    And yes, I agree with the 7 person TTFAF theory! But, you could do it with 6, just don’t use the whammy bar! I could do it with TWO people on the same guitar, I just need someone to hold down the green fret button for me during the first part! Everything else I could probably do alone! Well… maybe not.
    HELL NO! A PIECE OF SELLOTAPE! GENIUS! *runs upstairs*
    (PS: It’s a fret, dude. Not threat. :D)

  4. Arse. The sellotape plan didn’t work for some impossible reason. Apparently I was missing notes that I was blatantly hitting!
    And I lost my green fret sticker. Now my frets look retarded.
    And now my sister’s in bed, so I’ll have to make that video later on. Bye!

  5. Lol same difference! Fret/threat, same thing really just two letters difference 🙂 😛 Maybe I got it wrong because I was so zoned out after having finished Frenchie EARLY! Yeah that’s it lol! 😀
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

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