Just a few thingies, as I haven’t blogged in a while.

Earspeck to you, user-type-reading user of userness!
Right, now first, I’ve been doing quite a bit of Dragon Worlds, I’m going over some more chapters to see how I could improve them. The next one or two’ll be up soon,  either next week or when I get Ant’s comments back. I saw him on MSN (quite a lot, strangely) and I was gonna log on to see if he had any comments so far, but I was busy doing my VITA-DESKTOP!
Oh yes, the VITA-DESKTOP! It’s literally MY DESKTOP, only 1/4 of the size! Yeah! It’s got one game on it so far, the "ULTIMATE LAME SHIP GAME!" That’s gonna be pretty cool. Especially the scores you can get on it, the score cap is at 999 trillion points! It also lets you download files from my webserver.
I was GONNA put it so that you can play it directly on the website, but NO! The Vitalize plugin doesn’t support Multimedia Fusion 2 yet! Even though MMF2’s been out for over a year. Oh, and there hasn’t been another extension created for it in months, so its power is kinda stuck, especially as now I’ve figured out that they haven’t even let MMF2 use your hardware graphics card yet, which is extremely DUMB. It can’t even pull off a basic particle system without slowdown! So until that happens, there’ll be NO cool effects in my games. Which sucks. Well… I can pull off a basic motion trail without it crashing, that’s it.
So, you’ll have to download the VITA-DESKTOP off my site when it’s up, and give it a try. Open-mouthed
Oh, and by the way.
You need…
Waffles. Lots of waffles.
*energetic drum loop*
*drum loop stops*
And chips.
And beer!
Brilliant vid. Open-mouthed
And now I go to do VITA-DESKTOPPY DOOM. Bye!

3 thoughts on “Just a few thingies, as I haven’t blogged in a while.

  1. Hey Carl how are you?
    That video was so cool!!!!!! I loved the flying apple at the beginning and the delay in time and everything. Oh yeah and Waffley goodness!!! 😀
    Anyway, got the comments off Ant about Dragon Worlds. I agree with some of them but not others!
    Ant says that he thinks your story is really really great and that he likes the action and stuff and that the plot is really good (I agree with this)
    Ant also said that he thinks that there’s too much going on in your story and that your story needs more padding-like description and stuff rather than so much action, but he thought it was really good!
    The thing Ant said about your story needing more description I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS, I think you have enough description in there and the description is BRILLIANT so we can all envisage (posh word) the characters (well I can anyway.) You already know I think you have enough description and character development in there, but for some reason Ant doesn’t agree. 😦
    So there are Ant’s comments and I’ll see if Ped wants to read it next if that’s OK with you, let me know before I give it to him 🙂
    I have History homework to do, 😦 so I’d better go 😦 but I’ll see you soon 🙂
    Love Em xxx -hugs-
    PS Waffleyspeck!!! 😛 (new word inspired by that video)
    PPS 2 days till GH3 (not that I’m counting or anything) 😛 🙂

    😀 That’s good that he liked it! More description, eh… I might be able to do that. There IS a lot to take in at certain points, that’s true, and maybe it does need a little more description, I mean, there’s a hell of a lot going on in the first… bloody hell… 11, 12… yeah, 12 chapters in a row have something important, extreme, or action-based happening in them! I’ll list them, if you really want:
    1: Whirlwind gets attacked by an unnamed Fire Dragon
    2: Whirlwind discovers a part of his missing past
    3: Whirlwind meets Ice
    4: Ice betrays Whirlwind for reasons only known by MOI at the minute, and Whirlwind nearly freezes to death
    5: Whirlwind is attacked while he is frozen, a Great Dragon, Thunder, rescues him
    6: Whirlwind and Thunder discover the humans with strange weapons, attacking a Wyrm
    7: Whirlwind and Thunder get attacked by the Lord’s guards after they show the weapon
    8: Byvindak is attacked by humans, Whirlwind attacks and then meets Ifri
    9: The "Undercover Dragons" scene, you’ll know if you read it.
    10: Fight between Whirlwind and Ice
    11: Whirlwind helps the Sarlak, Drassa, and discovers how the "Vampire" works
    12: Whirlwind, Thunder and Ifri are all attacked by the Lord
    And then in 13, Whirlwind recovers. I wouldn’t say that the invincible dragon stuff is important, as you find out WHY the murderer is invincible later on. And WHO he is, most importantly.
    So, I agree with the extreme action stuff. I’ll probably agree with the not much description part, too, as there can’t really be a lot of description when the chapter’s fast paced. If he’s talking about the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (god forbid) then I dunno where his head was when reading it. I think that’s probably my strong point, along with action. I hope, anyway.
    After I’m done with the whole story I’m gonna be going through it all a few times, to see if I can add any more description and other stuff. But tell him thank you for teh feedback! (Yes, TEH feedback.) And thank you, Em, for the giving-it-to-people-so-they-can-give-feedback thing! 😀
    Oh, and go ahead and show it to Ped if ya like, I don’t mind who you show it to (as long as it’s not a teacher or a chav), but for some reason, I don’t think he’ll take it seriously. I don’t reckon it’s his style. Then again… I didn’t reckon it was YOUR style at first, for some reason, but there you go, I was wrong! 😀
    Beerspeck! XD WOOT! Bye!

  3. Beerspeck LOVING IT!!!!!
    And now I’m off to read your other blog 🙂
    See you in a sec! 😀
    Love Em xxx -hugs-
    Oh yeah Appleyspeck 😀 (inspired by video) 😀

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