HAHA! Hey, everyone that didn’t pre-order GH3… YOU FAIL!

I say you fail because I just got an e-mail from GAME, with the subject "Important information about your pre-order." So, I said, "Crap, it’s gonna be delayed, isn’t it?" and opened it. Here’s the e-mail:

Dear Mr Holmes

Thank you for the following order placed with GAME.

Order number(s):

You may have noticed that the price of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock with Les Paul Guitar Controller on the GAME site has gone up to 74.99 GBP

Please do not worry, your credit / debit card will be charged with the lower amount as originally agreed when you placed the order. This is merely one of the benefits of the GAME 1st To Play Preorder Service!


Don’t forget that by using a Reward Card when placing a software Preorder you will receive Double Points!

You can sign up for a Reward Card by clicking on the link below:


Order Tracking: Click on the following link to track your order online, or go to "Order Tracking" on the site:



Contact Us:
Telephone: +44 (0)870 750 2743 (National Rate for UK callers)
Hours of operation: Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm.


Thank you for using the GAME 1st To Play Preorder service!


So, everyone that has pre-ordered it before yesterday would have got the game for £60. NOW, it’s £75, but I pay £60 because I pre-ordered it early! HAHAHAAA! AND I get double points, and that’s 5% of the price of the game when it comes out!
I’m glad that I did that now, I was gonna wait ’till it came out and then buy it! But THEN, I would have been charged £15 more! So, I have an extra £15 towards some other game, like Ace Combat 6 or something! Ha HA.
(Sorry to brag, but I have the RIGHT to now. Tongue out)

4 thoughts on “HAHA! Hey, everyone that didn’t pre-order GH3… YOU FAIL!

  1. Hey Carl, how are you?
    You’re so lucky!!! My mum’s not happy cuz she has to now pay £75 for GH3 when she gets it me for Christmas. But I did tell her to pre-order it but she didn’t listen, so it’s her own fault! But I don’t have to pay anything for it so I’m happy about that BUT I have to wait till Christmas which is a big disadvantage.
    Sorry I never commented yesterday, I had a ton of French to do (literally) I seriously started work at 4, stopped for 15 minutes at 6 to have some food then worked till 7:45, then I had to go for physion so I didn’t start again until 9:30 and I didn’t finish till 11. Seriously that’s a silly amount of work and I couldn’t finish any earlier cuz I have to go for physio cuz that’s important.
    BUT on the happy side I HAVE NO HOMEWORK TONIGHT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Oh my God I think I’ve entered an alternate universe or something!
    How’s college going by the way??
    OK I’m gonna go enjoy my FREE TIME now WOOOO so I’ll see you soon when I have more FREE TIME WOOO
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. Yay! Awesomeness. 😀 Thank youuu!
    And you have NO HOMEWORK?! WHAT?! That’s like, the first time in… how long, a year?! Oh my god, I would have shot all the frenchie teachers by now. KILL… ALL… HOMEWORK…!
    College is eekay, still been doing 3DS Max, which is now extremely easy for me! To make this plane, we had to insert a primitive box and then convert it to an editable mesh, and then we had to extrude some of the faces and modify the vertices to make the front bevel like an aircraft, and then we had to extrude the wings and the tail, and the we had to modify the editable mesh by moving some of the vertices and faces, and then we had to extrude and alternate the bevel in the engines, you had to do four of them, and then finally you had to add a modifier called MeshSmooth to the modifier stack, and then you had to up the iterations to two, and then quick render it and texture it however you wanted.
    Confuzled? We have to make a CASTLE next. We also made an island, which was relatively easy, just the terrain modifier was being a retard and wouldn’t let me have a branching island because the contours of my splines were off a little bit. I pulled it off though.
    Still confuzled? Don’t worry. 😀 I was gonna put a video of the island here, but the omni light was being a tit and not LIGHTING anything. So you can’t really see the island very well.
    But oh well! I’m getting 3DS Max in a few days, so I’ll improve it then. 😀
    Earspeck, bye bye!

  3. Hey Carl, how are you??
    Yes I am cofuzzled but oh well I don’t mind 😀
    I have homework today, I have to finish a history essay, but I’ll do that in a minute. Oh my God, I saw Dale yesterday! It was so good to see him!! Did you know he’s doing Forensics now??
    Anyway I better go and finish my history 😦 but hopefully I’ll see you soon, cuz I haven’t see you in ages
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

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