Dragon Worlds – Chapter 14! (and 15!)

Oh joyous! It’s here! Chapter 14! (I was gonna put the 15th one in, too, until I saw the length of 14. I was writing all the semi-rant and then I looked at Chapter 14 and thought "I’d better not put ’em both here yet.")
But first, a little reply to a message Em sent me over EHM ESH EHN.
WHAT IN HOLY CRAP’S NAME WAS THAT?! That was just the single most stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on any kind of Guitar Hero in my life! That’s like, the Jordan of Guitar Hero 3!
But, I have some little things that I know about.
First, I know Dragonforce. Please tell me that’s Dragonforce, right? Otherwise I’m gonna look like some sort of stupid tit. Oh, wait, yup, that’s them, I’m okay. I know Dragonforce use computers to speed up their guitars, drums, and bass and whatever they have, just like nearly every single band today does to some extent, and THEN they probably sing the lyrics over that. SO how in the name of all things holy can a HUMAN possibly play THAT SONG?! I can’t even strum that fast when I’m messing around in the menus!
Second, Guitar Hero only just came out in America TODAY. So how can ANY LIVING PERSON possibly be able to play it to near-perfection on the FIRST DAY?! Either that’s just sad, or they’re cheating. I think that they’ve hooked it up to a computer and the computer’s playing it for them, or they are actually playing it on a computer with some sort of trainer in the background. Sorry, but I just don’t believe that two people have actually played that like that. Unless the new Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs are about a hundred million times easier, or that you can play one note constantly until you release the fret button by pressing some sort of new button on the controller. I won’t know until I get the game in about 27 days! WEWT!
(By the way: There’s a cheat menu in options, apparently. There’s a cheat code that either A: Lets you just strum to play ANY note, or B: Let’s you just use the fret buttons to play the notes, not the strum bar.)
Oh-ho-ho! By the way, IGN said, "If you can beat Dragonforce’s Through Fire and Flames on expert than you have our utmost respect." So even THEY haven’t done it, and THEY’RE PROFESSIONALS! They get PAID to do it! Plus, the trainers for the PC version are probably already out. You know, trainers? Those bits of software that run in the background and hack the game so it does what you want it to do? Hell, there’s one for Red Alert that gives you UNLIMITED NUKES! And 10,000 credits if you hit the F1 key!
Ya, so I won’t believe that until I do it myself. Or until I see Matt or Si or whoever else is gonna play the game at a difficulty higher than Medium do it. I won’t trust some randoms over the internet doing it, though. Have you seen the PGR3 high scores on the Cone Challenges? There’s one that’s about fifteen million kudos! And when you look at the replay, all he does is skid round the first corner, and gets FIFTEEN MILLION KUDOS FOR IT! WHAT THE HELL?! Now, if you tell me that’s not possible for Guitar Hero, then I won’t believe you.
Oh, and one other thing, if you listen REALLY carefully to that video, then you’ll notice you don’t hear the clicking of any guitars, or the pressing of any keys on the keyboard. You can hear people in the background, so you SHOULD be able to hear guitars clicking! I mean, you could hear slight clicking of our guitars on You Really Got Me, and THAT was loud! Oh, and you can also hear the whammy bar going in our video!
But never mind. If and when I do complete it on Expert, then I’ll have the satisfaction of doing it PROPERLY with no cheats.
And here come all the Guitar Hero veterans about to blab their foul mouths off. I hate gamers like that. "Ehhh fuck u all you all fucking suck fucking donkey cock at guitar hero i can fucking play through the fucking fire and fucking flames with a fucking 6000 note combo without fucking losing so fuck you biattttttttttch"…
ANYHOO! Now that’s out of the way…
Right, I’m just gonna go through Dragon Worlds and get the chapters and recheck them and stuff… just a sec…
HOLY CRAP! Chapter 14’s INSANELY LONG! Lemme see… one, two… three… four… five! Five and a half pages! OF A4! Jeeesus Christ!
Okay, I’m just gonna put 14 down. Because 15’s about four pages long, too.
Oh, oh, wait…! I’ve just split the chapter in two! That’s cool! Okay, here you go, it IS 14 and 15, now!

(Removed, cuz of fear of plagiarism. Call me paranoid.)


Yeah, sorry about the "Green Beauty" vs "Black Beauty" pun. Even though it is true, Emerald’s green, Emerald’s beautiful… it works! Sort of…!
So, whaddya thing of thsoe two? Again, any comments, improvements to make, anything to take out? Any spelling mistakes, or grammar errors that Word wouldn’t have a spaz about, like saying that lightheaded should have a hyphen there, and then when I correct it it says it shouldn’t have a hyphen there? Has anyone else read it?
Okay, AOLs being a freak and is trying to freeze this webpage by disconnecting and reconnecting, so I’d better be going. Bye!

3 thoughts on “Dragon Worlds – Chapter 14! (and 15!)

  1. Hey Carl, how are you?
    I’m OK, too much Frenchie homework but other than that I’m OK! Glad you liked the video and now you come to mention it, I never heard clicking in the background either! Why did they put a cheat menu on it, that’s a silly idea, cuz everyone that isn’t a true GH fan is gonna cheat, but at least the true GH fans won’t. Yeah, I heard they said that, Si also said that the first person who can play the song on Expert and get a perfect, without cheating gets a few grand as prize money, imagine that! Don’t know if he was telling the truth though!
    No I haven’t seen the PGR 3 high scores, but 15 million kudos?!?!?!? That’s CRAZY!!!! Oh by the way, have you go PGR 4 yet let me know!! I can’t believe you get GH3 when it comes out, I have to wait till CHRISTMAS and that’s AGES away!!!!
    Chapter 14:
    I HATE THE HUMANS!!!!!!!!! THEY’RE CRUEL, VICIOUS AND SHOULD ALL GO TO HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it’s only a story, but I feel that strongly about what happened to that dragon. That was cruel! But GO WHIRLWIND he saved her!!!! AND he’s in love too, or at least attracted to her!!! 🙂 Aww that’s so sweet Carl, see you do have a sensitive side, and it’s about time Whirlwind got some happiness! It was really good to learn something more about the history between humans and dragons too, it gives the story some background and gives Thunder background too! I loved the description in the chapter too, I can really imagine the dragon and what’s going on at the moment and I think that makes a story (well for me anyway, cuz I can imagine the world and kind of be there, if that makes sense.)
    Chapter 15:
    WOW, I wanna know what Emerald wants!!! I’ll be curious now until I read when Whirlwind does go to her cave. SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!!! Is she evil? Does she have split personalities? Is she a spy? Is she working for Ice?? OMG I WANNA READ IT NOW!!!! I really like this chapter, I love how the others showed their loyalty to Whirlwind I thought that was so SWEET and I was really suprised with what happened with Emerald and it’s got me wanting to read more now!!!
    No improvements as usual but I think light-headed does have a hyphen in.
    Now onto school:
    As usual there is too much Frenchie homework and she had a go at us on Monday for something that wasn’t even our fault. We were asked by the other French teacher if there was anything we weren’t happy with, so we told her we weren’t happy with the amount of homework, and she PASSED THE MESSAGE ONTO MRS WILLIAMS!! (that’s incredibly bad,) who then had a go at us. Then she had a go at us for not completing our work when we couldn’t because there was a fire drill!!! I’m dropping French after AS anyway.
    Oh yeah, Cold Mountain by the way is now about a sexually frustrated man who is in love with this girl and is staying sexually frustrated until he sees her!!!! lol!!
    I have to go now, more homework 😦 See you soon, hopefully 🙂
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. Oh by the way, sorry about taking ages to comment, but the orange star wasn’t by your name, I only checked your space and saw a new entry by chance! The orange star wasn’t there!!!! 😦

  3. Earspeck!
    Great, glad you liked them! I was actually aiming to get chapter 15 just like that kinda super-cliffhanger style thing, I mean, she’s mysterious (at the minute) and she’s getting Whirlwind to meet her at her cave, away from Thunder and Ifri, (especially Thunder, who is so adamant about protecting him) at midnight, when all the N********* are out?! Damn, it’s made me want to WRITE more now! And I’m glad you think the humans are like that. 😀
    *cough* Thunder’s attracted to her too… *cough* (Warning, you’ve just read a possible spoiler! Sorry for not pointing that out to you earlier. :D)
    Oh, and the light-headed thingy, type "lightheaded" into Word with the grammar checker on. It’ll say that it needs a hyphen there, and then the grammar checker will just go ahead and contradict that, saying it doesn’t need a hyphen to emphasize the relationship, and then it all goes round in a vicious circle! WORD IS A DUMBASS!
    So that’s… die… or get a detention from Williams. That… is a tough choice.
    You made a GOOD CHOICE THOUGH! Dropping French is the greatest decision anyone can make!
    Um… run that Cold Mountain crap past me again? About a sexually frustrated man, who loves this girl… and won’t stop being sexually frustrated ’till he sees her? WHAT IS THAT?! Who wrote that book? Some sexually frustrated man? Why doesn’t he just go see her?! Is her house blocked by a COLD MOUNTAIN?! Is there this giant yeti called COLD MOUNTAIN that won’t let any sexually frustrated men cross his bridge of women?
    WHAT DOES SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED MEAN?! Is he mad that his dong isn’t long enough? Or are his girlfriend’s buns a bit too cold? Yeah, that’s it! The woman’s buns are so cold because she’s living on top of COLD MOUNTAIN!
    Is there anything about a cold mountain actually in the story? Did they meet on Everest or something, and he got so cold and got lost and got sexually frustrated while his girl built a house on top of Everest and now he can’t find her again?
    OH… MY… GOD… I just did about 30 words without a spelling mistake! WOOTAH!
    Anyhoo, I’m off to write my next blog entry! And it’s gonna be a good one. 😀
    As usual. :D:D

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