AAH! I nearly confused myself to high hell!

Alright, so I’m re-reading some of Em’s comments on Dragon Worlds, and then I ran into a HORRIBLE SITUATION! I thought it DIDN’T MAKE SENSE! This is what the problem is with my Advanced Improvisation V2.0, if one thing makes no sense, the whole thing collapses underneath you like a fat man sat on a wooden bridge!
So, I regrouped, and sat in front of this monitor (this very nice new 20" widescreen LCD monitor that’s brighter than my ROOM and probably bigger than my TV) for 20 minutes trying to pick up the pieces of my story. Eventually, I had actually un-confused myself, and now it goes like this:
X = Name
Thing = Other
X is underneath X in thing, and X is underneath X. X wants to thing thingies thing over the thing, and so tells X, who is X thing, to cause thing throughout the thingy things. X accepts, but thingy thingy thing X wants him to thingy thing. X, who is thingying things from X to thing things, doesn’t want to thing any more. He wants to thing X and X, so X tries to thing X, which thingies. X figures out that X tried to thingy X, so X thingies X’s thing, and things thing X, to make him thing in thing. X is thingy, and so thingy, that he things to X about X trying to thingy him. X then things to thing X, which is moderately thing, but overall, things. X doesn’t know that X is thingied to X, or is even thingied to X, and so didn’t know what he was doing, fully. X knows though, and soon enough things to thing X. X manages to thing, and seeks X to thing him the thing. While X is thing with X, X and X thingie without X, X thingies thing, while X continues to thing the thingies, without thingy thing…
…Oh my god. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore!
What’s that word that you use when a word loses it’s meaning? Oh my god, I’ve just read it to my sister, and now I’m sick of the words "X" and "thing"! AAAGH!
Read it aloud, you’ll get how I feel, dude. Open-mouthed
*bangs head on wall*

3 thoughts on “AAH! I nearly confused myself to high hell!

  1. Hey Carl, how are you??
    YOU CONFUSED ME COMPLETELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-banging head against computer table- Oww now my head hurts 😦 I read it aloud and it confuzzled me even more!
    What does this mean for Dragon Worlds then? Does it mean you’re writing the whole thing again or what??
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. No no no no no no no! I’m not writing it all over again, I’d rather die, thanks! That was about a quarter of the whole plot that I had to figure out. That was there from the start, but it’s just… extremely confusing if you’re making chapter, like, 30 and reading chapter 10 and updating chapter 15…
    So, ya, don’t worry, I won’t re-write it. 😀

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