Yes, England lost the rugby cup, whatever. But I don’t really care about that, even if they had won, so let’s move onto the more interesting news…

Guitar Hero 3 is out on the 23rd of November! (Americans get it in OCTOBER, those bitches. (no offence, dudes from US and A. Open-mouthed)) There’s a little timer on the page that’s counting down right now, really sad feature of mine! But oh well, I have a right to do that, I pre-ordered it! Yes, one month early! For a nice £40! That comes with a Gibson Les Paul Wireless Controller, too! Bargain!

Okay, I did cheat a little bit. I used the £30 of points on my reward card. I have no idea how I got them, but about £10 of them was someone else buying a PS3 and putting the points on my card, thank you my sister’s friend. Open-mouthed

So that should be landing on my doorstep in about 33 days! Anyone else out there getting it? Matt, don’t get it on PS2, get it on 360, if you have one, then we can have the Multiplayer Duel online! You know, the new one where you mess with your opponent’s guitar by breaking their strings, messing with their whammy bar, and making them play left handed (or right, if they’re already left)? Just get a 360. They’re only a modest £260 from GAME! That’s for the PREMIUM pack, though!

The problem is, I don’t know ANY songs on the set list, apart from "Welcome to the Jungle". Partly because I can’t REMEMBER anything on the set list (it’s massive!) and that most of the band names I’d never heard of…

But oh well! I checked out the trailer on the 360, and it looks frickin’ insane! Graphics look brilliant, the new environments are cool, and the amount of songs will keep anyone entertained for a long time! Plus, you can buy and download new song packs off Xbox Live Marketplace! That’s another reason to get it over the PS2 version. 😀 But, if you DO get it for PS2, you get the Kramer Guitar Controller, which looks cool, but has wires on it. And wires only have one advantage over the wireless 360 controller, the battery can’t run out during a song! That’ll really suck ass if it runs out halfway through an online duel.

But if you’re unfortunate enough to not own it when it’s released, then don’t worry! I’ll happily upload some videos of me playing it, with some taunting of everyone who didn’t get it. Open-mouthed

Earspeck, that’s all! Bye!

(EDIT: That crappy timer doesn’t work, it just resets to zero when you leave the page!)

Aha! That’s not all! I have set myself a challenge! I just watched me and Ped play You Really Got Me, and got a piddly 84,000 points between us. I have teh video, here you go: Guitar Heroes – You Really Got Me (X-M).wmv

Now, I reckon I can add about 20,000 points to that score, or at least exceed it, BY MYSELF! Yes, just me trying to beat the combined score of two people!

After about 10 attempts, one of them was a warm up, in four of them the phone rang halfway through the song, in one of them the controller stopped responding, in two of them I actually beat the target, and in one of them I got just 3,000 under the target. This is how I got on on the 10th attempt: Really Got Me – 1v2.wmv



Whoo hoo! 24,000 points ahead of TWO people doing the same song! OWNAGE!

Eekay, I’ma gonna go now. Bye!

3 thoughts on “Newsflash!

  1. Hey Carl, how are you?
    I liked the video it made me laugh, but my computer decided it wasn’t gonna play the second video 😦
    I can’t wait till GH3 comes out!!! 😀 I’m gonna get it on 360 cuz I keep nagging my mum but then Ped said why don’t I just buy one myself, so I’m gonna do that, but then I was talking to mum about it today and she said that there was no point before Christmas (WHAT WAS SHE THINKING THERE IS EVERY POINT???) But anyway then she said something about if her and dad were feeling generous then they might get me one for Christmas (YAY!!!) So I’ve already told her to buy the Premium 360 (thanks Ped for recommending that!)
    Oh yeah, what did you get in your college assignment, you know where you used Photoshop to design the cover of the game? Let me know!! 🙂
    I got to go now 😦 but I’ll see you soon 🙂
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

  2. Awwh, the second video was ownage! Ah, well.
    Wootah! Glad you’re gonna get one! And the choice of console is pretty easy, really, the Core pack gives you the console, wires, and NOTHING else, no controllers, no hard drive, nothing. The Premium gives you the console and wires, a controller and a hard drive, which is vital, otherwise there’s no point in the 360. The Elite pack is pointless, all it does is give you a BLACK console and wires, a black controller, and a 120GB hard drive, all for about £75 or £100 more, something like that. And I haven’t even used up the Premium’s 20GB of space yet, I’ve got 11GB left! And you can easily get a new custom case for the 360, you can get a black one for about £30, and a black one with a GLOWY X in the side for £40. Damn I want that one!
    I haven’t got the college result back yet, and as it’s half term next week (YESS!) then I probably won’t get it until the end of October.
    Earspeck, hopefully you’ll get it for Christmas! That’ll be cool! Get Halo 3 and Guitar Hero 3, and maybe Rock Band when it comes out! What else is there that’s interesting… oh, Assassins Creed as well, everyone’s pooing themselves over that game, but I don’t really have much idea what the hell that game’s all about.
    Bye bye!

  3. Oh, and keep trying the second video, maybe the crappy server had a spaz or something. It IS free, so it’ll do that every so often.

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