Yes, sorry about the shortness of the last entry. It WAS 1 in the morning… I think…
Okay, so today, we had our projects in. It was amazing the amount of people who got one image and put it on top of a background. Only Aaron and I (Aaron’s a new dude I met) did it PROPERLY! Well, okay, Aaron got flukey and managed to make a sword out of the POLYGON TOOL, ACCIDENTALLY… but I did it the hard way!
Yes! I sketched it out, scanned it in, coloured it in Photoshop, shaded it in Photoshop, used several Photoshop extras such as the lovely smudge tool, and managed to assemble a… pretty damn good game cover over 30 layers!
Yes, I said it myself! It’s pretty damn good! Here you go, check it out: Green Man.jpg (PS: THANK YOU MICROSOFT FOR FIXING THE LINKS! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthed)
AHHHHAHAHAA! Isn’t that just great? Made with only the marquee tool!
No, no, that’s not the real thing, dude! That’s a JOKE!
Here ya goes, this is the real thing now, promise. Open-mouthed
No, wait! I’ve got a better idea!
Check out the sketch when it was SKETCHED:
Now, check it when it was FINISHED!
(Server might be being a retard. It let me load the sketch, but spazzed on the final version.)
(No wait, the file was having an orgasm. Fixed it now, it should work.)
Ohhhohoho! What a difference, dude! I think that cover’s alright! Do you?
Now, if all goes according to plan with the assignment, I should get at LEAST a Merit. And I’m also in the running for a big fat juicy Distinction! That’s all dependant on what the definition of "Professional" is. If it’s like industry professional, then that’s IMPOSSIBLE with the pathetic computers and tutorials they’re giving us.
Earspeck! I’ma gonna be going to do… stuff. Bye!

4 thoughts on “PHOTOSHOP IS INCREDIBLE! (Part 2)

  1. I guess you liked it then! 😀
    It only took me… well… a piddly five days to finish that. Plus, I should have met everything for a distinction or at least a merit so they can go crew themselves if they give me a PASH.
    Earspeck! Bye!

  2. Wait… crew themselves?! I meant SCREW you stupid keyboard! Hang on…
    Okay, my S key must have had a spaz there, or I just can’t type today.

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