Ohhh… Where do we go now? After, 300, yards, turn left. :D

Yes, I played Sweet Child O’ Mine! Hard song on Hard and Expert, and laughable on Medium and Easy! Well, for me, anyway. Everyone that I’ve played it with can’t do the "Bass Enters" section on medium on bass without messing at least 40% of the notes up.
Anyhoo, I played it on Expert.
Right, what’s exactly¬†10% of 16? This upload program reckons it’s 2. Confused¬†It’s 1.6 you dumbass WS_FTP!
Whey! It knows what 50% of 16 is!
It’s got like, 3 minutes left.
Okay, Here ya goes:
I kept mixing up blues and oranges sometimes, and the pull offs towards the end in Guitar Solo 3A nearly killed me, but I went into practice and OWNED THEM, showing that I CAN do it. Open-mouthed

Don’t cut out my paper heart, I ain’t dying anyway! Ya.

DUDUDUDU! DUDUDUDUDU! DUDUDU!¬†DUDUDUDU! DUDUDudu… Yeah. Great song that is. Open-mouthed
I played it on GH2! Not SPECTACULARLY or anything (although the perfect 24 combo guitar solo section in the middle was FRIGGIN AWESOME!) Here’s a video of DOOM 90% OWNAGENESS:
Have fun! It’s only 9MB, so it shouldn’t take too long to download, if the dumbass host is a good dumbass host.
Bye bye!
PS: I commented on your comment from last time! Smile And commented on your blog, too! Smile

Answering teh comment!

Dude! Nice comment! Glad you liked the videos. ūüėÄ
And I don’t have Halo 3 yet ūüė¶ I was MEANT to be getting it for my birthday, but now they say they aren’t getting me it or ANY game. That sucks. I’ll probably pop my head into Tesco and get it sometime this week if I can.
Ya, I played in the Beta with Ped, Andy, Neb and all that. It was brilliant, especially when Neb found the bug where you could get into the Custom Games section thing, and you weren’t meant to yet! Hehe, we set the speed to like, 500% normal speed! It was brilliant!
And Platinum in an HOUR? Well, doesn’t surprise me, really, the newsletter DID say demand was INSANE! That’s why I know I haven’t got it for my birthday, cuz you needed to pre-order it. Andy says you can get it at Tesco’s though, well easy.
Hey, wait, you’ve got a 360? Unless you’re getting it on PS2… no, wait, it’s only for 360, the PS2 would blow up. Do you use Xbox Live? What’s your Gamertag? Mine’s MongMaster, obviously. Add me if you’ve got a 360, or if you ever get a 360!
OH AND OH MY GOD! If you do get a 360, or if you already have, then¬†GET ROCK BAND WHEN IT COMES OUT FOR GOD’S SAKE! It looks INSANE! It’s like Guitar Hero, but it’s for 4 players! Two use guitars, one uses drums and one uses the microphone! It’s out next year in either January, February, March or April. I was looking forward to that more than Halo 3, to be honest. Lemme see… there’s a trailer that I watched, it was only 35 seconds, but it was nice and sweet!
Halfway down the page, there’s a video thing. The guy playing it is boring as hell though. There’s a few more there, but I haven’t watched them. I don’t wanna ruin the excitement when it comes out by knowing what it’s like exactly.
And DANG ANT! Tell him to stay away from the barbers for a few years! I wanna be there when it’s 50 foot long and everyone zops it at the same time!
Okay, I’ll try and¬†rustle up a few more videos soon. Bye!


YES! I understand PHOTOSHOP CS3 to a certain degree of greatness! I just like the addition marquee, that roolz. I made the EVIL GREEN MAN! And the EVIL RED MAN! Oh, and I get 3DS MAX to a low degree, too. I have some random short demos that I made, lemme just upload them to SkyDrive.
I would have uploaded them to this stupid dumbass site that lets anyone download them and isn’t so stupid, you can give direct links out, but NO! It lets you upload the files easy, then there’s just the problem of DOWNLOADING them! If you can get it to work then good for you, but for me, it’s being a retard! Here ya go, have some pshitt links!
Links popped, new ones after this neat paragraph of ranting.
It’s been 5 minutes now, and all I see is "Connecting…" at the top of the screen with a swirly blue circle in there. It’s not even trying, there’s no data going out or coming in, according to my modem.
OH MY FUCKING GOD IT DID SOMETHING! Okay, it plays the whole thing in the browser. I don’t want that, you dumb website, if it’s gonna take 30 years to stream about 2 megs.
Okay, change of links. Screw those at the top and use these:
OWNED! There ya go. They’re about 6 or 7 times smaller than those other files, as well. I’ll never use AVI again.
Planet Moing was my first. It’s pretty crappy, but I was amazed that I actually ANIMATED something in 3D!
Teapots of DOOM was second. I figured out how to make the steam loop and LOOK GOOD. Well, somewhat good.
The Holy Hand Grenade was my latest. I figured out how to BEND TEXT! I like that one, that’s my best. Open-mouthed
Okay, now I know links work, I’m gonna stick some more videos down, the ones that were in SkyDrive. Hopefully you’ll be able to download¬†them and laugh at our foolishness. Open-mouthed
Okay, Jordan’s uploading now. Lemme tell you about that in¬†my "story" style.
There is a box. A black box. A box containing the legendary game, "Guitar Hero II". And on that game is a song so terrifying, and so difficult to complete on expert, that even veterans such as Matt Berry are brought to their knees after a mere 55% of the song. This video, my friend, shows you the true terrifying impossibility of the said song.¬†This song, is called… JORDAN.
Heh heh. No, seriously, Hard mode has about 1200 notes, and Expert has about… meh, God knows how many. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was near 3000 notes. Matt got to 55%, and I got to 46%.
Here ya go, it’s finished now. It’s 14MB, but that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Except Ant, of course. GET BROADBAND YOU SLUG! Just not AOL. Under ANY circumstances.
Two last things, we played Strutter. Really easy song, but we were COUNTING it, which was well funny. Also involves some SPAM and alternate lyrics.
Okay, finally, this may take a while to upload, but here you have… PPG ON CRACK! This one OWNS. Me and Ped play Powerstone 2, and I don’t care if you’ve never heard of it, or it sounds gay, because it’s WICKED! You can make so much fun out of the game, and hilarious things happen ALL the time! It’s even funnier in FAST MOTION! Which this is. It’s us playing Powerstone, DOUBLE SPEED!! Sometimes I put it into normal speed, because it’s not as funny in full speed then. We also figured out the finish with Accel Powered Up¬†bug, but we’ll let you figure that out when you watch it. Just watch Ped’s character (Accel) at the end. I’m red, Ped’s yellow. Then we have 2 bots which are blue and green. And the usual bigass bosses. Watch, and laugh your head off. Smile
Now, while I’m waiting for that to upload, here’s a list of¬†what we call all the characters. We haven’t come up with everyone yet:
Falcon: Another Quaio/Akakayunashtavai/Fooker/Fokker
Ryoma: He got a leaf! He’s amazing!
Ayame: She got birdies! She’s amazing!
Gunrock: Stoner
Rouge: Hearty Hair!
Wang-Tang: It’s a different type of sweet!
Jack: Mummy Man/Ooh aku aku aku!
Galuda: Compta Quoi!
Pete: Mini-Man
Julia: Wheee! This is fun ride!
Gourmand: Rat Man
Accel: ACCEL’S CRAP! (Even though he isn’t)
And then there’s the two secret characters who we haven’t unlocked yet. Gotta complete the game with every single character to unlock Pride (Money Thief), then complete with Pride to get Mel (Shop Woman), then complete with Mel to get bonus stages in multiplayer. Smile
Hrrgh… how long left…. good God, 5 minutes more to upload.
WOOHOO! It’s finished! Now this is 36 MB, but it’ll keep you entertained for 18 minutes. If you wanna stick it in Windows Movie Maker and halve it’s speed to watch it normally then it’ll entertain you for 36 minutes, but that’s not as fun. Open-mouthed
My favourite parts are "GREAT!" "INVINCIBLE!" "CACTUS THRU PORTAL!" and "MONGMASTER’S SUPER BOULDER RUN (at the end)"
Best motion is Ryoma attacking the first boss’ leg. Hehe, he looks like he’s having a spaz on the leg! Open-mouthed
Okay, that’s done then. Enjoy the videos. Open-mouthed
Dragon Worlds chapter 11 and maybe 12 will be up soon. It doesn’t really exist yet, you see? Refining sucks ass, sometimes. Damn, I can’t wait to show you Meriva. That’s the best piece of writing I’ve written for a long time, I think.
Oh ya, and I commented on your comments on the previous entry.
Bye bye!
PS: Bandwidth on this CRAP hosting site sucks! I topped at 6kb/s, with nothing else running! SIX?! My old 28.8k MODEM that cut out every 2 hours could do that! You’re just gonna have to be patient with PPG ON CRACK. Just don’t download all of them at once, will ya? You’ll die of boredom. I’ll try and figure out another way to get them to ya.
PPS: I think I got it. If ya got a YouTube username, tell me it! I’ll send you an invite and crap and stuff, and then I’ll share private videos! The YouTube community didn’t get the funniness of PPG, and kinda lightly¬†flamed me. That annoys me. So I don’t wanna put PPG¬†ON CRACK public.¬†If ya wanna add me as a friend then I’m MongMaster, obviously.

Dragon Worlds – Chapter 10!

DUDE! Read the entry below first! That’s got chapter 9¬†in it, because again,¬†it had a spaz and didn’t let me put all the chapters in one entry because there was too much text!

(Removed, cuz of fear of plagiarism. Call me paranoid.)


Eekay, I hope you liked them. Again, tell me what to change/improve/destroy/world rule etc. Truthfully, really, I won’t bite your head off at it, it’ll help me improve!¬†
Ummm… lemme see… chapter 11 doesn’t properly exist yet. So it may take a liiittle while for it to pop up. Don’t worry, it’ll be here!
Bye bye!

Dragon Worlds – Chapter 9!

EEARKAY!¬†Here you have them, chapters 9 + 10. Hopefully they’re okay, I literally had to rip Chapter 9 apart to make it make sense. Chapter 10 was revised a bit, it’s still how it was going to be, but I just added some description and some other stuff.
Oh, and PPG ON CRACK HASN’T GOT A COMMENT YET? Maybe because it’s scared everyone off. I’ll plop down another video soon on something else. Like GH2. Open-mouthed
Eekay, here ya go:

(Removed, cuz of fear of plagiarism. Call me paranoid.)


THAT’S WHAT IT’S CALLED! Yes, PPG on CRACK! It’s about… 18 minutes long, and is about 40MB. I know, I know, that’s quite big, but hey, you don’t get many 18 minute videos that¬†aren’t 40MB. Usually they’re about¬†100-200MB, maybe more! And yes, I had to kill the quality for the size, but it’s still¬†watchable!
Hey, wait a sec… oh, you STUPID¬†WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER!¬†Jesus, it’s messed up the rendering, and¬†it cut off half the video in the middle, and didn’t speed up what I wanted it to speed up! Dumbass things,¬†hey, Microsoft! A¬†suggestion! Make a patch for Windows Movie Maker that¬†fixes that bug where it doesn’t speed up or slow down after you insert a clip that’s sped up in front of another clip that’s slown down! I know, I can’t explain it very well! If you COMMENT I’ll put a screenshot down.
Okay, sorry everyone else. That was for Microsoft.
Eekay, I fixed it. Seems like if I cut a split second off the screwed clips it works.
PPG ON CRACK!! There you go. Just click on the link, then on Download. Enjoy. Open-mouthed
Earspeck, then! Dragon Worlds will be up sometime tonight, I dunno when, as I am now hooked on NFS Carbon and Oblivion. Smile