Ah, there you are!

Just noticed that Em signed on, so I’ll just put this link back here until I can tell that it’s been downloaded:
[Link removed for random-proofing!]
Okay, there’s the link. And there’re more blog entries and crap down there. Comment me when you’ve downloaded it and tried it and let me know what you think, and if there’re any problems or stuff.
I’m appearing offline cuz I’m gonna play GMod with Ped, if he ever hurries the hell up and makes a game.
Have fun with GA:X!

Is anyone ALIVE?!

Yeah, so now I’ve sent the client to Matt Berry and he said he’d try it out with us, but I’ve yet to see ANY action from him. Speaking of action, there’s been no action from¬†ANYONE but me &¬†Ped!
Now,¬†there’s been only 2 bugs so far, one with the Super Randomiser and one with the¬†saving of¬†stocks to the server. They’re fixed, and it’s working smoothly. But I’ll hopefully run into more bugs¬†that I missed if more people actually do something in the game!
Okay, so Dan’s in… wherever he is. I can’t remember. Matt has an e-mail with the client attached, but hasn’t installed it yet. The link on this page is getting pretty dusty, too, and I’m just worried that some random’s gonna open it and download it and mess with the game.
It’s weird. There’s been hardly anyone on MSN these past few days. I mean, not even MAX, who sits on it 24/7. I think. I never really¬†noticed. But it’s kinda freaky, it’s like everyone just DIED of EXCITEMENT when GA:X came out. Or just because they had a heart attack or something because they couldn’t stand another Gorm Avenue?
Well, trust me! It’s great! Just when you get back from wherever you are, then just try it out and tell me what you think. Oh, and tell other people about it, but don’t send them your client! Each one is unique, and if two people got the same one, it’d wreck the game! If they’re interested, just tell me who they are, and give me their e-mail address. I’ll send them the client. The aim is to get 10 players, then I can find out all the bugs! If there are any, which there should be.
Oh, and another thing, tell me how fast it runs on your computer. Oh, and give me your system specs, if you can. You don’t have to, but it’ll come in handy for compatibility, and for¬†seeing what your computer needs to run the game. Just basic specs, like processor speed and RAM. And graphics card, you can figure out that by going into Control Panel > Classic¬†View > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Display Adapters. Just tell me the name of your graphics card, and I’ll be able to figure out the rest.
So far it works on:
A¬†Dual-Core 3.2 GHz Pentium Viiv PC¬†with 2 GB of RAM and a 512MB nVidia GeForce 7600 GS…
A Single-Core 1.8 GHz AMD Sempron Laptop with 896 MB of RAM and a 128MB ATI Radeon Xpress 200M, and…
A Single-Core 2 GHz Pentium 4 PC with 1 GB of RAM and a 128MB graphics card (Dunno what the model is, it’s Ped’s).
So the minimum requirements so far are:
1.8GHz Processor,
1 GB RAM (I guess the minimum should be about 128MB),
128MB Graphics Card,
And a measly 6MB free disk space.
Okay, so enough with the technology blabbery. Have fun on GA:X!
EDIT: Oh my GOD! Matt Scott and Brooky are ONLINE! Well, at least they’re not dead.


It’s been up for about 4 hours, and ALREADY it’s got positive comments from Ped! It’s brilliant, and there’s only been¬†one bug at the minute, and that was with the Super Randomiser having a spaz!¬†There’s been no problems with the upload/download cycle, no messes up during upload/download, like values being different and stuff like that.
When you see¬†this post then QUICKLY download the client! The link’s below, along with a few other entries. Dan’s hopefully gonna join tomorrow, and Ped and¬†I are already in, and maybe Neb or Si will join soon, or someone else. The Alpha’s going insanely well!
Oh, and if you find that you get a firewall message saying that it’s a high risk, then it’s not. It’s just never heard of the program and the Gorm Avenue client¬†has a weird name, something like stdrt.exe or something. It won’t hack your computer or run any viruses, I swear. If it does, then I’ll be pretty¬†worried and probably e-mail Clickteam asking WTF is going on with Multimedia Fusion 2’s haxxor skillz.
But yeah. No viruses. Virus scanned and everything, and all it does is connect to an FTP server.
Oh, and there’s been a change of rules. I’m gonna do this for as long as possible, until we’re nearly back at 6th form, until someone reaches Level 10 or until someone¬†is the last one standing. And I’m only gonna update it once a day, from between 10:00 and 11:00, usually at 11:00, so don’t do any actions then, or they might not be counted!
Anyhoo, see ya later, and when you do download it, give me a bit of feedback and a few ideas! This is only an Alpha stage, and has lots of room for improvement! Already I have these ideas:
  • Illustration of your house as you upgrade it, like it gets bigger and better
  • In-game message system or real-time chat, or a GA:X¬†forum
  • Treaties – you can pay someone based on their level not to attack you
  • Teams – up to 5 a side
  • Tributes – you can pay each other money and stocks
  • Virtual Gorm Avenue, you can run around and see other players and blow them up and stuff
  • Pay to play championships – Everyone puts like, say, ¬£1 into a pot and the winner takes the pot (with about 10% for me, for the service and just to make a little money off the game Smile)

Oh, and by the way, it’s physically impossible for me to cheat. The randomiser is pre-coded, and doesn’t show anyone’s stats or anything. I can’t make it give me an advantage, because it restarts the exact same code for everyone who is playing. I can edit files, but then that wouldn’t be a fun game then. Why would I spend nearly¬†a solid¬†month working¬†on this game just to wreck it?

Okay, I’m gonna go now. Bye, and enjoy GA:X! Scroll down for the link to your client and more blog entries!

GA:X is active!

GA:X is ACTIVATED! Even though NO-ONE has replied to my posts or e-mails yet.
Well, Dan’s in Newcastle, Ped’s gonna install it soon,¬†I hope. And hopefully Em’ll install it soon, too.
Okay, that’s all for now. Bye!


Alright Em, here’s your link to the GA:X¬†Client.
[Disabled because I don’t want randoms downloading it. When you come back online then tell me and I’ll activate it.]
Now that Dan’s not replied to my e-mail yet, and because of my slowness, the game’s gonna start at 6:30, instead of 3:00. Just install the client and at about 6:30 you should be able to download your character file. If you use it before 6:30, then it’s jst gonna say you don’t exist!
And I also need to get Ped on it. If Dan doesn’t reply by 6:30, then we’ll just start without him.
Eekay? I’ve gotta go. See ya!
(PS: If that link doesn’t work, then just leave me a comment. If it does, then leave me a comment!)


No! Seriously! It’s finished! 100% tested by me with no bugs whatsoever!¬†Been up all night getting the buggering stocks to work, and figuring out ways of randomising stuff, but now, IT’S DONE!
But it’s only been tested by me, against me, and on my two computers. Works fine, but now I need YOU,¬†Alpha Testers!
Em, I’ll host the file on something and I’ll put the link here, so you can download it and install it. I’ll phone Ped tomorrow, and I’ve just sent Dan an email and the file¬†about it. When everyone’s ready, at about 3:00 tomorrow, I’ll activate the game, and we’ll play a few rounds!
There may be annoying bugs and issues about balance in the game, but don’t worry. Tell me all your troubles, I’ll listen. WinkOpen-mouthed
No, really, if there are any issues like stupidness of balance or bugs in the game, then tell me about them. I’ve done my best to try and make it balanced, and you’ve got to remember that income buildings stack, so you can have three King Midases and be raking in GA$6,000,000 a day.
You should recognise the gameplay. Build buildings, attack opponents, and try to be the last one standing!
A few things have been replaced like food costs, which were ridiculously high one day and then cheap as hell the next. This time you have control over your income and drain.
I already know of a few bugs, so don’t bother telling me them:
  • When you play the game, every time you enter a new screen, your desktop refreshes and annoys you. This is just Multimedia Fusion 2’s stupid thing, or it may be the FTP extension. Either way, I can’t fix it.
  • You won’t lose if you go under $GA-50,000. This is normal, I haven’t put it into the Super Randomiser yet. There isn’t really much point in playing if you’ve got less than GA$1000, no stocks, and your drain outweighs your income too. It’s impossible to recover.
  • Buttons and text boxes mess up the tip bubbles. This can’t be fixed, as it’s a layer issue, and by default buttons always go over all other objects, no matter what.
  • Buttons flicker when you select a category from the BUILD screen. I can’t fix that, otherwise there’d be no BUILD screen. And what a game that would be.
  • The HIPS loads player names slowly. I know that, I’m working on it. There has to be some way around my pathetic technique…
  • Some names in the list say Level 0. That’s not a bug, that’s on purpose. Level 0 means that that person is out.

Alright? If you’re confuzled, just email me at mongmaster@aol.com. Or post on here, it doesn’t matter which. If you can’t stand the drum loops and homer saying WOOHOO and DOH in the game, just press CTRL-S to turn off the sound. Or turn your speakers off.

Alright, it’s really late, and I gotta go to bed now. Bye!


BLACKJACK! Hehehehe! Don’cha get it? Ah, well…
Anyhoo, I’ve finished all 10 clients for GA:X! Now… I have to do the Super Randomiser! And when that’s done, I’m gonna release the game! Well, the Alpha version anyway. Just to check for bugs and stuff. The player scanner in the game is pretty slow, that’s why I called it the HIPS (Heavily Inefficient Player Scanner)! I’ll probably find a way to fix it soon, but until then, you’ll just have to be patient and listen to the drumloops in the background. If they get on your nerves, you can press CTRL-S to turn them off.
Alright, now about my story, are you SURE you want to read it? I mean, it’s bad (as in¬†BAD quality,¬†BAAAD)¬†, it’s long, and it’s pretty much "not me". You’ve just gotta pretend that some other goth/emo/guy who wants to die wrote it, as I’m no goth (that’s Ant),¬†I’m no¬†emo (that’s… Ant?) and¬†I’m high on life, and don’t want to die YET, because I haven’t witnessed the power of the ALMIGHTY ALIENWARE! Or farted in a jar yet, that’s another thing.
Hey, wait a sec, that’s the point! Someone else DID write the story! But it wasn’t me but it was! Wink¬†Get it? Huh? Huh?
Alright, lemme try again. I wrote it but I didn’t, some other thing wrote it, but I did, but he did? Confused
Third time lucky? Alright, I wrote it on behalf of something else in the 1st person tense for him. That makes perfect sense! Just read it a couple of times!
Okay, I’m just gonna give it to ya here, it’s a 1st person story written from a dragon’s point of view (Named Whirlwind, or¬†Sintarka. Now you realise the name’s not that weird after all! Tongue out)¬†by me. Hah! That got it! Smile
Confused? Great! Who am I? Roger Moore? Perfect! Open-mouthed 
I wrote this because all the other stories involving dragons suck, apart from maybe one…? Nah, all of them. Unless it’s a computer game called Drakan: The Ancient’s Gates. All the dragons in all other stories always seen to be evil and keep getting slain by this wimpy retarded¬†knight, that speaks like thou should young one. Like that. So, in mine, all the dragons are what I believe them to be, peaceful yet powerful, intelligent, beautiful, and easy to take advantage of, which the humans do! Just to get the planet from them, just like what will happen when we find a planet with life on it!¬†Oh, and yes, they speak with their mouths. Not with that stupidass telepathy that everyone seems to use these days.
Hey, what’s that I hear you say? "What an idiot, why does he like dragons?" Haha! You’re funny.¬†See above!
If I’ve depressed you right now, that’s easily fixed. Just¬†go eat some chocolate and get a coffee or three. Watch TV Burp, and eat skittles, minstrels and blue M&M’s. They’re good for that sort of thing. Open-mouthed
Okay, I’ll be going to do some thingies with GA:X now. Bye bye!

Alienware stuff, my story, and other crap!

EESPECK! Answering a comment!
Yes, that’s¬†a real laptop. The best laptop in the world on top of that! Nah! Seriously! It’s got the biggest hard drive of a laptop,¬†the best graphics of a laptop (even better than my¬†Super Computer, which isn’t really a super computer, it’s just a super, computer) and¬†a FREE T-SHIRT!¬†WOOOO!
Ya, it’s real. I just went into saying it can run any PC game in the world. And with only… ¬£1,400 to save up, it’ll be mine in no time! Well, maybe a few months if I get my ass into gear and get a job, but working at Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s won’t be worth it. Stacking bread on shelves for 6 months for the best laptop in the world? *shudder* I’d rather work in Game. Or Gamestation, whichever pays more and looks better and has not as much work to do.
And now, I’ve just realised. Halo 3, the most awaited game of the decade is¬†coming out soon. In September. And I’ll be working in September! OH CRAP! The game stores are gonna be overflowing, and I MIGHT BE THERE! Not waiting in the queue, but TRYING TO GET RID OF IT!
Let’s just hope it’s not out on a Saturday. And if it is, let’s hope I get some sort of payrise afterwards. Like another ¬£2 an hour or something. That’s help.
Because I’m a sad person, and I’m obsessed about owning an Alienware Laptop… sorry, I mean, the ALMIGHTY LORD Alienware Laptop, I did some calculations. If I get paid just above the minimum wage (well, 70p more an hour, so it’d be ¬£4) and work once a week on Saturdays for about 7 hours, then I’ll get ¬£28 a week. Plus EMA, that’s ¬£48 a week. So that’s ¬£192 a month. After¬†2 months I’ll be¬†about halfway, and then I get birthday money, which I guess will be around ¬£50, like every year, so that’s… about ¬£850. Two months more and I’ll have about ¬£1,250. Christmas money will come to about ¬£50, ¬£1,300,¬†then I "Pass Go" as I like to call it, and get ¬£250 for some reason every January. That’s ¬£1,550. In February I’ll have ¬£1,750, which is just about enough. And all that is dependant on if I don’t spend ANYTHING. So… in 6 months, (that is if you can bring laptops into school, and if I dare to bring my Alienware Laptop in) you may see the best laptop in the world at 6th form! And a lot of gamers, geeks, and people called Ped, Neb, Phil and John¬†will go green in the face with envy, heh heh. Especially Neb and Ped, as they both want one. Wink
But I’d better stop gloating about that right now. As I don’t know if I can even GET a job ANYWHERE (especially if¬†they don’t have the word "supermarket" in their name) yet. And I may get people gloating in my face if they get a new… um… what piece of kit is cooler than an Alienware Laptop? Apart from 360’s and PS3’s. Nah, they’re not that cool. Unless you’ve got a custom case for your 360 with a giant green glowing X in the side of it.
Nah, if someone goes "Look¬†Carl! I have a new iPod Invisible!" or "Carl, I just got Final Fantasy 962!" or "Hey, Carl, I got the new PS22632!" then I won’t really be bothered.¬† Hah, I won’t be surprised if the PS4’s actually a random number that makes no sense. After all, the Xbox 360 is just a random number that came out of nowhere! WHY is it called an Xbox, anyway?! It’s not in the shape of an X, but it is a box! You could have called it the Cuboid or the Box! Or the… eh, forget it. Open-mouthed
Alienware = TOO COOL.
Anyhoo. A question for people that won’t read this blog!
Ant, how many words are in your story now? And no, don’t go adding in "blah blah blah blah" at the end so you can just get some more words. And Em, how about you? If you’re still making yours, that is. Because I go on periodic thingies (NO, THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT! PERIODIC! NOT PERIOD-IC!) of on and off… Oh crap, this is starting to¬†sound really wrong. Okay, lemme start again.¬†
Because I go on periodic "can’t be assed" and "can be assed" statuses to write mine. Recently I "can be assed". And checking the word count, I’m at 35,000 words. Wait, 35,000? Am I reading that right… just a sec.
HOLY CRAP! I’ve never written¬†that much in my life on one thing before! And on such a lost pointless cause?! I’m crazy!
(Just figured, it’s a Novelette! W00tah! It needs 60,000 to be a novel, and 200,000 to be an epic, according to Wikipedia. Wait, wasn’t "Of Mice¬†And Men" a novel? Nah, that wasn’t 60,000 words. They’re lying. Fools.)
Oh ya, it’s a pointless cause. It’s a very disturbing story, much like every other one in the world right now. Well, nearly.¬†Compared to Ant’s mine could look like The Tweenies. Smile¬†Knowing Ant’s retarded… umm, I mean… wait…¬†yeah, I got it. Retarded mind.
And of course, Em’s might make ANT’S look like The Tweenies! Pushing mine down to the Teletubbies status! Or that other one… whatchamacallit… ya, Boobah! Damn, I hate that show.
Oh, wait. Now that you look at the first 3 pages of mine, which is just an intro to the prologue (introprologue?) and what everything is and why I did it and stuff, that’s probably at least 800 words alone, and at least¬†200¬†at the end as notes as to WHAT THE¬†HELL is¬†going on with each of the characters¬†as I’m writing it,¬†they probably won’t count in the final total, so now I’m down to a piddly 34,000 words.
Have you beat 34,000? Congratulations, you’ve beaten me and taken the "Finger Cramp" award!
Have you beat 34,000 AND still reckon your story’s crappy? CONGRATS! You’ve taken the "Finger CRAP" award from me!
Have you got an Alienware Laptop! Congrats, you’ve won a prize! Just send your laptop to Oxleasowes Hay Barn and get your free cheque for a million gazillion pounds*!
* = Fake cheque**
** = You can’t see this**
Oh, and another thing, one of my character names I really like, and especially how I got it. I banged my head against the wall one night, and a voice inside my head… "Sintarka!" Or it might have been the aftershock. But now I like it! I’m thinking of it to be my nickname or something. Just shorten it down to "Sin" and it’s got a nice ring to it! Even though I don’t do any sins much… MUCH… Okay, you got me.
What’s it mean, I hear you ask? Well let me tell you. I HAVE NO IDEA! It’s meant to mean Whirlwind in the story. Now you’re wondering what freaky dude calls himself "Whirlwind". Heh, you’re a freaky dude yourself, if you haven’t figured out who or WHAT the main character is! Well, okay. ALL of the characters.
Don’t lose sleep over it, dude. I’ll decide when to tell you. Wink
Alrighty, I guess that’s enough for one blog entry. Oh, and yes, Em, you’re in GA:X! Ped is also in GA:X! So am I! Hopefully someone else will join too, so they can test it out and help me out with bugs ans stuff!
And one more thing. I got a video of me + Ped playing Guitar Hero 2! The best video of us playing it yet! Because we start to sing with NUMBERS! And we start laughing and putting each other off ans stuff! Might upload it to YouTube, if I can be arsed or if I think it’s good enough. Because with the ratings and comments and stuff from PPG, I take it that the sad YouTube community don’t have the same sense of humour as me + Ped!
Okay, I’m going now! No, really! No, I won’t play pattycake with you!!


‘Sup? Alright,¬†a¬†couple things to say. Let’s start with technologicobilitythingy.
Technologicobilitythingy regarding Alienware!
Ever heard of Alienware? If you haven’t, and you’re a gamer, then you haven’t lived. Well you have, but you metaphorically haven’t lived because Alienware gives life to unliving things. Even though it doesn’t. BUT ANYWAY!
Alienware make PC’s and laptops. Insane PC’s and laptops. Check it out:
HOW COOL IS THAT?! Click on Gallery to see some other cool pics. But that looks freaking awesome! And the specs are insane!
(I’ll simplify it for non computer-freaks. And we’ll use Ped’s PC to compare. Cuz he has a crappy PC and I love to rub it in. Call me evil.¬†Smile)
2.4GHz processor (In a laptop. That’s fast. Faster than Ped’s PC by 400MHz [20% more].)
1GB Graphics (The first and only laptop in the world with 1GB Graphics. Beats Ped by 896MB [700% more].)
2GB RAM (That’s bigger than anyone needs. Beats Ped by 1GB [100% more].)
Up to 500GB hard drive space (The only laptop in the world with 500GB space [400% more].)
17" Widescreen (Pretty standard of gaming laptops. Can’t really compare this to Ped’s.)
WiFi (Wireless Internet, Ped doesn’t have this), Bluetooth (You can detect it with your phone, I don’t think ANYONE has this), FireWire (For streaming videos from your video camera, Ped HAS THIS! But never uses it.), 4 USB’s (Everyone uses USB nowadays, Ped has this, as everyone does.)
AND A FREE T-SHIRT! (No-one gives you that nowadays!)
This computer is a god. Bow down to it! This LAPTOP can run ANY commercial game at high quality, ANY game, as no game has a minimum requirement of over a gig of graphics memory. Apart from maybe Xbox 360’s and PS3’s.
And starting at the modest price of ¬£999! That’s with all the minimum components, with the performance of my current laptop, without shipping fees! ANYONE could get one of these, easy!
Yeah, right. If you want the 2 Gigs of¬†RAM, the 2.4GHz processor, the abnormally big 1 GB of graphics memory, at least 160GB of space, a¬†carrying case¬†for it, and pretty much the whole gaming¬†laptop it advertises,¬†you’re looking at about ¬£1,650 or ¬£1,700!
And call me insane, but I’m saving up for this beast. Imagine it though! While someone in 2015 muses over upgraded versions of Solitaire, I’ll be playing the PC version of PGR3 and Gears of War at max graphics and framerate! And just walking into one of Ped’s¬†gaming¬†parties¬†with an ALIENWARE laptop, heads WILL turn! I’ll just need one of those T-Qualisers¬†to complete the look of awesomeness. Or just wear the Alienware t-shirt. But the T-Qualiser looks better. And funkier. And cooler. Or weirder. Whatever you wanna call it.
Eekay, next!
Gorm Avenue Extreme ran into a problem of my bad coding and slowed me down. A lot.¬†I’ve got 8 of the 10 clients done now, and just need to make the last two. Then the Super Randomiser. The fully automated Super Randomiser is gonna be absolute HELL to make. It needs to load each INI at the right time, just get the right values into the right slots, and calculate stuff at the right time, and then write into the right log space at the right time. And if one thing goes wrong, the game will mess up and it won’t be fixable. So I can’t rush this, y’know.
Don’t poo yourself and cry, I’ll let you know when it’s done!
Okay, that’s enough for now. Bye bye!