IQ? More like DQ!

I just did that Test The Nation IQ test. And I got a nifty 94. I say "nifty" as that’s average, which I am. I’m an average dude! Unless then invent CIQ, which is Computer IQ, which is Computer Intelligence Quotient, which would be about 245 for me. Not being modest… Open-mouthed
But yeah, two things annoyed me about this year’s IQ test.
The first was the dumbassery of the questions. A LOT of them were to do with celebrities. Combine this celebrity’s face with this celebrity’s face, who is this famous person upside down and negative… it’s REALLY annoying! So, now IQ is based on how well you know famous people? I HATE celebrities, I really HATE them. Unless they’re funny. So that probably put me a few points down.
I say DQ in the title, because that’s DUMBASS IQ. How messed up is your mind so you can tell what two celebrities babies would look like? Tch.
The second, was my MUM. Oh yeah, just having her drunken brain in the room put me off. Through most of the questions she was like "I don’t get it" which wrecked my concentration, and through the other lot she was calling out the answer, which was blatantly WRONG about 50% of the time.
But, I’m not complaining about 94 IQ. When I see my mum’s results lower than mine, I’ll be content. Wink
Well, next year, I’m gonna sit in front of my PC and do it by myself online. That’ll fix it.
Dragon Worlds chapters 3, 4… and maybe 5’ll be up soon. There’s a phatass amount of stuff to improve, and a lot to look at to try and see if I can reword it to stop Word’s nagging of wordiness. Wordy wordy!
Eekay, I’ma gonna go. Byee!

1 thought on “IQ? More like DQ!

  1. Hey Carl, how are you?
    I didn’t bother with the IQ test thing cuz it’s pointless, you don’t need someone testing you to tell you whether you’re smart or not (well you probably do actually) but anyway how does knowing what celebrity babies look like affect your IQ I mean you’re never gonna get a question on a test paper that combines Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera (first two celebrities I thought of) as babies and ask you WHO ARE THESE CELEBRITIES?? It’s just dumb!!
    Anyway, can’t wait till the next chapters of Dragon Worlds XD Did you like what I thought of the last chapters?
    Anyway, got to go, but I’ll see you soon
    Love Em xxx -hugs- 

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