Uh, is anyone still alive after reading that? No wait, no-one’s read it yet. C’mon! How hard can it be, man! You click the star next to me in Messenger and press view space!
Unless some people were just completely turned off by the title of that last blog.
Sorry to nag y’all, but this is kinda nerving. Like, me getting nervous. Even though that’s just stupid, but oh well.
Some people HAVE to be bored enough to read it! I was bored enough to WRITE it! Oh, wait, that’s not true, I did it cuz I wanted to.
But you get the idea.
Oh, ya. Many people don’t like to read. I put that down in an older blog entry! I should’ve remembered that!
Eekay, everyone just read it in your own time. If you want. I’ll post more later, unless there’s something seriously wrong with chapters 2 + 3. Then it’ll take a bit longer.
Okay, now that’s outta the way… what else can I put down…
Ah, yes. I uploaded the Guitar Hero 2 video of me + Ped. Well, one of them. I also uploaded one of me solo. Hang on… just lemme get the links…
That’s Me + Ped playing Strutter. I’m on Hard, Ped’s on Easy. SPAM UP!
And the solo one spazzed out on upload. That’s just great. But I recorded another one just now of me that’s probably better. But I’ll upload that another time.

Eekay, when you DO click that link, you’ve gotta click on the picture of the video shot clip negative thing. You can’t miss it, it’s the bigass thing in the middle of the page!

Dang, my arm’s killin’ me from GH2. I played Free Bird twice, and another couple of songs.
Thanks for the comment on my story, Em! Open-mouthed I’ll be upgrading a couple more chapters soon, and I’ll post them as soon as they’re done.
EEKAY, now I feel my arm’s gonna drop off, so, see ya for now!

1 thought on “*ahem*?!

  1. Carl, just a quick comment to say that I’M STILL ALIVE!!!!!…………..(YAY!!)
    I’m still reading your story as well, loved chapters 2 and 3 (see that blog entry for my full comment on it)
    Oh yeah, and my brain hurts from all that thinking!!! lol (again see last blog entry for full thoughts on your story (cuz it was something to do with your story))
    See you soon
    Love Em xxx -hugs- 

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