Dragon Worlds – Chapters 2 and 3

Alright, you’ve waited long enough. I think. Why, d’ya wanna wait some more? Hehe. I’ve got a good feeling about these chapters.
Now, I never EVER think anything of mine is any good unless others say it’s good. It’s just how I work. But the first paragraph in Chapter 2, DAMN that’s good!
I know, I promised 3 chapters, but it’s like, midnight, and I’m relatively tired to a certain extent that I can’t perfectly explain… Open-mouthed Anyway, the 4th chapter has a dumbass problem with extreme wordiness. Word just will not stop flying up my ass about "WORDINESS".
Well, okay, it IS pretty wordy. I mean, like, 6 words to explain something that could have been easily explained in the same way as 2 words.  So don’t worry! I’ll have Chapter 4 to ya soon.
Okay, I’ll get to it. Here ya go:

(Removed, cuz of fear of plagiarism. Call me paranoid.)


*silence* So…
D’ya like the one-shot lines at the end of every chapter? That’s my style, dude.
Well, I hope you enjoyed that, and I hope I’ve kept ya tense. Feel free to comment me on what you think/what I should improve, etc.
Eekay! See ya, dude!


1 thought on “Dragon Worlds – Chapters 2 and 3

  1. Carl hi, how are you?
    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! SEEIOUSLY, IT’S FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! I want to read more!!!! Please I really want to read more of it, I’m hooked on your story now! Lol.
    I really like the one liner endings cuz it makes me want to read to the next chapter because they’re like cliffhangers! I think the description and the way it’s written is fabulous too, I love all the description about the dragon and I love where the plot has gone from the first chapter to the second and the third chapter!
    Rght, now, what can you improve?? Hmmmm………(thinking)………I KNOW!!!!!!…………NOTHING!!!!!!!!! XD It’s perfect and I swear if you change ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING I’ll cry 😛 Nah only joking but seriously it’s a perfect story and it really is fantastic!!
    Anyway I got to go, but I’ll see you soon and I can’t wait till the next chapters
    Love Em xxx -hugs-

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