Ah, there you are!

Just noticed that Em signed on, so I’ll just put this link back here until I can tell that it’s been downloaded:
[Link removed for random-proofing!]
Okay, there’s the link. And there’re more blog entries and crap down there. Comment me when you’ve downloaded it and tried it and let me know what you think, and if there’re any problems or stuff.
I’m appearing offline cuz I’m gonna play GMod with Ped, if he ever hurries the hell up and makes a game.
Have fun with GA:X!

1 thought on “Ah, there you are!

  1. Hey Carl,
    Just tried the GA:X link and it won’t work. I can get on it and I press ENTER to start and then it just stops on the screen that says connecting to FTP Server, or something like that! It just stops on it and says it’s loading it but it doesn’t do anything. I waited 10 minutes cuz I just thought it was being slow but it didn’t do anything!
    That’s got me really upset now I really wanted to play and I can’t cuz my computer’s rubbish!! It’s nothing to do with your software it’s my computer!!
    I dunno what you’re gonna do now cuz I can’t access it so you’re one player down! 😦 I’m so sorry Carl! I’ve ruined it all now, you spent ages on it and I’ve ruined it with the rubbish computer!! 😥 I really am so sorry!!
    See you soon
    Love Em xxx -hugs-
    P.S. I really am so sorry!! 😥 😥 😥 

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