No! Seriously! It’s finished! 100% tested by me with no bugs whatsoever! Been up all night getting the buggering stocks to work, and figuring out ways of randomising stuff, but now, IT’S DONE!
But it’s only been tested by me, against me, and on my two computers. Works fine, but now I need YOU, Alpha Testers!
Em, I’ll host the file on something and I’ll put the link here, so you can download it and install it. I’ll phone Ped tomorrow, and I’ve just sent Dan an email and the file about it. When everyone’s ready, at about 3:00 tomorrow, I’ll activate the game, and we’ll play a few rounds!
There may be annoying bugs and issues about balance in the game, but don’t worry. Tell me all your troubles, I’ll listen. WinkOpen-mouthed
No, really, if there are any issues like stupidness of balance or bugs in the game, then tell me about them. I’ve done my best to try and make it balanced, and you’ve got to remember that income buildings stack, so you can have three King Midases and be raking in GA$6,000,000 a day.
You should recognise the gameplay. Build buildings, attack opponents, and try to be the last one standing!
A few things have been replaced like food costs, which were ridiculously high one day and then cheap as hell the next. This time you have control over your income and drain.
I already know of a few bugs, so don’t bother telling me them:
  • When you play the game, every time you enter a new screen, your desktop refreshes and annoys you. This is just Multimedia Fusion 2’s stupid thing, or it may be the FTP extension. Either way, I can’t fix it.
  • You won’t lose if you go under $GA-50,000. This is normal, I haven’t put it into the Super Randomiser yet. There isn’t really much point in playing if you’ve got less than GA$1000, no stocks, and your drain outweighs your income too. It’s impossible to recover.
  • Buttons and text boxes mess up the tip bubbles. This can’t be fixed, as it’s a layer issue, and by default buttons always go over all other objects, no matter what.
  • Buttons flicker when you select a category from the BUILD screen. I can’t fix that, otherwise there’d be no BUILD screen. And what a game that would be.
  • The HIPS loads player names slowly. I know that, I’m working on it. There has to be some way around my pathetic technique…
  • Some names in the list say Level 0. That’s not a bug, that’s on purpose. Level 0 means that that person is out.

Alright? If you’re confuzled, just email me at Or post on here, it doesn’t matter which. If you can’t stand the drum loops and homer saying WOOHOO and DOH in the game, just press CTRL-S to turn off the sound. Or turn your speakers off.

Alright, it’s really late, and I gotta go to bed now. Bye!

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