It’s been up for about 4 hours, and ALREADY it’s got positive comments from Ped! It’s brilliant, and there’s only been one bug at the minute, and that was with the Super Randomiser having a spaz! There’s been no problems with the upload/download cycle, no messes up during upload/download, like values being different and stuff like that.
When you see this post then QUICKLY download the client! The link’s below, along with a few other entries. Dan’s hopefully gonna join tomorrow, and Ped and I are already in, and maybe Neb or Si will join soon, or someone else. The Alpha’s going insanely well!
Oh, and if you find that you get a firewall message saying that it’s a high risk, then it’s not. It’s just never heard of the program and the Gorm Avenue client has a weird name, something like stdrt.exe or something. It won’t hack your computer or run any viruses, I swear. If it does, then I’ll be pretty worried and probably e-mail Clickteam asking WTF is going on with Multimedia Fusion 2’s haxxor skillz.
But yeah. No viruses. Virus scanned and everything, and all it does is connect to an FTP server.
Oh, and there’s been a change of rules. I’m gonna do this for as long as possible, until we’re nearly back at 6th form, until someone reaches Level 10 or until someone is the last one standing. And I’m only gonna update it once a day, from between 10:00 and 11:00, usually at 11:00, so don’t do any actions then, or they might not be counted!
Anyhoo, see ya later, and when you do download it, give me a bit of feedback and a few ideas! This is only an Alpha stage, and has lots of room for improvement! Already I have these ideas:
  • Illustration of your house as you upgrade it, like it gets bigger and better
  • In-game message system or real-time chat, or a GA:X forum
  • Treaties – you can pay someone based on their level not to attack you
  • Teams – up to 5 a side
  • Tributes – you can pay each other money and stocks
  • Virtual Gorm Avenue, you can run around and see other players and blow them up and stuff
  • Pay to play championships – Everyone puts like, say, £1 into a pot and the winner takes the pot (with about 10% for me, for the service and just to make a little money off the game Smile)

Oh, and by the way, it’s physically impossible for me to cheat. The randomiser is pre-coded, and doesn’t show anyone’s stats or anything. I can’t make it give me an advantage, because it restarts the exact same code for everyone who is playing. I can edit files, but then that wouldn’t be a fun game then. Why would I spend nearly a solid month working on this game just to wreck it?

Okay, I’m gonna go now. Bye, and enjoy GA:X! Scroll down for the link to your client and more blog entries!

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