‘Sup? Alright, a couple things to say. Let’s start with technologicobilitythingy.
Technologicobilitythingy regarding Alienware!
Ever heard of Alienware? If you haven’t, and you’re a gamer, then you haven’t lived. Well you have, but you metaphorically haven’t lived because Alienware gives life to unliving things. Even though it doesn’t. BUT ANYWAY!
Alienware make PC’s and laptops. Insane PC’s and laptops. Check it out:
HOW COOL IS THAT?! Click on Gallery to see some other cool pics. But that looks freaking awesome! And the specs are insane!
(I’ll simplify it for non computer-freaks. And we’ll use Ped’s PC to compare. Cuz he has a crappy PC and I love to rub it in. Call me evil. Smile)
2.4GHz processor (In a laptop. That’s fast. Faster than Ped’s PC by 400MHz [20% more].)
1GB Graphics (The first and only laptop in the world with 1GB Graphics. Beats Ped by 896MB [700% more].)
2GB RAM (That’s bigger than anyone needs. Beats Ped by 1GB [100% more].)
Up to 500GB hard drive space (The only laptop in the world with 500GB space [400% more].)
17" Widescreen (Pretty standard of gaming laptops. Can’t really compare this to Ped’s.)
WiFi (Wireless Internet, Ped doesn’t have this), Bluetooth (You can detect it with your phone, I don’t think ANYONE has this), FireWire (For streaming videos from your video camera, Ped HAS THIS! But never uses it.), 4 USB’s (Everyone uses USB nowadays, Ped has this, as everyone does.)
AND A FREE T-SHIRT! (No-one gives you that nowadays!)
This computer is a god. Bow down to it! This LAPTOP can run ANY commercial game at high quality, ANY game, as no game has a minimum requirement of over a gig of graphics memory. Apart from maybe Xbox 360’s and PS3’s.
And starting at the modest price of £999! That’s with all the minimum components, with the performance of my current laptop, without shipping fees! ANYONE could get one of these, easy!
Yeah, right. If you want the 2 Gigs of RAM, the 2.4GHz processor, the abnormally big 1 GB of graphics memory, at least 160GB of space, a carrying case for it, and pretty much the whole gaming laptop it advertises, you’re looking at about £1,650 or £1,700!
And call me insane, but I’m saving up for this beast. Imagine it though! While someone in 2015 muses over upgraded versions of Solitaire, I’ll be playing the PC version of PGR3 and Gears of War at max graphics and framerate! And just walking into one of Ped’s gaming parties with an ALIENWARE laptop, heads WILL turn! I’ll just need one of those T-Qualisers to complete the look of awesomeness. Or just wear the Alienware t-shirt. But the T-Qualiser looks better. And funkier. And cooler. Or weirder. Whatever you wanna call it.
Eekay, next!
Gorm Avenue Extreme ran into a problem of my bad coding and slowed me down. A lot. I’ve got 8 of the 10 clients done now, and just need to make the last two. Then the Super Randomiser. The fully automated Super Randomiser is gonna be absolute HELL to make. It needs to load each INI at the right time, just get the right values into the right slots, and calculate stuff at the right time, and then write into the right log space at the right time. And if one thing goes wrong, the game will mess up and it won’t be fixable. So I can’t rush this, y’know.
Don’t poo yourself and cry, I’ll let you know when it’s done!
Okay, that’s enough for now. Bye bye!

1 thought on “ALIENS! RUN!

  1. Heya Carl, how are you? Insane? Oh good, nothing’s changed then! Thank  God!!! I can’t imagine what I’d do if you were not insane!!! I think I’d go on a riot or something! lol!
    Anyway, onto what I was going to say! WOW! That laptop sounds SOOOOO COOL!!! Is it real? Cuz you made it sound real but then you said it was a game! I’m confused!!!!! 😦
    It’s SOO COOL though cuz I can actually understand all the Technologicobilitythingy!!! I’ve never been able to do that before!!
    Am I a player in GA:X, if not I wanna be a player in GA:X! Pretty please Carl? With chocolate on top! OOOOHHH YUM CHOCOLATE!!!
    Anyway I got to go Carl so I’ll see you soon!
    Love Em. xxx

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