Dragon Worlds – Chapters 4 + 5

Okay… that was just one bite. I’m okay now…
Rightiho then! Here you go, the next two chapters. I edited the 6th chapter so much that I accidentally doubled the size of it. Hope that doesn’t faze any of you dudes.
Oh, and Matt (that’s Matt Berry, PotMan, Bam, etc. etc.), if you’re reading this… Well, okay. Pretty much everyone should know that THE SCHOOL MEGAMIX IS NOW 12 MINUTES LONG!¬†WOO! Yes, there is a new section.¬†A funky part with a saxamaphone solo.
Just click on teh link, and then on teh download botton. Enjoy. Just excuse the final bit of it, I’m working on it. It’s still not finished!
You can go now, Matt. That is, if you don’t wanna read my story.
//Microsoft C++MS, That’s C++, MongMaster Style
if func(mars)==1
then func(arm) mov(up)
func(mouth) act(chomp)
if func(mars)==0
then entity(carl) playani(sulk)
Open-mouthed That got it.
Okay, here it is. Oh, and by the way, I think the way I write dialog needs to be improved… no wait, Rowling did it like that! I think… Eh, who cares? She’s a weirdo.
(PS: I nearly copied just one chapter, thinking it was both of them. Have fun…)
(PPS: You’re not gonna like one dragon after you’ve read this. Maybe two. No, wait…)

(Removed, cuz of fear of plagiarism. Call me paranoid.)


So, you like? You no like? You like no liking of my like?
NOEL EDMONDS: 2,559 words! Like, or no like?
Ya, sorry about my marsy hyperness.
I think that dialog is my weak point for some reason. Then again, I thought that this sucked until two people say that it doesn’t, so I might be wrong again! Open-mouthed
Okay, gotta close this quick, my mum’s up my ass and has¬†asked me, like,¬†four times in the past MINUTE to get off. Really annoys me.
Ah well, hope you enjoyed it. See ya!
if func(mars)==1
then func(arm) mov(up)
func(mouth) act(chomp)
if func(mars)==0
then entity(carl) playani(sulk)


Ya, so for all those people who read my¬†blog (now 2, or 3 if you¬†include Si) then my SISTER found this page! And NOW, she’s sending me insane about¬†my story! She’s like, not shutting up about it and doing my head in¬†because I won’t show her the other unrefined¬†30 something or other chapters! GAH!
Trust me, the chapters are CRAP unless I go through them and fix mistakes and add stuff.
Oh great. Now¬†she’s told my mum. Oh, soon enough the whole damn world’ll know that I’m writing this story!
I dunno how she figured out how to get onto my space… oh wait, there’s this star next to all your contacts who’ve updated all their info. Ya. DAMN THAT STAR!
Ah well, at least she didn’t say it was crappy. I know the first couple of chapters are good, but the rest just DON’T WORK YET! Now Michelle, if you’re reading, first (EH?!?!?!) thing is that (Ehehehe… Hello, I shop at Netto!) (Don’t worry everyone else. That’s just me and my sister’s thing.) the chapters 4 through 30 something are¬†NOT DONE YET! Ya?! Right? They’ve been written, but they SUCK! They have next to no description and Word keeps flying up my ass about "WORDINESS" and "SPLIT INFINITIVES" and "PASSIVE VOICE"! So until all the green lines are gone, you’re not seeing that chapter. Unless there’s green lines under the Draconic writing, because they’re just some random words that make no sense. Apparently, one of my Draconic sentences is 6 nouns in a row. SIX?! They’re NOT NOUNS, DANGIT!
Okay? Hopefully you won’t keep asking me to let you¬†read it now. And for christ’s sakes don’t friggin tell the whole WORLD ABOUT IT! It wasn’t even meant to be SHOWN to anyone, because… uh, well… I DUNNO! Call me paranoid or something!¬†I only wrote it¬†when about 3 or 4 other people were writing their things! Like, Ant was writing about vampires and Em was writing about the end of the world and Christine was writing about… something… that was ages ago, what was she writing about? Ah well. So all I did was just join in! Like, silently! For some reason! C’mon, it was depression week or month or something! EVERYONE was bored! Oh wait, I wasn’t depressed.
But don’t bother trying to find it. You’ll never find it anywhere but here.
Oh crap… wait, I told you… that it’s double password protected in my hidden folder… OH CRAP! I TOLD YOU AGAIN!
Okay, well… I’ve like, set another password on it’s folder. That you won’t get. It’s also encrypted with Blowfish Algorithm, so even if you knew how to crack, you’d never get through Blowfish. It’s also Read Only.
Haha! Now it’s double-password protected¬†in a password protected hidden encrypted read-only folder!
Wait… how do I get in?
Haha, only joking. I know how.
Right, I’ll upload like the 3rd and 4th chapters soon. Maybe the 5th, too.
If ya still think I could show you EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW, Meesh, then no. Lemme put it to ya this way: Chapter 2 was HALF the size that it is now,¬†before I reviewed it. That nifty¬†first paragraph didn’t exist, and some statements didn’t even make sense. Imagine what the 3 page chapter 23 or something¬†will be like after I’m through with it.
Did I mention that one of the characters never even EXISTED until I modified Chapter 2? Oh, and that chapters something like¬†7, 8, 9 and 10 were a complete waste of time and are so bad I’m gonna have to delete them all and fill in the hole in some way or another?
So, all in due time, dude, all in due time. Wink
AHA! I’ve got an idea! I can use my story chapters as CURRENCY! Yeah, I’ll pay you in words! A penny a word! Give me about like, ¬£350 and you can have all 35,000 words!
Nah, I’d rather not embarass myself and show a story that looks like it’s been written by some dumbass. Ya, at the minute, about 30,000 words of it suck. Well, okay, about 20,000, because some chapters are okay.
Eekay? Bye!
(PS: OH CRAP! I just figured out that I put down how to get into my space in one of my entries! Gah, I’m such a dumbass! It was meant to be a SECRET Michelle, until it was done! Plus, I didn’t think you’d like it, so… hey, wait a sec! How many stories do you read about people getting blown up or something? None? Great! That’s why I didn’t expect you to like it. So HA. Plus, your reactions in Eragon with the dogfight with Zaphira kinda led me to that decision, too. Tongue out)
(PPS: OHMYGOD! Matt Scott’s Personal Message is "Gone to the gays!" AHH! MATT’S GAY! GAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAY! Wait, did I just realise that? Open-mouthed)

Kingsley can stick their finger up their ass! No, really!

Guess what dudes? I’m not coming¬†back to Kingsley! Hate to break it to ya.
It’s for the best for me, though. I’m gonna go to NEW College and take a BTEC National Diploma specifically for Games Creation. That’s like, worth 3 A-Levels. And then afterwards, I can go to Uni and take a degree in it, which is worth God knows how many A-Levels! Plus, it’s bigger than Kingsley, has better teachers, has better facilities, and you don’t need to wear formal crap, as there’s no dress code, and you only have to go for¬†something like 14¬†hours a week.
Or, if I stay at Kingsley, I get to do ONE A-Level, which is NOT what I wanted to do, which is Buisness Studies. I doubt they’ll let me in to do Science or IT because they’re absolute dumbasses, and I have to redo my English with GIBBONS?! I’d rather die, thanks. Plus you have to wear formal crap that costs a fortune, and you have to work longer than 14 hours, and the facilities and teachers are really crappy compared to NEW¬†College…
Ya, trust me. I’ve been in. Looks sweet. The teacher I was seen by was really cool and laid back, and I understood nearly every word he said! FOR¬†ONCE! The course sound exactly like¬†what I want to do, too. First¬†we’ll learn how to use¬†Photoshop, which I’ve always wanted to do. Then we’ll learn how to use 3DS MAX, which is a 3D modelling program that was designed for professionals, which I’ve tried. Trust me, you CAN’T POSSIBLY learn it by yourself. Then we’ll learn how to use Flash. FLASH, GOD DAMNIT! I’ve always wanted to use that! Seeing a kind of pattern here? Next, we use Torque 2D Games Engine, which I’ve never heard of, but still, I’d like to do that. Then we’re over to Adobe Premiere, which is sweet, and I’d love to use that, and then for the final project we’ll code and create a first person shooter by ourselves, completely from scratch, making a opening movie, a first level, and then a cutscene which will lead onto the second level. Now, I’ve always wanted to learn how to create 3D movies and games for years, and now I’m gonna learn!
And that was cool of the dumbasses at AQA to give me an E in ICT, and that led me to look at courses at NEW College and find one I’ve always wanted to do! Ha ha! I love it when that happens!
So, there ya go. Don’t expect me to see me at Induction Day, unless I have to or I decide to kick Gibbons up the ass or something.
Eekay, bye bye!

IQ? More like DQ!

I just did that¬†Test The Nation IQ¬†test.¬†And I got a nifty¬†94. I say "nifty" as that’s average, which I am.¬†I’m an average dude! Unless then invent CIQ, which is Computer IQ, which is Computer Intelligence Quotient, which would be about 245 for me. Not being modest… Open-mouthed
But yeah, two things annoyed me about this year’s IQ test.
The first was the dumbassery of the questions. A LOT of them were to do with celebrities. Combine this celebrity’s face with this celebrity’s face, who is this famous person upside down and negative… it’s REALLY annoying! So, now IQ is based on how well you know famous people? I HATE celebrities, I really HATE them. Unless they’re funny. So that probably put me a few points down.
I say DQ in the title, because that’s DUMBASS IQ. How messed up is your mind so you can tell what two celebrities babies would look like? Tch.
The second, was my MUM. Oh yeah, just having her drunken brain in the room put me off. Through most of the questions she was like "I don’t get it" which wrecked my concentration, and through the other lot she was calling out the answer, which was blatantly WRONG about 50% of the time.
But, I’m not complaining about 94 IQ. When I see my mum’s results lower than mine, I’ll be content. Wink
Well,¬†next year, I’m gonna sit in front of my PC and do it by myself online. That’ll fix it.
Dragon Worlds chapters 3, 4… and maybe 5’ll be up soon. There’s a phatass amount of stuff to improve, and a lot to look at to try and see if I can reword it to stop Word’s nagging of wordiness. Wordy wordy!
Eekay, I’ma gonna go. Byee!


Uh, is anyone still alive after reading that? No wait, no-one’s read it yet.¬†C’mon! How hard can it be,¬†man! You click the star next to me in Messenger and press view space!
Unless some people were just completely turned off by the title of that last blog.
Sorry to nag y’all, but¬†this is kinda nerving. Like, me getting nervous. Even though that’s just stupid, but oh well.
Some people HAVE to be bored enough to read it! I was bored enough to WRITE it! Oh, wait, that’s not true, I did it cuz I wanted to.
But you get the idea.
Oh, ya. Many people don’t like to read. I put that down in an older blog entry! I should’ve remembered that!
Eekay, everyone just read it in your own time. If you want.¬†I’ll post more later, unless there’s something seriously wrong with chapters 2 + 3. Then it’ll take a bit longer.
Okay, now that’s outta the way… what else can I put down…
Ah, yes. I uploaded the Guitar Hero 2 video of me + Ped. Well, one of them. I also uploaded one of me solo. Hang on… just lemme get the links…
That’s Me + Ped playing Strutter. I’m on Hard, Ped’s on Easy. SPAM UP!
And the solo one spazzed out on upload. That’s just great. But I recorded another one just now of me that’s probably better. But I’ll upload that another time.

Eekay, when you DO click that link, you’ve gotta click on the picture of the video shot clip negative thing. You can’t miss it, it’s the bigass thing in the middle of the page!

Dang, my arm’s killin’ me from GH2. I played Free Bird twice, and another couple of songs.
Thanks for the comment on my story, Em! Open-mouthed¬†I’ll be upgrading a couple more chapters soon, and I’ll post them as soon as they’re done.
EEKAY, now I feel my arm’s gonna drop off, so,¬†see ya for now!

Dragon Worlds – Chapters 2 and 3

Alright, you’ve waited long enough. I think. Why, d’ya wanna wait some more?¬†Hehe. I’ve got a good feeling about these chapters.
Now, I never EVER think anything of mine is any good unless others say it’s good. It’s just how I work. But the first paragraph in Chapter 2, DAMN that’s good!
I know, I promised 3 chapters, but it’s like, midnight, and I’m relatively tired to a certain extent that I can’t¬†perfectly explain…¬†Open-mouthed¬†Anyway, the 4th chapter has a dumbass problem with extreme¬†wordiness. Word just will not stop flying up my ass about "WORDINESS".
Well, okay, it IS pretty wordy. I mean, like, 6 words to explain something that could have been easily explained in the same way as 2 words.¬† So don’t worry! I’ll have Chapter 4 to ya soon.
Okay, I’ll get to it. Here ya go:

(Removed, cuz of fear of plagiarism. Call me paranoid.)


*silence* So…
D’ya like the one-shot lines at the end of every chapter? That’s my style, dude.
Well, I hope you enjoyed that, and I hope I’ve kept ya tense. Feel free to comment me on what you think/what I should improve, etc.
Eekay! See ya, dude!


Everyone who did ICT, get your axes!

So, we got our results today (mine were okay, well, COULD have been okay) and I find that I got an E in ICT! E?! WHAT?! When after two units I was told that I was on target for an A/B!
Now, someone explain to me, how the HELL do you drop about FOUR¬†GRADES! I even got more than half¬†marks in the final unit! I was 1 mark off perfection in the first unit, so that’s an A*, I was 10 marks off perfection in the second unit, which is an A,¬†and the third unit was at least a B! So average this out for me.
A*, A and B. I should have got an A, or very high B. But NO! I got an E!
And it’s not just me! Si had the same thing happen to him! Got a A/B predicted, and he dropped to a D!
Well, don’t worry everyone that got cheated out of 3 or 4 grades. I talked with MISH GIBBONSH and she said it was a "rogue result". In other words, they fucked up REAL bad and they are too afraid to admit it. They’ll admit to it soon.
Oh, and the school WANT me back PERSON-WISE! Awh, ain’t that cute? Not really. They’ve prectically said "Yeah, we know you’re a dumbass, but we still love you and want you back but we can’t do that because you’re a dumbass, but don’t forget we still love you!"
Ya, I’m no dumbass.
I wish they changed the English exams to FREESTYLE English. So you can write whatever you want. I mean, that’d be so much better than having to write something that some idiot told you to write. Like a house description. "Uhh, it’s a big¬†house, with windows and a roof, and a door and another door in the back if you want to not use the front door, and when you go through the door you’re in a room with another door, and if you go through that door you’re in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig room with more doors, and those doors lead to other biiiiiiiiiiiiig rooms…"
And now, they seem to have changed the rules. Before, you needed 5 A* to C’s to get all the subjects you wanted. French was worth 1 GCSE. So when I talk to GIBBONSH, she says that you need at least an A in Maths to do Maths in A Level, French was only worth half a GCSE, when Bowes told us that it’s a full GCSE, and I can’t do Physics or Chemistry because you need a B! WHAT?! I think she’s taken some sort of pill.
Ya, so Si, and Dan, and everyone doing ICT, don’t worry about your grades. Just old dicks with ‘tashes and no dicks dicked up our dicking grades.
Okay, so that’s outta the way. Oh! Wait! You wanna hear something?
In the car on the way home, we were talking about English. My sister said "If you asked me to sit and write a book, I’d do it easily. But if you asked me to write a computer program then I’d be like, wha? But with you, Carl, if I asked you to write a computer program then you’d do it easy. But if I asked you to write a book, you’d be like, eh?!"
I’m like "EH?!" right now! It’s kinda funny, really, because I AM making a book, and they don’t know, because they respect my privacy, but mainly because they don’t know my 2 passwords, and they don’t know how to show hidden folders! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthed
And on that subject, the next three (yes, 3! I’m being extra generous! It’s a nice cliffhanger after chapter 5, so maybe that’ll keep you… hanging off that… cliff… No, there are no cliffs involved.) chapters of Dragon Worlds’ll be posted sometime today. That’s after I’ve fixed up some dialog, added more description (of the non-violent type) and generally made it better.
Eekay? Eekay! Bye!