GA:X is closer than you might think…!

WOOT WOOT WOOOOOOOOT!!! GA:X is coming along better than I thought it would! The program’s finished, and works perfectly on both my computer and my laptop! I’ve just got to make installers for each of the 10 players, make the Super Randomiser, and it’ll be ready for Alpha testing sooner than you know it! I need about 3 to 5 players to try a quick Hyper game.
I probably won’t do Hyper games for real, only for testing to make the game go quicker. Every 2 or 3 hours, I’ll process everyone’s character files, whether they’ve uploaded or not. So hopefully everyone who’s¬†testing will go along with this, and try and upload at least once every day. And report any bugs to me. This probably won’t last more that a couple days, as it’s just for testing. Hopefully it’ll go smoothly as planned, and if it does, it’ll be ready for it’s first real game when we get back to 6th form! Wewt!
I’ll be one of the players, Dan with hopefully be player 2, I’ll make Ped be player 3 – yes, make, as he usually phones me to¬†play online every day, which¬†I do, if GayOL isn’t playing up. So I need one at least one more player… Em? Wink
I’ve got a video of me testing the system. Lemme see if I can upload it…
Okay, that’s way too big, and the Windows Media Player can only support SWF files?! Oh, c’mon, man!
Okay, you’re just gonna have to wait. The video was a bit long, anyway, cuz I’m downloading something pretty big on the other computer, and it’s killing my bandwidth. And I don’t wanna stop it, cuz it’s pretty far in.
Anyhoo, hopefully I made your head explode with excitement! Bye!

RAWR! And GA:X Update!

Helloo! It’s me! Obviously, as this is my space. Duh! Anyhoo, a couple things to put down. First: GA:X!
Gorm Avenue Extreme is coming along nicely! At one point I nearly died though! Why? Cuz I coded the whole cash drain thing in the WRONG WAY! But, easily fixed! I’ve got a screenshot of the coding grid, and of how it looks when it’s all put together! Just a sec…
There we go! They’re at the bottom again. There’s the title screen, (Like teh symbol? Took me a while to get it just right!) the Build Menu (Yes, I cheated! Just for debug only, though.) and the coding grid. Don’t worry about the coding grid much. It just shows you what I have to do to get this thing to work.
I’ve just gotta do the Attack Menu, and the Upload Menu. The Attack Menu’s gonna be an arse, and the Upload Menu won’t be too bad, I guess. Stats Menu and Build Menu are done! This’ll be awesome when it’s done! Open-mouthed
Anyway, next! Just thought I’d upload a pic of my dragons. I’ve started collecting them recently, cuz I think they’ll breathe a bit of life into my boring room! Maybe a bit of fire, too, hehe. Sorry, bad joke.¬†Just a sec…
Feck, this is big… damn my dad’s ridiculously good camera! Okay…
Alright, I halved the dimensions of the picture, and you’d think the size would halve, right? But no! It’s now 18 times smaller! Meh… I’m not complaining.
Ok, that’s at the bottom. Aren’t they awesome? Open-mouthed¬†I got The Behemoth (gold dragon) and Hell, I’m Lost (dragon biker) today. After 14 friggin’ days of waiting for them to be in stock, then get from Wales to the most obscure area in Redditch. Worth the wait, though!
Anyhoo, when GA:X is done, I’ll put a video of it on here using that nice link that says "Embed Videos" on it! But then I have to do the auto-randomiser for GA:X¬†to get it to work properly… and that’ll take a long time! But don’t worry! It’ll be done by the time I’m in 6th Form! Hopefully people will be arsed to actually get the program on their computer and use it, cuz I know people don’t like doing that. I think. Ah well! Byeee!
EDIT: GAH! It messed with the dimensions of the pics! Alright… let’s see if this works…
Ah, crap. That won’t work. Ah! Wait a sec!
Hah! Owned! Alright, use these links instead of the pics at the bottom.
They’re all through my Gorm Avenue website. Microsoft, don’t have a spaz about this and delete the links. They’re only pictures that I hold all copyrights and shit to. Cuz it’s my game, and they’re my dragons. Well, okay, they’re Tudor Mint’s dragons, but they are owned by me. Ha!
EEKAY, I’m going now. Byee!
EDIT 2: PS: Sorry about the crappy speeds on my site. What d’ya expect from a free domain? 1 million gigs a second?

Yup! I sneezed!

Well, someone likes the greeniness of my page! Ya, I was just looking at the themes under customize, and then I had a sneezing fit, and when I got control of myself again, the page was GREEN! WOOT!
A few thingies! I’ve got two games being made. One is… GORM AVENUE EXTREME! Ya! Really! Another Gorm Avenue! Only this time it’s much easier for me, as the whole game goes through¬†an¬†internet server, so you can just log on, do your attacking and building, then log off, then when you come to it the next day, you can see what’s happened to you overnight! Yes, that’s right! Be excited!
Problem is that this is an ARSE to code. I mean, the server’s got to talk to you, give you the values, then¬†the values have to be stored in the memory, then all the values have to keep changing and talk¬†to one another¬†at just the right time as you’re doing things, then when you’re done, you have to upload it to the server which makes ANOTHER value…¬† Gah!
It’s going well so far, though. But it’s nowhere near finished.¬†I made cheesy menu graphics!! Lemme see if I can put them on here… one second…
Okay, that screenshot of GA:X should be at the bottom. Like teh menu graphics? Heh heh.
The second game is a racing game. I really dunno what to call it yet, as I only started it yesterday, but I’ve given it the temporary name of Stellar Racing. It’s a weird idea, though. Before the race starts, you’ve got 30 seconds to install chips into your craft that give it extra speed, acceleration and¬†brake power! There are also multiplier chips, which are in such stupid shapes, but give bigass multipliers to everything. Lemme just put a screenshot of that here, too. It’s a bit messy at the minute, but it works!
There we are. It’s down at the bottom again. The music to it is really cool, from this anime called Initial D. Never heard of it, but I was just searching for some fast music, and that just came to me. Like a doggy. The lyrics make no sense, as¬†they’re translated,¬†but damn it’s good. By¬†the way,¬†never, EVER listen to¬†Initial D music¬†in the car. You’ll probably notice your speed slloooowwwllly increasing past the speed limit!
So that’s the games. And now that I know how to upload pictures, I’ll upload some of my FISHIES! One sec…
Ok, they’re at the bottom. The orange and black one is Mr. Pleb (yes, I know), the silvery one is Mr. Mong, the fat white one is Butch, and the bright orange one that looks like he’s got a bigass brain is Bulb. Bulbous brain and bulby bright. Heh heh. Mr. Pleb was being a bit shy, I think.
Alright, I’ll be going to do some things with Multimedia Fusion 2 now. Like make Stellar Racing and Gorm Avenue Extreme.¬†Bye!


Right, so I’m at Peds, and he shows me ths thing called LineRider. I think it looks nerdy, until he plays me a video where the LineRider man sleds down a hill, jumps over a car and lands on his chair in his house, using ONLY LINES! WHOA! Now the game’s cool!
So I made one. It took a few hours, and at the start I was only experimenting. And at the start of making it, the guy fell off his sled, so I thought, "I can’t be assed to change that. Let’s make him slide all the way through the course with NO SLED!"
So I did. It’s pretty big, and I think it’s pretty sweet for a first attempt! Check it out here:
When I’m cleanin’ windows! You’ll be cleanin’ windows. Well… no. You won’t. Unless you want to. Which you won’t.
Now to answer a comment.
WOOT! You forgot one thing on that list! WEED for MATT! How could you! Heh heh. -hugs ya back-
Right, I’ll be off on a galactic adventure into the world of YouTube, to see how many views this has had in the first 5 minutes. Then I’ll be jetting off to LineRider World, to make another course. That is,¬†if people don’t flame it for some reason.
If you want to jet off to LineRider World, here’s the link of destruction: