How does this thing work again? Heh heh. Haven’t used this thingy in like, years! Well, it feels like years. I think. I’m not sure. I’M NEVER SURE! WOOT! NO-SURENESS ROOLZ!
Well, anyway, I have a website for everyone!
That’s a doody little website. Doody? I never say doody. Ah well. It’s like a quiz website thing with some really weird but cool and funny questions on it, as well as "Dis Or Dats", which ask you whether the items are… well… dis or dat! One was: whether it was a gay and lesbian’s lifestyle magazine, or the name of an energy drink! I love it. Try that website out!
Merry Christmas.
PS: Make an account first, so it tracks your score. SEARCH FOR MONGMASTER! THAT’S ME! You probably can beat my scores.