Tests, PDA’s, Pocket PC’s and other stuff!

WOW I HAVE LOTS TO SAY! Well, that’s not really unusual, BUT ANYWAY!
First, I will start off by saying that GCSE mocks suck donkey ass! Not like they’re HARD or anything, it’s just they’re BLINDINGLY BORING! And most are too friggin’ easy! All my tests so far:
 Subject                   Difficulty                       Mark
  Biology          9/10 – FREAKING HARD                 ?
Chemistry           1/10 – PISS EASY                27/30 (A*) (YAAAHOOOOOOO!)
  Physics           5/10 An ickle bit hard…                ?
  French              1/10 – PISS EASY                       ?
  English            2/10 – Almost too easy                 ?         <——- I SHALL SCREW ABOUT ENGLISH LATER
  Maths                    3/10 – Easy                           ?
ALRIGHT! Now I shall screw about English. You see my recent blogs are practically perfect with no spelling mistakes? NO I DID NOT USE SPELL CHECK! Except on one. That means I am good at using the English language. I should get an A*! But NO! Some DICK from the exam boards thinks one day: "Oh! I know! Let’s put people in an English test, but let’s not mark them on how well they use the English language! Let’s mark them on how well they understand this random book I rented out from the library!" Yeah, so if I don’t like this book some foolish person wrote years ago and I don’t pay any attention to it, I am crap at using the English language?!
Now I’m done. And now I shall say more.
NOW as most of you know, I’m a technology freak! And if you don’t, then I’ll tell you. I’m a technology freak! There, now those of you that didn’t know now know that I’m a technology freak. Okay. I have a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant NOT Pregnant Diseased Alien) that is getting old and is peeling. NO IT DOESN’T HAVE SUNBURN! So I’m thinking of upgrading and getting a Pocket PC. I’ve seen one, the HP iPAQ hw6515. It’s pretty nifty, it’s got Windows Mobile 2003, a 1.3 MP camera, Bluetooth, Infrared, Email, MSN Messenger, Sat Nav and has a built-in phone and SMS! I like. I like a lot. What I don’t like is that it doesn’t have WiFi. Another thing I don’t like is the frickin’ price tag. My Zire 72 PDA cost about £150. The iPAQ costs about £300! Ouch. Verrrry expensive. If it only had WiFi, I could get into the school’s internet!
Too bad the one with all those features plus WiFi costs £100 more…
AAAAND, that’s it! Yeah! That’s it! There WAS a lot, you know. Or didn’t you pay any attention? Ha! Thought not! BYEEEEE!

2 thoughts on “Tests, PDA’s, Pocket PC’s and other stuff!

  1. hi carl, you are insane, but trust me you would be boring if you were sane so NEVER CHANGE cuz i might shoot you!!! and i don’t want to do that.
    why didn’t you tell me you were online?! But oh well, liked your comment about my last entry.

  2. hang on a second, just read this entry for the secind time and noticed you said the maths mock was EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are joking right? the difficulty level for maths should be 100000000000000/10 UNBELIEVABLY (spelling?) MINDBOGGLINGLY CONFUSINGLY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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