I’m Having My Lunch!!

Ohhh yeah! Now that Emily mentioned Matt Scott in the last comment, I have to tell you what to do at lunch when you see Matt!
What you do is if you don’t eat at the same table as him, just keep bothering him while he’s eatin’, and at some point, he’ll go in a rather good old chum voice:
Oh, go away, I’m having my lunch!
Hahahaaa! It’s funny because when he says ‘I’m having my lunch’ he says it in a kind of rhythm, like I’m ha-ving my- lunch-!If you can’t figure out how he says it from that, then ask me. Or just do the thing about the thing where you do the thing about talking to Matt when he’s eating his unedibly edible luncheon. Aha! THAT’S how you confuse people! You need any lessons in how to confuse people, just dial 0-800-CONFUZEAM8  or go to www.confuzeam8.com. Don’t click that, it doesn’t exist. You can try if you want, and if it comes up with a site, tell meeeee! If not then HA I told you.
So that’s my log for now. Don’t drink too much coke, never COM DOWN AND SHACKOU and finally, EESPECK!

5 thoughts on “I’m Having My Lunch!!

  1. hi carl,
    thanks for commenting on my blog btw, oh and torchwood is a progam, but i found it funny anyway.
    Right now onto my comments:
    1) It is SOOOOOOOOO funny when Matt says i’m having my lunch so we must try to get him to say it more often!!
    2) That did confuse me about the thing to do with the thing where you talk to matt when he’s eating his inedibly edible lunch. It made me rofl!!
    3) I don’t need lessons on how to confuse people and niether do you because we confuse people anyway because we’re just confusing people who like to confuse ourselves by confusing other people because we like to be confused and like to confuse other people.
    4) Don’t worry I’ll drink plenty of coke! lol 😀

  2. COCK MEEE!!! Matt Scott!! What a tit! I think I’ve still got a video of him saying something stupid! HOW DARE YOU!! 😀

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  4. Oh and did you notice you posted this on an entry made over 2 years ago, which no-one reads anymore? Stupid prick, fuck yourself.

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