I RULE ON PGR3! Woohaaa!

OHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH! I rock and am very very very very very high! I got a 3 race win streak on PGR3! (For those of you who don’t know, PGR3 is Project Gotham Racing 3. Racing game on Xbox 360.) THREEEE IN A ROW! WOOOOOOOOO! And I won my first race by 16 seconds! Everyone is so n00bish it’s untrue! Except for one guy, he was only 6 seconds behind. Which is STILL shocking but STILL…
And I GOT ON GOTHAM TV! WHAAAAAAAAAY! Sorry to brag to everyone and sorry if it is blindingly easy to get on Gotham TV but still it was so cool! When I was about to start it said "This race is being broadcast on Gotham TV and it was only my 3rd race! YAAAY! And I kicked some serious butt! I got 30 Gamerscore for gettin’ on TV and I was extremely high. It was cool cuz I was talking to Ped on private chat and I said "OH MY GOD I’m on Gotham TV!" So he went on PGR and watched me kick ass!
So I’m seriously high! WHOO! I ROOL! YEEEAH! AAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Hopefully I can make it 5 in a row to get another shiny badge!
All hail MongMaster, The Intergalactic Gotham Hero!
PS: Sorry to brag to those who have already done all this and are better than me
PPS: Sorry to brag to those who haven’t done this and suck
PPPS: Sorry to brag to the n00bs who I destroyed in those three races, but YOU SUCK!
PPPPS: Watch out, Ped’s gettin’ better!

1 thought on “I RULE ON PGR3! Woohaaa!

  1. WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT CARL?????????????? you’ve gone completely INSANE!!!!!!!!!! no wait what am I saying you were always INSANE!!!!!!!
    piece of advice:   STAY OFF THE MULTICOLOURED ONES, EAT THE RED ONES INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (mmmm RED ones!!! -drools-lol)
    Got to go anyway. Later.  XD

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