Some random crappy goodness!

Well hello there old chum! How are you today jolly good old chap!
Right, after re-reading that extremely random "old chum" speak, I think I’d better get on with what I was saying.
Number 1: I made a new display pic for me! It took… 10 minutes BUT it still looks good! I think. Anyhoo I’ll probably use it on MSN for a while cuz it won’t let me put it here.
Number 2: *bangs head on wall* Bird! *bangs head on wall* Head! *bangs head on wall* Brink! *bangs head on wall* Of! *bangs head on wall* Insanity!
Number 3: WOW! I just went to upload a photo and the address was:! SPUDDY GOODNESS!
Number 4: I have spent about 2 or 3 days editing Dragon’s Alliance trying to get Storm’s animations to not screw up when I import them into Multimedia Fusion by doing all sorts of stupid unnecessary random crap like making the backgrounds white. Now I find out that Multimedia Fusion doesn’t mind black backgrounds and would look better than white! Son of a bitch! So, I’ve been inverting silhouettes all weekend to get Storm’s background white and NOW Multimedia Fusion says "Oooh! I like black better!" Okay, so I import them with black backgrounds, and as Multimedia Fusion is a complete utter BINT, it makes the background all nice and transparent but mistakes a fatass shadow on Storm’s wing to be the background, with the result of giving Storm half a wing. So NOW I have to make all the friggin’ backgrounds PINK so that Multimedia Fusion gets nothing mixed up with pink! It’ll probably find some way, the import thing will probably say "Pink is gay colour, no pink allowed in any picture" or bring up a blue screen with error code "NO_PINK_PINK_GAY_YOU_DIE", a la: AOL.
Number 5: Now I have said those three letters, I am inclined to rip AOL! AOL IS GAY AOL IS GAY AOL IS GAAAAY AOL sucks their gr… *ahem*. Far enough. I also have an edited advert of AOL that they advertised to me so I edited that AOL advert advertised. Following me? I would put it on here, but it has some finishing touches to be done…
Alright then PEEPS! I never say peeps. Why’d I say peeps? Eh well. Must be high on typing or coke or something. Yay, let’s type coke! COKE! Did you know that COKE got it’s name from cocaine? As in COCA cola? No really! True story! No, I’m not a druggie. Hey, here’s a tip: Sit behind Matt Berry in a boing lesson and say "COCA cola" and he might just spin round. It works with Marijuana! OH YEAH! I CLEFA I SPELLDED MARIJUANA! Well I just went into Word and checked but STILL…
Bye now! Yeah, bye! Yeah, there is nothing else! Bye!
Are you STILL here? 
EDIT: WTF?! Sit behind Matt Berry in a BOING lesson? Told you I was high on coke!

1 thought on “Some random crappy goodness!

  1. OMG Carl you are INSANE!!!!!!! I’m gonna try that thing with Matt though lol! Anyway keep being insane from Emily (rofl) XD

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