Dragon’s Alliance!

Yo! Thanks Emily and Ant for readin’ that fatass log about Dragon’s Alliance! (A new game I’m gonna make, for everyone else in the world who hasn’t read the FATASS LOG OF DOOM) I’m still finishing off Storm’s animations, and I’m gonna try to make Mark’s myself. Shouldn’t really be too hard I hope.
Ohhh… that damned parrot will not shut up! He’s like, got the loudest squark (spelling?) in the universe! He should shut up, because he doesn’t have ULTRA CLEARANCE!!
Anyway… back to what I was saying. Ya, making Mark’s animations shouldn’t be too bad. Uhhh… what else…
WOW! I don’t know what else to say! Usually I can’t shut up! Anyhoo… also, We’re gonna win Gorm Nebula. Ya. And, I’m drinkin’ coke again. Mmm… fizzy. Cokey goodness. Okay, I’m kinda stuck on what to say. I’ll try my brain again in about an hour. He’s not in right now.

2 thoughts on “Dragon’s Alliance!

  1. i worked out your password!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XDXDXD i’m not gonna say it here though i’ll tell you on monday. OK now i’m really gonna go and i really mean!! lol. Later.

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