I’m Having My Lunch!!

Ohhh yeah! Now that Emily mentioned Matt Scott in the last comment, I have to tell you what to do at lunch when you see Matt!
What you do is if you don’t eat at the same table as him, just keep bothering him while he’s eatin’, and at some point, he’ll go in a rather good old chum voice:
Oh, go away, I’m having my lunch!
Hahahaaa! It’s funny because when he says ‘I’m having my lunch’ he says it in a kind of rhythm, like I’m ha-ving my- lunch-!If you can’t figure out how he says it from that, then ask me. Or just do the thing about the thing where you do the thing about talking to Matt when he’s eating his unedibly edible luncheon. Aha! THAT’S how you confuse people! You need any lessons in how to confuse people, just dial 0-800-CONFUZEAM8¬† or go to www.confuzeam8.com. Don’t click that, it doesn’t exist. You can try if you want, and if it comes up with a site, tell meeeee! If not then HA I told you.
So that’s my log for now. Don’t drink too much coke, never COM DOWN AND SHACKOU and finally, EESPECK!

Update on Dragon’s I HAVE CAKE Alliance!

I’m Blue! Da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die! Okay. Ya. What was I actually gonna say? Uhh… hold on. I think I might have already posted this, just¬†a sec.
(Exactly 1 minute and 27 seconds later…)
I have a I HAVE CAKE malfuncI HAVE CAKEtion. So I HAVE CAKE get over I HAVE CAKE it.
Okay, I haven’t I HAVE¬†CAKE¬†mentioned it. I put it in the log thingie that I write I¬†HAVE CAKE about Dragon’s CAKE Alliance I HAVE, but not here. Wow, my memory has like, a 3 second span. What? What’d I say?¬†Who are you again? Do I HAVE CAKE I have any cake?
ūüôā Eeespeck! Right, now as I was saying, I HAVE CAKE I finished Storm’s animations! WOOHAA YEAH!! EAT THAT SUCKASS I¬†HAVE CAKE¬†MULTIMEDIA FUSION AHAHA! Ok. Now I’ve just gotta merge ’em together and stick ’em on I HAVE CAKE¬†here somehow. But guess what? I CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO GET ‘EM OFF MY LAPTOP RIGHT NOW! Isn’t that a bummer? Sooooo… I’ll get them on here I¬†HAVE CAKE at some time.
I’m Blue! Da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die!
That’s it.
NOT REALLY AHAHAHA! I’m Blue! Da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die! I’m Blue! Da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die! I’m Blue! Da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die! I HAVE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE MALFUNCTION CAKE MALFUNCTION CAKE CAKE CAKE MALFU… BOOM!
Anyone have any insanity tablets?

I RULE ON PGR3! Woohaaa!

OHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH! I rock and am very very very very very high! I got a 3 race win streak on PGR3! (For those of you who don’t know, PGR3 is Project Gotham Racing 3. Racing game on Xbox 360.) THREEEE IN A ROW! WOOOOOOOOO! And I won my first race by 16 seconds! Everyone is so n00bish it’s untrue! Except for one guy, he was only 6 seconds behind. Which is STILL shocking but STILL…
And I GOT ON GOTHAM TV! WHAAAAAAAAAY! Sorry to brag to everyone and sorry if it is blindingly easy to get on Gotham TV but still it was so cool! When I was about to start it said "This race is being broadcast on Gotham TV and it was only my 3rd race! YAAAY! And I kicked some serious butt! I got 30 Gamerscore for gettin’ on TV and I was extremely high. It was cool cuz I was talking¬†to Ped on private chat and I said "OH MY GOD I’m on Gotham TV!" So he went on¬†PGR and¬†watched me kick ass!
So I’m seriously high! WHOO! I ROOL!¬†YEEEAH! AAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Hopefully I can make it 5 in a row to get another shiny badge!
All hail MongMaster, The Intergalactic Gotham Hero!
PS: Sorry to brag to those who have already done all this and are better than me
PPS: Sorry to brag to those who haven’t done this and suck
PPPS: Sorry to brag to the n00bs who I destroyed in those three races, but YOU SUCK!
PPPPS: Watch out, Ped’s gettin’ better!

Some random crappy goodness!

Well hello there old chum! How are you today jolly good old chap!
Right, after re-reading that extremely random "old chum" speak, I think I’d better get on with what I was saying.
Number 1: I made a new display pic for me! It took… 10 minutes BUT it still looks good! I think. Anyhoo I’ll probably use it on MSN for a while cuz it won’t let me put it here.
Number 2: *bangs head on wall* Bird! *bangs head on wall* Head! *bangs head on wall* Brink! *bangs head on wall* Of! *bangs head on wall* Insanity!
Number 3: WOW! I just went to upload a photo and the address was: http://myworldallmine.spaces.live.com/SPUD.aspx?blahbiblahwhateveritsaid! SPUDDY GOODNESS!
Number 4: I have spent about 2 or 3 days¬†editing Dragon’s¬†Alliance¬†trying to get Storm’s animations to not screw up when I import them into Multimedia Fusion by doing all sorts of stupid unnecessary random crap like making the backgrounds white. Now I find out that Multimedia Fusion doesn’t mind black backgrounds and would look better than white! Son of a bitch! So, I’ve been inverting silhouettes all weekend to get Storm’s background white and NOW Multimedia Fusion says "Oooh! I like black better!" Okay, so I import them with black backgrounds, and as Multimedia Fusion is a complete utter¬†BINT, it makes the background all nice and transparent but mistakes¬†a¬†fatass¬†shadow on Storm’s wing to be the background, with the result of giving Storm half a wing. So NOW I have to make all the friggin’ backgrounds PINK so that Multimedia Fusion gets nothing mixed up with pink! It’ll probably find some way, the import thing will probably say "Pink is gay colour, no pink allowed in any picture" or bring up a blue screen with error¬†code¬†"NO_PINK_PINK_GAY_YOU_DIE", a la: AOL.
Number 5: Now I have said those three letters, I am inclined to rip AOL! AOL IS GAY AOL IS GAY AOL IS GAAAAY AOL sucks their gr… *ahem*. Far enough. I also have an edited advert of AOL that they advertised to me so¬†I edited that AOL advert advertised. Following me? I would put it on here, but it has some finishing touches to be done…
Alright then PEEPS! I never say peeps. Why’d I say peeps? Eh well. Must be high on typing or coke or something. Yay, let’s type coke! COKE! Did you know that COKE got it’s name from cocaine? As in COCA cola? No really! True story! No, I’m not a druggie. Hey, here’s a tip: Sit behind Matt Berry in a boing lesson and say "COCA cola" and he might just spin round. It works with Marijuana! OH YEAH! I CLEFA I SPELLDED MARIJUANA! Well I just went into Word and checked but STILL…
Bye now! Yeah, bye! Yeah, there is nothing else! Bye!
Are you STILL here? 
EDIT: WTF?! Sit behind Matt Berry in a BOING lesson? Told you I was high on coke!

Dragon’s Alliance!

Yo! Thanks Emily and Ant¬†for readin’ that fatass log about Dragon’s Alliance! (A new game I’m gonna make, for everyone else in the world who hasn’t read the FATASS LOG OF DOOM) I’m still finishing off Storm’s animations, and I’m gonna try to make Mark’s myself. Shouldn’t really be too hard I hope.
Ohhh… that damned parrot will not shut up! He’s like, got the loudest squark (spelling?) in the universe! He should shut up, because he doesn’t have ULTRA CLEARANCE!!
Anyway… back to what I was saying. Ya, making Mark’s animations shouldn’t be too bad. Uhhh… what else…
WOW! I don’t know what else to say! Usually I can’t shut up! Anyhoo… also, We’re gonna win Gorm Nebula. Ya. And, I’m drinkin’ coke again. Mmm… fizzy. Cokey goodness. Okay, I’m kinda stuck on what to say. I’ll try my brain again in about an hour. He’s not in right now.