Gorm Nebula update and some other random stuff…

Well, let’s see, it seems that MY team is now winning on Gorm Nebula, and several nukes are headed for Beta, so that planet will be space dust in a few days. Ha. Gutted all those on Team Beta!
Hmmm… So lemme see… what’s happened in the past week or so… or whenever I last blogged… Oh yeah, I was looking forward to Powerstone Collection coming to PSP, cuz¬†Powerstone and Powerstone 2¬†rock, but NO! Capcom have to SCREW IT UP and release it a WEEK OVERDUE! Oh well… another week.
What else? Oh yeah, my Ethernet cable for my 360 is like real short and barely reaches my downstairs TV, so my dad said "Oh let’s look at Ethernet cables!" So I was like, okay, just a sec, lemme finish this game… After 10 minutes¬†I come down (and shackou)¬†and he’s bought one for a tenner and says I owe him for it! But TECHNICALLY he bought it, so AHAHA! I got out of payin’ a tenner for a piece of wire! So if your dad’s looking for somethin’ for you on the internet, wait for about 10 minutes then go and see your dad, then he’s already paid for it, so technically he has bought it for you! Works a charm…
And one last thing, my cat is freakin’ psychotic! It runs around like mad and chases off my neighbours dog! Not that I care, cuz that dog’s a piece of crap. Literally. And what you do with my cat is¬†get this cat toy, it’s like a teddy bear, and you just put it in front of him, and he grabs it by the neck, gets it on the floor and starts HUMPING IT! It’s MONGED! Me and my sis were havin our tea, and all of a sudden our cat, with the toy cat in its mouth, gets on the floor, turns upside down and starts humping it RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! It was like "Wheee! Look at me! I can still hump things even though I’ve been NEUTERED!"
Ps: The previous paragraph was unsuitable for young children. Or by anyone eating. So if your little sister is asking you what humping is, or you’ve just had to run to the bog, my bad, should have told you before.
AAGH! DAMNED FLY! Get off you piece of crap! Okay. It’s gone now. So that’s good. Unless you like flies. Which you don’t. I think. So, once again, it’s time to slowly back away from this crazy Snickers. Cuz I’m nuts. Yep, just RUN for it now!

Ant! Why don’t you have a Windows Live Space?

If you can see this cuz¬†your INTERNET GOES AT THE SPEED OF AN ICEBERG ANT then I can’t add you because you have a suckyass www.myspace.com/InsertSpaceNameHere¬†thingy instead of a http://InsertSpaceNameHere.spaces.live.com¬†one! So get with the times old chum!
Also, unless you didn’t already notice because some people can’t DRAG THEIR FAT ASS INTO SCHOOL RICH then I’ve started Gorm Nebula, the team based version of Gorm Avenue! Hopefully you know how it works, if you don’t then TOUGH (lol jokin’)! So Beta (Team Blue) should really be kissin’ their sweet ass goodbye.
And also because SUCKASS AOL GAVE ME A TUTORIAL THAT HAD SCREENSHOTS THAT DIDN’T MATCH THE TEXT I had some stupid problems with Xbox Live for the 360. And now I’ve looked online and got it to work! So now I’m very very high. As per usual. Okay. So if you have Xbox Live and I know you then add me, my Gamertag is MongMaster. Don’t add me unless I know you or else I’m just gonna decline it. And you’d be gutted then. Wasting a minute of your life. In that minute you could’ve got a few more kills on Halo 2 or driven a mile on Project Gotham 3. Or just farted or something. Get a can of Coke. Wow, what a coincidence. I’m drinkin Coke! Well it’s actually Pepsi Max with a lemon and lime twist but you get the idea.
Right then. Just back away, that’s right. Click that "Back" button now. Cuz this entry’s done.