Gorm Avenue Round 3!

Gorm Avenue Round 3 will start today! Everyone that’s signed up will be able to play as normal. I’ll do the first round now and update the website. Just the rules of this game though:
Standard 100 Day Survival Match:
100 Day Time Limit
Starting Cash: GA$1,000,000
Inflation Every 20 Days (Maximum Inflation Level: 5)
80% 3-Day Mercy OFF
So, everyone that’s playing: HAVE FUN!

Gorm Avenue Second Round!

Yeah, this blog topic thingie is hellishly late bacause Gorm Avenue started 13 days ago. But who cares cuz THE WORLD IS MINE!!! Ya. Aaanyway..
So, number 1: If you’re playing Gorm Avenue or just want to know about other peoples stats, just point to www.gormavenue.onestop.net.
Number 2: Stop asking me about DOD (Day of Defeat) Ped, or I will officially render you as… ANNOYING! (Wow, that was a lame threat…)
And Number 3: Are you still making your book Ant? Not like you’ll ever read this, as you’re on like 3 times a millenium. Anyway, my irrepairable story now has 838 paragraphs, 16,151 words, 72617 characters and 15,637 spaces. And guess what? It’s STILL a lost cause!!