AHAHAHAHA Told ya no one reads this crap! Its time to slag off ppl! YAY!!!
Uhhhh…. yeah, so…. ok to be honest, I’m not one for slaggin off. So there.
And dont think that the world isn’t mine cuz of this! THE WORLD IS STILL MINE!

Just a few notes…

I tried to change my nickname from SuperCarlsberg13 (Cuz I was bored) to MongMaster and it was taken! HOW DARE THEY! That’s my nickname and it always will be cuz THE WORLD IS MINE! I swear someone’s following me cuz even all my amazingly inobvious nicknames were taken, a la: DracoAurarius (3 ppl know what that means) and McPleb (I’m lovin’ it). Now I’ll stop blabbin on about that and say my other notes…
Nobody reads this do they? If you read it leave a comment. If no one leaves a comment I’ll just slag everyone off! Got it? GOOD! Now here’s my first slagging off: PED SMELLS! Wow that was lame. But WHO CARES?! Cuz NO ONE READS IT! MUHAHAHA THE WORLD IS MINE!!!
So yea uhhhh… bye.