AGGGH! MY NICKNAMES ARE IN USE BY SOMEONE ELSE ON MSN GAMES! THAT CAN’T BE POSSIBLE BECAUSE THE WORLD IS MINE! Ok I’m done. I think. Now I have 13 nicknames, so call me whichever one you want. Except Carlina, that’s monged. Don’t get confuzed!
1: MongMaster
2: DracoAurarius
3: Mr. Pleb
4: Carlsberg
5: Carling
6: Carlton
7: InvinciMan
8: InvinciDude
9: InvinciGuy
10: IncrediMan
11: IncrediDude
12: IncrediGuy
13: Carlina
Hehehehe I’m so sad. DracoAurarius is latin for Golden Dragon. I thought of that cuz I think it sounds good and I like dragons, so don’t complain cuz THE WORLD IS MINE!

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